Who’s the Q?

Q.I.C.Brown Shorts
The PAXDuPlo, Discharge, Shiner, I-Try, T-Bag, Clapper, SEAL, Carl's Jr, Youkilis, Brown Shorts, FNG Tim Campbell aka EBAD East Bound and Down, Fern (canine)
Workout Date02/08/2018
A.O. Powder Keg

It’s 0528 and we’re all looking around for someone to step in the middle. The speculation leads to rumor and then regret when YHC steps in the ring. 8 men stayed for bootcamp, 3 Ruckers did their own thing. Fern, Shiner’s dog, did her business but was then confused on which team to follow. I guess she figured we were slightly less weird since we didn’t have backpacks.

Warm-up- SSH, IW, MC, flyover 10 burpees

Mosey to the block pile.

Flutters x20 IC, 21 gun curls (7,7,7), LBC x20 IC, Overhead press x10 IC, Triceps x10 IC.

Native American Indian run past the Ruckers around the big parking lot and back to the block pile.

Dollies x20 IC, 21 guns, Overhead press x10 IC, Triceps x10 IC.

Slow mosey to the back of the church. Move the bleachers so we all have some room. Dips x15 IC, DC step ups x15, Dips x10, step ups x10, Dips x5, step ups x5.

Mosey to the bottom of the triple steps. 10 ‘Mericans OYO, Joe Hendricks up the stairs, lunge walk to next level. Rinse and repeat two more levels.

Find a spot on the wall for People’s chair. 3 rounds of 1 minute with 30 sec rest.

We can see the Ruckers in the distance. Meet up with everyone at the flag.

Dying cockroach x20 IC, Reverse LBC x20 IC.

A- No races in the near future. Several coming up in March and April.

P- T-Bag’s sister and sister-in-law, DuPlo’s parents, Gluten’s new job, Clapper’s sister, and always we pray for our families.

Always a pleasure to lead the men. Thank you gentlemen for pushing me and keeping me accountable.

Brown Shorts


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