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New Year, New You.

It’s that season of the celestial calendar where reflection and planning comes natural. Here’s a kick-start to your personal fulfillment in 2023…

Based on the National Geographic series, “Limitless, with Chris Hemsworth“, The Thorever Challenge is a series of six epic trials to promote longevity. No one event will add days to your life/health-span, but each should help you incorporate wellness principles into your every day life. As with all things F3, none of us are professionals and you will accept all the inherent risks.

Each trial features, 1) a group challenge (“Cadence”) to be attempted with other PAX and, 2) an individual component (“OYO”) to build into your day-to-day throughout 2023. The group trials will be scheduled well in advance so you can coordinate with your work, M, 2.0s, and granny. You will manage the OYO challenges…on your own. Updates and Mumble Chatter will be available on the Thorever Slack Channel and you can track your progress on the shared Google Doc. A T-shirt/Patch/Hat/Ranger Panty will be promoted at a future date.

You can start the challenge anytime in 2023 but Swamp Rabbit will cap off the year-long event, with a celebratory BBQ/bourbon event (likely to offset some of the health advances we’ve made!) on the Saturday before the Saturday before Christmas (12/16).

So, will you live Thorever?

The Thang

1. Stress Proof – Test your limits while aiming to live a better and longer life by building resilience and confronting your mortality.
▶ Cadence: Skydive/Bungee Jump with your F3 squad (June)
▶ OYO: Get 7+ hours of sleep every night. Identify the highest-stress area of your life and build a plan to manage that b*itch.

2. Shock – Incorporate exposure to extreme temperatures to spike your body’s natural healing properties.
▶ Cadence: 250m Cold Water Swim (February)
▶ OYO: Every day get in the shower while it’s still cold while you wait for the water to heat up. Stay in for 30 seconds of cold at the end. Extra points: hit the sauna for 15 minutes AMRAP in 2023.

3. Fasting (a.k.a. The Marcia Marcia Marcia Diet) – Learn how a periodic reduction in calories helps with weight loss, improved blood sugar control, decreased inflammation, and enhanced heart health.
▶ Cadence: Complete a 3-Day Weekend Fast with the F3 brotherhood (April)
▶ OYO: Add intermittent fasting to your weekly routine through alternate-day fasting, periodic fasting, or daily time-restricted feeding.

4. Strength – Become a beast to protect your joints from injury, improve balance, and maintain independence as you age.
▶ Cadence: Participate in the Inaugural F3 Junk Yard Weightlifting Championships (August)
▶ OYO: Set personal goals for the 5 basic exercises (bench press, deadlift, squats, shoulder press and pull-up) and hit the gym at least 50x in 2023. This is in addition to whatever F3 work you do. No gym membership? Well, fix that…Planet Fitness is only $10/month.

5. Memory – Teach your brain to remember and prevent cognitive decline.
▶ Cadence: Memorize a speech, scripture, poem, or rock anthem of your choice and present it at the year-end party. (December)
▶ OYO: Keep your brain sharp by reading 12 books over the year.

6. Acceptance – Come to terms with your eventual death to find more meaning in life.
▶ Cadence: Write a 500-word essay reflecting on your eventual demise and share it on Slack. (October)
▶ OYO: Prepare/update your will and chart out a plan to live a more fulfilling life with your family, friends, career, and charities.

How to Get Going:

1. If necessary, get permission from your M to participate.
2. Join the Slack Channel and HC.
3. Recruit 1-2 PAX to hold you accountable and share in the Cadence experiences.
4. Start tackling the 6 OYO trials in your own time.
5. Check out Limitless with Chris Hemsworth for some entertaining inspiration (optional).

Thorever Slack Channel:
Thorever Google Doc:

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