The Return of the Jackalope- Take 2

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Five long years ago, Zoila hatched a plan to put together the first ever F3 Swamp Rabbit CSAUP. From the dark corners of his mind, and from conversations with fellow sadists (such as Flay, Ice, and many of the other Old Guard),  the Jackalope was born. Since we’ve relaunched our Mothership at Legacy, PAX have been itching to bring the OG #CSAUP back to the Upstate.

Now, for you newbies who are wondering what in the world we’re talking about, here’s a link to the first Jackalope Pre-Blast.

It’s been 5 years. Let’s try to bring this back with some style. Below are some details from the original in 2015.

(behold the power of copy/paste with some light editing)


What: 7+ mile run from Main Thang to Lions Den (RIP)/Night Ops (aka Cleveland Park), up the Swamp Rabbit trail, across 291, to Tank Yard to Legacy, with short pain stations in between to keep the speedsters honest and allow for regrouping

How: This is a fellowship event, not a race.  No awards, virtual or otherwise will be handed out.  Think #Lucy, but with 10 minutes of pain every mile.

Who: If you have posted at a standard F3 bootcamp, you are capable of doing this.  The runs in-between pain stations will be <1.5 miles.

When: October 17, 2020.  Meet at 0530 at Legacy Park to clown car to the start line.  Gun start is at 0600.  Estimated completion time is 3 hours.

Where: If carpooling to start, meet at Legacy Park at 0530.  If getting dropped off and arranging pick up, be at the Peace Center at 0555.

Swag:  edit: T-shirt pre-order is here>

Ways you can help: Several!
1) Q a pain station.  Preferably 2 Q’s per site to manage numbers. In the HC form below, make yourself known. We’ll work out who does what once we have the count, but your options are Main Thang,  Cleveland Park, First Baptist Church baseball fields,  the parking lot for Bolero (formerly AMF Bowling Alley) on Cleveland Street, Tank Yard, corner of Rocky Slope/Woodruff and Legacy Park.

2) Volunteer to support if you can’t or don’t want to run.  We’ll need at least 2 PAX on bikes keeping an eye on the PAX and 1 in a minivan to sweep and provide support.  Again, make yourself known in the HC doc below.

3) Can’t do either of the above?  Just meet us at Legacy Park at 0900 with some refreshments for the PAX and be ready for some sweaty #2ndF.  It would be amazing if someone Q’d the #2ndF…

Here is the aforementioned HC form

More info:
-Hydration packs are recommended.
-It’ll be early when we start so bring reflective gear if you have it.
-Carpool if it’s convenient.
-Bring your own fuel: stinger waffles, Gu gels, etc
-Please wear some form of emergency contact info (Road ID)
-M’s and 2.0’s are welcome and encouraged to be at the finish (Legacy Park, 0900) for fellowship and fun.


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