Swamp Rabbit Extreme Week 2021

What: (7) F3 Swamp Rabbit Posts in (6) Days (same format as last year)

When: Mon Jul 26 – Sat Jul 31

Where: First 6 – Any F3 Swamp Rabbit AO. Workout #7 – see below.

Who: You and your friends

Why: It’s the middle of summer in South Carolina. You’ll have to get up earlier than normal. There’ll be no off days during the week. You’ll go to AO’s you don’t normally go to. You’ll meet people you wouldn’t normally.

This is the glue that holds it together. Otherwise it’s just working out.


The last workout:

– Saturday Jul 31 – 11:00 AM
– Silverleaf Recreation Field – 2 W Shefford St Greer, SC
– 2.0 Friendly

After the workout:
– 12:00 2nd F Cookout – Silverleaf Rec Pavilion
– Pool
– Brats, burgers, chips, BYOB (no glass)
-2.0 Friendly (workout) – M Friendly (cookout)
–Kick in what $$$ you can. Covers food, shelter and additional lifeguard for pool. Remaining $$$ -> Greer Relief.

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