Rock, paper, and scissors at Tower of Terror

The PAXMy Two Dads, Lt. Dangle, Squid, Barney, Look Out Below, Third Base, NYOPT (runner), Pet Stain (runner), Cocoon (runner), Mint Julep, Whisper (runner- respect!), Road Trip, Mayo, Live PD, Big V (runner), Benign (YHC)
Workout Date02/05/2018
A.O. Tower of Terror

11 PAX and 5 runners were not afraid of post-Super Bowl sleep deprivation or cold temperatures and posted at Tower of Terror for fun in the gloom.

Conditions: 32 degrees, dark

Mission: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer: I have no idea what I am doing.



Hillbillies x 25 IC

Windmills x 20 IC

Side straddle hops x 20 IC

Monkey humpers x 10 IC

Gorilla humpers x 10 IC



Mosey to the brick patio south of the clock tower and stop for BurpMerks (1 up to 10).

Line up for Indian run to the First Baptist Chuch via Crisp and Hedge Streets.

Partner up for DORA 1-2-3-4.  PAX 1 and 2 play rock, paper, and scissors.  The winner runs a lap while the loser does the exercise.  Repeat a game of rock, paper, and scissors after each round.  My Two Dads apparently did all of the exercises for his group; he should be better at rock, paper, and scissors.

–100 BBSUs

–200 merkins

–300 squats

–400 double-count flutters

Mosey back to the flag for Mary.



LBCs x 40 IC

Rosalita x 15 IC

Dolly x 15 IC

Hold 6 inches for 20 seconds.


Circle of trust:


–Swamp Rabbit Half Marathon February 24 at 0700 (start in TR, finish in Greenville)

Prayer requests / praises:

–Whisper’s friend Lynn having marital problems.





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