Ragnar Trail Carolinas, Non-Hurricane Version

Q.I.C.Carl's Jr.
The PAXBrown Shorts, Seal, Flowrider, Youkilis, Duplo, Quaker, Boomhauer
Workout Date10/06/2017
A.O. Powder Keg

Last year, the Pax at Powder Keg entered a team in Ragnar Trail Carolinas.  It’s an overnight trail relay race with each team member running 16 miles on three different trails of different lengths.  Think P200, but camping out instead of vans.  2016 brought Hurricane Matthew, EPIC conditions and a race called for safety on Saturday morning.  Even with that, we had a blast and entered a team again this year.  So, here’s some backblast worthy observations:

Arriving at our AO to meet up for the drive up, Youkilis was already there.  I initially thought he had trimmed his epic beard, but no.  BRAIDS down the side ending in 2 pigtail braids.  What a start!

The first step in checking in upon arrival is watching the safety video.  While the surprise ending didn’t get me this year, there were so many subtleties that I missed the first year.  This part alone is worth the entry fee.

We scored a prime lakefront camping spot right at the final turn towards the transition area.  We used the proximity to encourage our guys, as well as others.  Lots of F3 Pax in this event.

Duplo was our first man out.  Last year, he ran into damsels in distress and mysterious equines.  Similar happenings this year, so he must have a knack for it.

We settled into a rhythm of running, resting and eating for the duration of the day and all night.  Lots of 2nd F time around camp.  We had more food than we could eat.  A particular favorite was a homemade product of Quaker’s M.  Schwety!

During the late night hours, everybody tried to get a few hours of sleep.  Turns out Boomhauer has some interesting nocturnal tendencies.  YHC has spent countless miles and hours of training runs with him and it’s always been obvious that he has some burping issues while running.  We found that during the night, his emissions come from another orifice.  We also found that they have a volume that carries to adjacent campsites, much to the delight of our Ragnar neighbors.  Good thing we told them we were from Columbia….

We started hitting our third and final run in the normal gloom hours of F3.  Everyone suffered some on that final leg.  Tired legs and little sleep take their toll.  As we got closer to finishing, a slight off and on drizzle turned into full bore rain, a fitting end after last year.  The whole team ran into the transition tent together and celebrated a great event.

Special props to:

Brown Shorts-He had some health issues get into his training time late in the game, but delivered when it counted and ran some strong legs.

Youkilis – He didn’t do a lot of running prior to HC for this, but ran some great training runs, including a beast of a morning at PMSP.  He as well delivered on some strong legs.

We stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way home for a real meal.  We all agreed that this was an enormous opportunity for 2nd F bonding.  Pretty sure I also heard a HC for every man for 2018!

So, until Ragnar 2018, YHC relinquishes the title of Captain and returns to Carl’s Jr.

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