Pearls on Cinco de Mayo

Q.I.C.Pine Tar
The PAXWhisper (respect), Cheeses Steak (double respect), Pet Stain, Coccoon, Bambi, Look Out Below, Church Lady (respect), YHC
Workout Date05/05/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

8 PAX defeated the gravitational pull of the fart sack and came out to Pitchfork for some pearls on a string.  2 PAX tackled Moore Red for a pre-run, one of which manned up and joined the Q, the other went home and cleaned the blinds (or maybe they had soccer).  Oh and 1 of 8 got his slow run in while we worked out and joined us when the pearls didn’t look too tough

YHC shared some recently learned facts about Cinco de Mayo, including the fact it is not actually Mexico’s Independence Day- which is actually Sept 16.  Don’t let that effect the number of tacos and margaritas you slam later today

Mission – perfectly stated

Disclaimer – ametuer at best – don’t hurt yourself


SSH X 30

Hillbillies X 20

Monkey Humpers X 15


Pearl #1 – Start off with 11’s – muscle ups on the wall and BBSU.  This brought confusion as the PAX were promised Pearls on a String……not too worry, we dispatched from the flags and moseyed into Spaulding Farm for some fun.

Pearl #2 – 10 burpees / min for 5 min   YHC was trying to help Bambi get half his 100 in for the day, and make up for being 13 short of 200 yesterday.  Little did YHC know Bambi got his 100 for today before the workout.   Mumble chatter all but. ceased and Bambi got some more extra credit.

Pearl #3 – Tabata time – flutter kicks 60 sec on / 20 sec off repeat 4x

Pearl #4 – Tabata again this time with squats.

Pearl #5 – meet at bottom of Hillary.  PAX split into 2 groups.  While one group runs up Hillary, other group does merkins  AMRAP.  Backpedal together up Hillary and mosey back to flags.

Mary – Capt Thor up to 5

ANNC – Warrior Fund 5k and Mud Run on 19th.

COT – prayers for my aunt Tammi for good healing from brain surgery, Whisper’s friend missionary overseas to find some fellowship to make the mission easier on the family, Cheese Steaks mom is in hospice, Andrew Brunson, praise for Pet Stain being off the Copenhagen, praise for LOB’s youngest who has battled Multiple illnesses this last week and doing much better

was an honor to lead you gentlemen this morning.  Enjoy your weekend.

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