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You haven’t run a legit in-person race since February, this is your moment – the 2020 Deuceable 9K is on no matter who your president is. You can’t count on the ability of America to property collect mail-in ballots, but you bet your fleshy fun bridge you can count on the Deuce. We did lose our official sponsor (Slim changed careers), so I am calling in a favor to all the business development guys that have access to expired giveaways to sling me a note so I can grab some schwag to raffle off.

One of the defending champs, Kotter, is thinner than Tom Hanks in the movie Philadelphia – his partner is still thick with it and they appear to be Deuce ready. They’ve gone from Stockton/Malone to Jordan/Pippen – double dare a twosome to de-throne these jerks.


Friday, December 11th at 5:00AM – Wrap up around 6AM and then we head to breakfast

Cleveland Park, Zoo parking lot

9K (roughly 6 miles, for the layman)

Format: Partner Up, pain stations every mile (or as the #ACES group calls it, “EFFORT STATIONS”™

Warm up:
A glistening Yule Log

The Taint:

Mile 1 (Bottom of Washington walking up) LUNGE WALK SINGLE COUNT X100

Mile 2 (McBee & Main / Ale House) LBCs X200

Mile 3 (Ridgeland & Cleveland) HAND-RELEASE MERKINS X50 

Mile 4 (Cleveland & Boxwood / Methodist Church) BURPEES X40

Mile 5 (Start of Woodland) RUSSIAN TWIST X200

Mile 6 (Start/finish) Mountain Climbers X200


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