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The PAX10 total. Short barrel, Soccer mom,Hot for teacher, Coxan, Turbine, Lt. Dangle, Live PD, Mama said
Workout Date10/17/2018
A.O. Tower of Terror

It was still a summer morning. Maybe a little cooler

warm up:

20 I. Walkers

11 total – SSH mod (3SSH 1 Burbee)=1.

Time to run.

Run to Goodwill with some stops for exercise

  1. Stop sign 20 mt climbers 
  2. Bricks 20 LBC
  3. Flags 20 alt lunge 10 each leg
  4. Half somewhere under light 20 alt shoulder touch
  5. Car Wash 20 merkins 
  6. Goodwill 20 flutters

Repeat stations back to flag

About 2.5 mile run 

Back at flag

10 count break

  1. 30 Dips on curb holding on #10 #20 # 30 for 10 seconds
  2. 30 incline merkins  holding on # 10 #20 in down position for 10 seconds

10 count break 

Plankerexercise for few min

Finish with holding Superman

20 LBC 

20 Big boy

20 Dying cock roach 

Somehow finished with well deserved 3 min early 



not much.

Prayer request:

Those effected by hurricane. Pine Tar and his sister.

Great job guys. I enjoyed it!


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