No Bets Were Made

The PAXInspector Gadget, Honkers, Double Windsor, Hacksaw, Soda, Generic
Workout Date01/07/2019
A.O. Dog Pound

Disclaimer Given

Warm Up:
SSH x 25 IC
DANCING BEARS x 10 IC and Hold
Merkins x 10 IC
IW x 20 IC

The Thang:
Everyone grab a rock and mosey to football field. Time to play Blackjack
Overhead Tricep Extensions and Squats. Do 1 exercise and run to opposite side of field and do 20. Just like 11’s just a lot more!

Curls x 20 IC
Mosey to corner of field for Gonlet Squats x 20 IC
Mosey to next corner for Rockies x 10 OYO. Burpee with a rock.
Hold the rock over head while running length of field and stop at corner for merkins x 10 IC
Lunge walk to last corner and return rocks

Flutter kicks x 20 IC and Hold
Heals to heaven x 20 IC
American Hammer x 10 IC

Ashy Larry Graduation on Jan 22
Prayers for Generic and Hacksaw moms.

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