This June challenge is dumb!

Q.I.C.Short Barrel
The PAXHot 4 Teacher, Paper Boy, Church Lady (Respect), Lt. Dangle, Franzia, Look Out Below, Squid, Thumper, No Show, My 2 Dads, Short Barrel Run Nerds: Bambi, Urban, Goose Egg, Road Trip, Whisper(Respect), NYOPT
Workout Date06/04/2018
A.O. Tower of Terror

Rolled into TOT to find NYOPT, Bambi, and Road Trip knocking out some push-ups and sit-ups before channeling their inner feelings and taking a Monday morning stroll.   I saw Look Out Below’s truck but he was no where to be found, then all of a sudden he emerges from the gloom with that white paper, none of us crave but all of us need. They say Sunday is a good day to cleanse the soul but I guess Monday morning (at TOT behind the dumpsters) is a good place to cleanse the colon?

Over the next few minutes Pax began to arrive and the #runnerds are trying to decide whose hand to hold while crossing the street. I think that is when @F3_Urban made the suggestion, to just hold hands always, and just like that they are off to frolic through dowtown Simpsonville (I’m so proud). Seriously #T-claps to LOB(4 mile pre run), and Bambi, NYOPT, and RT for doing some early work. #ISI

Mission: Nailed It!

Disclaimer: I’m already out of breath!!

Warm-up: SSH x 20 IC

IW x20 IC (thats when Simpsonville’s finest rode through on us, and                        Lt. Dangle suggested monkey humpers, so……………….

Monkey Humpers x20 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles forward and reverse…….mosey to the                                       amphitheater behind the police station.

The Thang: PARTNER UP! De-esculator: pax #1 runs from the amphitheater to the other end of the parking lot and does 20 merkins. Pax #2 box jumps up the amphitheater steps to the top (5 total), does 20 dips, step down 10 1-legged squat, step down 10 1-legged squat (of course switch, I thought about writing it down, maybe in crayon, but I was afraid somebody in the group would eat them), step down to bottom #AMRAP as many BBSU til partner returns. Switch and everybody does the same thing. Then next go round pax #1 does 19 merkins and so on………. a lot of creativity went into planning of this one. All pax got down to 14 merkins so official count to follow.

Mosey back to the flags. I held back my ever burning desire to dominate on the run, to be a good Q and pick up the 6. No matter what you hear from the any of the pax, the wheezing and loud crying was all a ploy to mentally boost morale. You guys don’t want me to unleash the beasty beard, no sir you do not! Stupid fast…………

Back at the flags the nerds were throwing out high fives and butt slaps until the real men showed back up wondering, “Where in the hell, did the Q go?” When I blazed in like Antonio Banderas riding a rogue unicorn a-blazed with a golden trident, shock and aww, fell over the crowd. That’s when somebody said “who let him Q!

Finished up with flutters x20 IC and 10 BBSU OYO.

Official Numbers:

Merkins: 119

1.75 miles and 60-80ish BBSU’s

#t-claps to Thumper for coming back out and picking up the 6(really the Q). Apologies to Lt. Dangle for the out-dated Metallica but like always, bravo to Church Lady for knowing every song, year, album, singer, place of birth, social security #, mothers maiden name, and blood type of every group and member.

Announcements: 6/16 3 year PF convergence (more to follow), tomorrow 6/5 ATM 3 year anniversary Q at PF, friday 6/8 Whisper’s 3 year anniversay Q at PF.

Prayers: Andrew Brunson (imprisoned in Turkey), Soccer Mom’s mother-in-law is being moved to hospice, Cheese Steaks mom.

Fellas, I hate getting up this early, I hate this challenge, but man I love hanging out with you fellas so, thanks for being you! Always a great way to start off a day. SYITG

Short Barrel



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