Inaugural Board of Pain

The PAXBenign, NYOPT, Mrs Potts, Flo (R), Zebco, Jennay, Cyclone, FNG Cru Jones, YHC
Workout Date01/03/2019
A.O. Golden Strip

As 2019 begins, I wanted to introduce a way to track our physical progression (or regression) throughout the year, which is where the Board of Pain comes in:

The concept is simple: do a line on the board, run a lap.  continue moving down the board until the time is up.  I’ll bring the board out multiple times this year, and we will see how far down the board we can get throughout the year.

9 PAX (including one FNG) met me in the Gloom for the first ever Golden Strip Board Meeting.  Here’s how it went:

Warm Up:

SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Windmills x10 IC

Monkey Humpers x 10 IC

The Board:

Burpees – 100
Calf Raises – 150
Ski Abs – 100
Merkins – 100
Deep Squats – 100 – Cru Jones (5), Jennay (30), Mrs Potts (66)
LBCs – 200 – Benign (200), Flo (200), Cyclone (200)
Carolina Dry Docks – 100 – Zebco (100)
Russian Twists – 100 – Beamer (20), NYOPT (100)
Mahktay N’ Diayes – 100
Jump Squats – 100
Mountain Climbers – 100
Sholder Raises – 200
Mary Catherines – 100
Hello Dollys – 200
Wide arm Merkins – 100
Squat Jacks – 100
Peter Parkers – 100
Burpees – 100

We had some time after the timer went up, so we did 32 Flutters as a group to end things out.


Flo’s Wife’s work friend who is battling cancer and currently in hospice

Benign’s wife dealing with kidney stones

Mrs Potts doctors appointment for growth in his mouth


Good work by everyone today, and remember that the board is about your personal growth in the first F: Fitness.  It will be a good barometer of whether you are improving or not.  Don’t compare your results against other people’s, but focus on your effort and how you can improve.  It was a pleasure to lead you, and I can’t wait to bring the board out soon

SYITG – Beamer

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