How to Backblast

  • In order to post you should go ahead and create an account on by clicking on Admins –> Login on the top menu or clicking here.
  • Then tell your site Q you have an account and would like permission to become an author on the site. They must request this from admins for you before you can post.
  • Once you are logged in and your permissions have been granted, hover over the + New button on the WordPress tool bar at the very top of your screen and select Backblast.
Hover over +New… then click Backblast
  • On the Backblast edit page. Start with a catchy title.
  • Then fill out the details of the workout itself. This can be fairly simple if you choose, the basic format is shown below. Disclaimer/Warmup/Workout (The Thang)/Mary/Announcements/COT. Just let us know what the workout looked like today.
Basic backblast format
  • The bottom section has several required fields but it is used in WordPress to organize our Backblast posts by AO and by date. It also helps for searching later so please be accurate here.
Bottom Backblast section showing the required fields for Workout Date (defaults to today), Q, PAX and the AO
  • That’s everything. The only step left is to publish your work by clicking the blue Publish button on the far right