Hillway to 7 and Cora Dora

The PAXSpackler, Inspector Gadget, Febreze, Anchor Down, Soda, JK2, Honkers, Deep Dish (FNG
Workout Date04/13/2018
A.O. Dog Pound

Had an FNG (Welcome Deep Dish!) so we stated the core principles, disclaimer, and mission.

SSH x 25 IC
Merkins x 20 IC
Imperial Walkers x 25 IC

Mosey down to football field and, inspired by Double Windsor’s backblast from Thursday, planned to do a Cora Dora. But first, we did a Hillway to 7 since the stairs at the football field are dangerously dark.

Squat x 1 & Merkin x 1 at the bottom of the hill.
Run to the top.
Burpee x 1 at the top.
Run back down.
Rinse and repeat 6 times until performing 7 of each exercise.

10 count from I.G.

Now for the Cora Dora:

Heels to Heaven x 100
LBC x 200
Flutter x 300

A bit of time left so a modified burpee builder around the football field:
1st corner – Merkins x 10
2nd corner – Merkins x 10 + Squats x 10
3rd corner – Burpees x 10
4th corner – regroup and mosey back to shovel flag.

Time for American Hammers x 15 IC


Prayers for Erin (Ashy Larry’s sister)
Prayers for JK2’s father
Prayers for PAX who haven’t posted lately

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