Forties at The Station for My Fortieth

Q.I.C.Perry Mason
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Workout Date06/07/2018
A.O. The Station

YHC grabbed the Q a while back so that I could share my excitement over it being Liam Neeson’s birthday today.  And I guess I should also mark the fact that I am turning 40.

As I planned the workout, it felt like the PAX needed some help with their June Swamp Rabbit Challenge reps.  So I decided to help them get plenty of merkins and big boys centered around the number 40.


SSH x 40 IC.  Lots of mumble chatter around rep 25 when guys started to figure out it was a birthday Q.  Everyone seemed pleased with the development.

Arm circles 20 forward, 20 backward

Butt kickers 40 OYO

The Thang

Mosey to the shelter for part one of the birthday bonanza.  I was surprised to learn there is an actual F3 Nation exercise titled Forties.  Sounded perfect to me, but there seemed to be a lot of confusion as I explained the workout (especially with Bob).  Its 11s with more reps, fellas.   

Start with 30 merkins, run a lap around the circle, and then do 10 big boys.  On the next round, reduce the merkins and increase the big boys by 5 each round until down to 10 merkins and 30 big boys.   100 reps total of each if you did the basic reps.  Several of the PAX got extra credit, though, because they thought we were going to 35/5 or were joining in with the six to finish out their reps.

For part two, we mosey over to the corner of Jason and Cannon for 4 corners.  Sticking with the theme, we did 20 hand release merkins and 20 big boys at each corner.  I only had to explain the concept three times to Bob this time around.  I did tell the PAX they could modify the exercises if they needed to or were not doing the June challenge.  For those that did the reps, that’s another 80 of each for a total of 180.

The guys were killing these exercises, so we finished up faster than I expected and had some time to kill.  So I led everyone over to the church to grab a coupon.  20 overhead presses and 20 squats, OYO.  Put your blocks back and head back to the circle for Mary.


20 corkscrews each side OYO

Heels to heaven IC.  I heard the PAX going through several of the stages of grief about this exercise:

1. Denial – “Surely he is not doing 40 reps in cadence of this”

2. Anger – “He better not be doing 40 reps in cadence”

3. Bargaining – “I bet since its in cadence, he will go to 20 and count that as 40 total”

Not sure if we ever got to acceptance, but we definitely did 40 reps in cadence before time was up.

Naked Moleskin

There had been some chatter on Twitter about Moosehead having buyer’s remorse over the name he picked for the FNG (Jacob) he brought with him on Tuesday.  Jacob is crashing at the Moose Den for the summer, so the first suggestion was House Guest, before Wax On threw out “Needs Better Friends.”  MH went with House Guest, but he was having second thoughts because NBF is funnier (especially given that MH hit Jacob’s car on the way to the workout).

I brought this up in the COT today and pointed out that technically Tuesday’s Q should have had the final say on the name, not the guy who brought him, so The Muff signed off on the change and Jacob is now officially Needs Better Friends.

Good to see both NBF and Bubble Wrap back out there today.  Good work.

Pool party at House’s, er, house on 6/23.  Ms and 2.0s invited.  More details to follow from House.  If you are considering a gift to bring, I would suggest everyone chipping in on a decent pair of running shoes.  Preferably something manufactured after Bush was president.

Another trip around the sun for YHC.  When we are young, we worry so much about the things that we are going to get on our birthdays.  As I get older, I find myself caring about that less and less.  Every year, it gets harder for me to answer my M’s question of what do I want for my birthday.  I am fortunate that there are not many things I really need.

So my birthday wish this year is to better express my gratitude for the blessings God has already bestowed upon me and to  gain clarity over the things I need to be doing to get closer to becoming the man God wants me to be.   Although if anyone insists on getting me a present, a meeting with my birthday buddy Liam Neeson would be nice.


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