Christmas Party 2022

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What: F3 Swamp Rabbit 2022 Christmas Party

Who: You and Your Significant Other

When: Thursday, December 15 6:00 PM Awards at 7:30 PM

Where: Think Tank Brew Lab – 101 Airport Rd, Greenville

Why: 2nd F


Q: Bring my significant other, really?
A: Yes, absolutely.

Q: Food?
A: Yes, food will be available for purchase. Menu TBD.

Q: Drinks?
A: OYO. Cash bar.

Q: Kids?
A: Probably not. Buck up and get a sitter.

Q: Will Seal be there?
A: With balls on.

Q: This appears to be the night before the Deuceable. Is that correct?
A: Yes, this is intentional. Complaints that the Deuceable was not difficult enough have prompted this wrinkle.

Q: I have another question.
A: Message Play-Doh.