Chem Light scavenger hunt with a ladder on merlot drive

The PAXT-bag, Keystone, Tiny Dancer, Discharge, Boomhauer, Rucktards in attendance: Carl's Jr, Quickie, Youkillis
Workout Date02/15/2018
A.O. Powder Keg

9 men posted for another adventuresome Q at the Keg that YHC occasionally breaks out to change things up at the Keg. 3 men split off after the warm-up to go get their rucking fix for the Pathfinder challenge.

Gloom observations:  No Brown Shorts. He’s downrange vacationing. Convenient timing. Quickie goes out deploying sandbags for his gang of retards…..correction, #Rucktards. Windy, very windy. Made putting out the chemlights a little challenging to keep them in sight, yet not fall to the ground. @TinyDancer needs a haircut desperately. YHC threatened to hold him down and give him a trim with a K-Bar. @Boomhauer needs to switch back to filtered cigarretes #hackedupalung. You can always tell if @Discharge is posting about 5 minutes before he actually arrives #needsAmuffler.


20 mericans in cadence

20 windmills in cadence

30 LBCs in cadence

no SSH today #againstTheflow

Bye Bye Ruck Rejects

Main Stang

10 chemlights were placed strategically all over the campus in various locations either on the run route or at work-out stations.  Count off by 2s. Team 1 and 2 compete against each other with a 10 burpee penalty for each chemlight brought back by the other team within the 5 minute time limit.

Team 1- Boomhauer, Keystone, and Tiny Dancer   6 chemlights recovered

Team 2 -SEAL, Discharge, T-bag  3 chemlights recovered

One chem light was brought in too late to count by Discharge.

Cash in your burpess. 60 each for Team 2. #WeSuck

Next Event – Jacobs Ladder on Merlot drive (Marathons driveway has a nasty hill).

7 mericans at the top, 7 burpees at the base.

We were blessed with a #Dryheave from our gagging infectious hardcore chin-nificent Boomhauer. This is flattery in it’s highest form for a Q.

Reverse LBCs to tidy things up at the end. Jailbreak to flag. Discharge takes top Honors, with Keystone on his heels.

Mary  – all 8 minutes worth today

Ruckers rejoin the group

Peoples choice: Heels to heaven, Flutterkicks,  Dying cockroach, American Hammers


Races: Hartwell Dam 5k, mention of the Knock on Wood and Run Forrest Run (May???)

Prayers and Praises:

Quickies sister. Boomhauer’s dinner with 2.0. families/victims Parkland FL, T-bags family,

 Always a pleasure gentlemen. Until next time….

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