Tour de Garage

The PAXLadka, Debit, Mary, Nippler, One Direction, Iceman, Brown Liquor, Wifi, Forrest, Slimfast
Workout Date03/13/13

11 Pax posted for the inaugural Tour de Garage – a running tour of downtown parking garages with F3 downpainment mixed in for variety.
2 Pax posted late in the Gloom (they’ll incur no public shame this time), but better late than never.

SSH 23x
Mountain Climbers 11x
Imperial Walkers

Mosey (with a weave….Spurrier style) to Garage #1.
Up the ramps, with Sprints, Planks, Merkins and Squats intermingled throughout.

Mosey to Garage #2.
Up to the top again, with more Sprints, Planks, Merkins and Squats intermingled.
(Nippler goes down with a knee injury – hope it’s minor)

Mosey down and around the Fountain Of No Moving Water for Push-O-Rama.
Merkins, Werkins (wide hand), Marine Style (narrow hand, Sterkins staggered hands), Diamonds – all 10x.

Mosey to Garage #3.
Here we go again……more of the same.
Plus a bonus of Turkish Get-Ups (one-arm) 10x each side.
6MOM at the top (Q was late getting us there, so 3MOM). T/Claps to Debit for the Q.

Mosey back to Garage #1 for COT with Squats along the way to stay together.

Nice job boys!!!

St. Patty’s Dash and Bash is this Saturday at 0800. One Direction is EH’ing guys to go (wear the F3 gear!!). Go to to register.
Spurrier will Q for the rest of the Pax at Legacy Park at 0700.
There are 5 hard-commits to the Blue Ridge Relay in September (we need 9). Slimfast turns 40 during the race….hmmm, could be interesting. Tweet One Direction if you want to go. Cost is $129 per person.

Sounded like this morning was a crowd pleaser. Only 5 more garages to go.
Good to see Brown Liquor again, and welcome back Forrest.
Check up on Nippler – he had to withdraw after some knee problems (maybe sprinting up the ramps to beat One Direction).
Need some Pax to catch up with King Cake and others who haven’t posted in a while.

Rabbit, Run

Q.I.C.OBT, Dredd
The PAXWifi, Petrino, G Heart, Debit, Slimfast, One Direction, Flesh Peddler, Nippler, Third Tier Lien, Iceman, Baby Nate, Spurrier, Latka, Free Stride, Jordache, Barbara, Dredd, OBT
Workout Date3/9/13

Aye, Dredd and OBT arrived from Charlotte at Legacy Park just in time for the groundskeeper to pull up the “Stay off the grass” signs, clearing the way for a full and complete beatdown.

OBT leading:
_ Warmup jog
_ COP: Side-Straddle Hops, Merkins, Plank Rotation, Squats, Mountain Climbers
_ Run to mini-pond: circuit of pond, including: walking lunges, sprint, bear crawl, backward sprint, forward sprint
_ Jacob’s Ladder to 7 on stairs overlooking mini-pond (lost one pax to Merlot spillage during this segment)
_ Jog to rock wall near starting location for Sabans to 11, featuring dips and merkins

Handoff to Dredd

Dredd leading:
_ Opened with Ball of Man and a prayer
_ Jog away from park to open field for 6 Minutes of Mary: Flutters; Dollies; High Flutter; Rosalita; Knee-Ups; Superman; Little Baby Crunches.
_ Indian run down rest of Rocky Slope Road to intersection with Woodruff; set up in parking lot behind business at the corner for Push-o-Rama: Merkins; Larry Craigs; Diamonds; Stagger R; Stagger L; Partner Declines (flapjack); Partner Super-Plank (flapjack)
_ Indian run back to park, pausing for partner piggyback carries


Spreadsheets from the Gloom:

_ T-claps to the leadership of Tiger Rag in planting Greenville and to the team of Spurrier, Nippler, One Direction and Iceman, who are ably carrying the flag forward. We had a great time visiting and are excited about F3’s arrival in Greenville.

_ Dredd caught the pax off-guard by throwing some Greenville trivia their way during the Push-o-Rama, including a reference to his beloved Traveler’s Rest (whose HS mascot, we learned, is the Devil Dogs).

_ T-claps to FNGs Third Tier Lien, Flesh Peddler and Baby Nate.  Hope to see you guys back out there.

_ We were also pleased to learn there will be a SwampRabbit contingent at the Spartan Sprint in a couple of weeks.  Run, Rabbits, Run!

_ The coffeeteria was no Lizard’s Thicket, but still remarkable — a real, no-BS Jewish deli in upstate South Carolina, with chewy, non-bready bagels, kosher pastries, even a picture of a dog in a yarmulke and a prayer shawl on the wall.  My claim on Twitter that the bagels were the real deal has inspired skepticism from some of the Northeast Corridor snobs in the CLTMetro pax, but I will stand behind it and urge them to come down for a SwampRabbit workout and check it out for themselves.




Obliques vs Merkins

The PAXDebit, Ladka, Wifi, Brady, Nippler, Mary, Slimfast, Barbara
Workout Date03/06/13

9 of the Faithful posted this morning for a breezy undertaking of Main Thang.

The Thang:
SSH 19x
What followed next can only be described as Mosey + Merkins….
To the parking garage – up to the top and back down with Merkins 10x at each level.
Lunge walks up the first level.
First sighting of Planks.
Stair climb mixed with bunny hops.
Skier’s Pose (aka Wall-sits).
Mosey to the Hyatt for Merkins 10x and more Skier’s Pose.
Mosey to the plaza for more Merkins 10x and Planks 3way (first hit on the obliques).
Swipers 6x (still ugly).
Mosey down Main.
More Planks 3way, and Lateral Hip Raises 10x (there has to be an F3 name for these).
Mosey up Main.
More Planks, more Lateral Hip Raises.
Mosey to the Hyatt for Skier’s Pose.
6MOM Q’d by Mary (how nice)….LBCs, Oblique LBCs, Bicycles, Dollies, Oblique LBCs.
Mosey back to the parking garage for Merkins 10x.

(Q’s note: I am sure I missed a few sets of Merkins and Planks in there somewhere)

Quiet Pax today.
Nippler did a 10k last Saturday – noticed the F3 difference.
If you’re running, keep an eye on the Blue Ridge Relay in September (One Direction is the team leader).

T-Claps to Ladka for his first Post at Main Thang after seeing Debit (his F3 neighbor) getting up….succumbed to the pressure of the anticipated EH.
Good to see regulars Nippler and Mary back with Swamp Rabbit after last week.
Get ready for intensity – Dredd and OBT from F3 in the Queen City are coming to Legacy Park this Saturday.

Stick a Fork in Him (he's done)

Q.I.C.Iceman and One Direction
The PAXWi-Fi, Jordache, Spurrier, Freeze Dry, Slim Fast, Barbara, Barbie (WB), Debit, Ladka, FNG Mike W (Voip) (WD), FNG Chip S (Petrino)
Workout Date03/02/13

13 Rabbits gathered round the shovel flag and posted in the gloom to witness a rookie Q burnout faster than Lindsey Lohan


The Thang

COP (Iceman as Q)
SSH x22, Mountain Climbers x12, IW x 15 (all in cadence)

Mosey  a couple  blocks to Ruskin Square for Merkins/Air Press Combo

1 Merkin/ 4 Air Presses
2 Merkins/ 8 Air presses
3 Merkins/ 12 Air presses
4 Merkins/ 16 Air presses
5 Merkins/ 20 Air presses and then back down the ladder

Mosey back to the main campus for…

Squat jumps up the steps x2

Find the low wall:

10x derkin, 10x dips, 10x jump ups – plank until all are finished
10x irkin (incline), 10x dips, 10x jump ups – plank until all are finished
10x merkin, 10x dips, 10x jump ups

Popsicle for 20secs x 3

Mosey to the hill for modified Jacobs Ladder
Sprint up the hill – 1 burpee at the top
Sprint up the hill – 2 burpees at the top
Lunge walk up the hill – 3 burpees
Lunge walk up the hill – 4 burpees
Karaoke up the hill (L)- 5 burpees
Karaoke up the hill (R) – 6 burpees

Q handed to One Direction

Line up with backs to the hill
Jacob’s Ladder with linked arm walk-ups (backwards) up the hill – squats at top and bottom (combination totaling 7)

Mosey to the street hill (the big one).  One team of 6 and one team of 7.
BANG!  You’re dead.  Deadman team carry up the hill.  Each team member must be carried and losing team gets 20 burpees.
Close finish. Hey, both teams get 10 burpees. Spread the love!

Hustle up the stairs for three rounds, high knees touching each step.

To the sidewalk. On your rear ends for a new exercise – SWIPERS x 10.

Mosey to the sand for linked-arm lunge walks – to the net and back.

6 MOM (in the sand. 2 rounds for a full 6 minutes)

Round 1: 15 flutters, 15 bicycles, 15 Dollys, 15 LBCs, 15 Rosalitas (IC)
Round 2: 10 flutters, 10 bicycles, 10 Dollys, 10 LBCs, 15 Rosalitas (IC)


– This rookie Q went out hard and fast and faded even faster.  Luckily, @onedirection was there to pick us up AND beat us down.
– The PAX really liked the merkin/air press combos (thanks to @tigerrag for that one).  Lot’s of #FEBA on the backward walk up the hill
– Tclaps to @Jordache for a mammoth effort on the dead man carry – on the last leg he put the team member on his back and willed his team to the finish line
– The local #FERN was filled with curious on-lookers – both of them trying to figure out what we were doing.
– @Onedirection pointed out that the park uses the new kind of sand that doesn’t stick to clothes??
– Exciting times in Greenville as the legend of #SwampRabbit continues to grow, as does the #mumblechatter.
– Word on the street is that @Dredd and @OBT might be visiting the #Swamprabbit crew in the very near future. We look forward to hosting you.







It's Never Too Early

The PAXWifi, Debit, Ice Man, One Direction, Nippler, Barbara, Spurrier, Jenner, Forrest (FNG Dave Weinberg), Barbie (FNG Clay Walters - son of Barbara)
Workout Date02/27/13 0530

Yes sir – it is never too early to get your SmokeBoots on……10 of the Faithful posted under a full moon (well, almost) and Old Glory at the BiLo Center.

SSH 31x
Merkins 12x
Imperial Walkers 22x
Mountain Climber 12x
Mosey (with a little weave) to the House of Pain (our infamous parking deck)
11’s with decreasing squats at the top of the ramp
Hill Repeats 5x (increasing burpees at bottom, halfway and top of the ramp)
Q’s note: things got messy here…including the Q
6MOM (Q’d by Nippler, who counted so fast it was actually 3MOM)
Mosey to Main Street
Planks and Side-Planks
Merkins 10x
Mosey back to parking deck

Good conversation about men encouraging one another as fathers and husbands – we aren’t meant to go it alone.

T-Claps to Nippler, One Direction and FNG Weinberg for finishing the hill repeats strong, and IceMan for the intense effort.

Embrace The Suck

Q.I.C.Spurrier / One Direction
The PAXSpurrier, One Direction, Iceman, Debit, Barcode, Double Fault, Jordache, Wifi, Mary, Nippler, Freeze Dry
Workout Date02/23/13 - 0700

The Thang:
Spurrier debuts as Q (at least until he’s smoked himself)….
SSH 25x.
Imperial Walkers 30x (yes, they were supposed to get faster).
Mosey over to the Fern…up and over the brick walls, round the corner and back again for a little weave around the walls.
Merkins – wide hands 15x.
The Experiment: Plank single-file, first man starts with Merkins 5x, then bunny hop over the Pax to the end of the line, finish with Merkins 5x…..and then Merkins 5x each time you get bunny hopped.
Squeeze the freezing water out of your gloves (first of many).
Mosey down to the pond.
Climb the stairs 3x.
Wheelbarrows 2x (up the hill) at the top: wheelbarrow does Merkins 10x, pusher does Squats 10x. Switch positions and do it again.
Mosey around the pond.
Did we do the stairs again?!!
Mountain Climbers 15x.
Planks and Side planks.

One Direction takes over Q for the back half….
Mosey up the stairs and down on the sidewalk.
On your rear end for Frozen V-Sits, now forever known as POPSICLES.
Popsicle hold for 15, 30, 45 seconds.
Mosey up the hill to the sand for Lunge Walk.
Mosey to parking lot for starting position for Dragon Walks x3 (lots of MumbleChatter and FEBA).
Mosey around the traffic circle.
Diamond push-ups x10.
More Popsicles for 30 seconds.
Spider-Man Push-ups x8 (Pax was weak).
Mosey back to the sand for Side-squats.
Plank-o-rama in the sand.
Sand sprints (under the volleyball net if you want to keep your head) x4.


Good thing the fingers and toes stop hurting once they go numb.
Tire change for Mary.
Good storytelling at Greenfields.
No FNGs this week – get out there and EH your buds.

Give me a 10 count……

Q.I.C.One Direction
The PAXNippler, IceMan, Brady, Spurrier, Brown Liquor, SlimFast, WiFi, Double Fault
Workout Date02/20/2013 05:30

9 SwampRabbits braved the cold and the gloom this morning!


The Thang:

SSH x 30

Mosey to the parking garage and up the first set of steps

Imperial Walkers x 20


Plankorama…..with a twist

All nine guys down for plank hold.  While each guys holds, every PAX individually runs to the top of the stairs and back.  Next guys goes on his return. We did this with each guy and then ran through the sequence in the other order again.  Can you say CORE…….and FEBA!  This started to hurt.

Downward Dog hold for a 20 count. What is this, YOGA???

Carolina Dry Docks x 10 then everybody to the top of the stairs and into the parking garage.

ELEVENS!  Squats on one end of the sprint, Merkins on the other.


Line up for sprints…..the length of the Garage……about 60 yards.  But wait, sprint half way, then lunges to the wall.  Repeat on the way back.  The second time down, we sprinted and side squatted.



This time, each rabbit runs the length of the garage and back while we………..wait!

On  your feet for…….one more sprint to the wall!


Burpees x 5, Peter Parker’s x 5, Merkins x 5

Burpee pyramid (5,4,3,2,1 with 1 Merkin between each set)


6 MOM (flutters, dollys, bicycles, LBCs, and the “still ugly” dead cockroaches)

SSH X 25





I did not mention the “10 counts” as they occurred because it seems like we took a million of them.  That may be that the Q just had a bad day.  My Goodness!

T-claps to WiFi for being the WarDaddy….AGAIN

…….and to Brown Liquor for being the WarBaby…..not so much!

Today we had Southern Fried CORE and Deep Fried LEGS!

Next workout is this Saturday at 07:00 at Legacy! EH a bud and bring them out!  Looking to break 18!


Aye & Smoke Boots!

Listen to my Voice….Always

Q.I.C.One Direction (Nippler for 6 MOM)
The PAXBarcode (FNG, Kip Haley), Freeze Dry (FNG, Jonathan Nelson), P-Trap (FNG, Terry Crosby...can you guess what he does for a living), Nippler, Barbara, Jordache, IceMan, WiFi, Longbottom, Debit, SlimFast, King Cake, Double Fault
Workout Date02/16/13 07:00

14 faithful posted this morning, with 3 FNGs making the commitment!  Strong considering it was 36 degrees and flurrying.  I think that defines GLOOM!




SSH x 30

Mosey around the circle

Squats x 20

Mosey around the circle…..again!


PARTNER UP with someone your “size”

Today we had gear consisting of 10 and 12 lb. weights, as well as a 20 lb pack.  Each team grabbed one weight.  IceMan and Jordache grabbed the pack.  Head to the bottom of the big Hill.


Hill sprints and Merkins x 5 (One partner sprints up and back while the other does as many Merkins as they can).

Plankorama when finished

Hold Plank for 30 seconds when last team is done.


Mountain climbers x 15

Squats x 15

Mountain climbers x 15

Squats x 15 (This time the cadence changed dramatically, with us holding the down count more than once)

Mosey down the hill to pond. Recovery…oh wait…15 Mountain Climbers.

“Recovery Lap” around the pond

Back up the hill for….one more set of…..SQUATS x 15 (Again, listen to my Voice)


Partner Up!

Hill Piggy-Backs (Alternating) x 3.  This is where the legs really started to BURN!  Hope your partner is “your size”!  Pretty even match-ups.


Down to the pond again WITH GEAR.  Give me a 10 count!

Team laps around the pond (One guy runs while other does shoulder raises (anterior or overhead) with weight) X 3.

Group Recovery Lap around the pond

Mosey over to the steps.

Step squats with weight x 2 (switch the weight to the other guy at the top)

Quick trip up the Hill (Guy with weight sprints.  Guy without Bear Crawls)


6 MOM (Lead by Nippler)





Dead Cockroaches (Truly ugly – We all agreed to aim to get better at these)

Thanks Nippler for the PAIN


Mosey back to the parking lot (the long way)


Closing Prayer



Awesome job by everyone this morning.  The partner dynamic worked well and there was a lot of MUMBLE CHATTER and FEBA!

Welcome to FNGs Barcode, Freeze Dry and P-Trap.  F3 SwampRabbit is continuing to GROW.  Keep encouraging your buddies to come out and join us.

We are generating interest for the BRR (Blue Ridge Relay) on Sept. 6-7.  Looks like there may be a SwampRabbit Team forming.  As a reminder, we need 9 guys.


T-claps to WiFi as today’s WarDaddy (oldest PAX to post)


Next workout is Wednesday at 05:30, BiLo Center Steps.

Also stay tuned for a possible additional workout on Mondays.  Possibly the Mauldin Middle School track (Wear headlamps if you have them).


Aye & Smoke Boots!

The Hell from Hill

Q.I.C.One Direction
The PAXWiFi, Mary, Spurrier, DoubleFault, SlimFast, Brady, IceMan.
Workout Date02/13/13

Eight faithful rolled out of the Fartsack, posted, and headed into the gloom……and I mean GLOOM!



SSH x 25

LBCs x 30

Mosey around the side of the BiLo to a party tent (not for protection from the elements…..well, maybe).

Merkins x 20

Mosey to Main Street for the next Exercise…..a long Indian Run down Main St.

Strong Indian Run (1 mile) down Main St. …..remember, what goes down must come up!

Stop to regroup at Broad St. with a 10 count.  Mosey to Falls Park for …… THE HILL!


Jacob’s Ladder (7count)

Oh, did I mention that we bear-crawled up the Hill?……..a steep, wet, slippery hill!  At the top, a triple threat combo….Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, and Peter Parkers.

One last trip up the Hill…….Bear-Crawl……..This is a race gentlemen!

Mosey back to the steps up to Main Street. Squat accent up the stairs.

1 mile Indian Run back to the BiLo Center. Remember, it is UPHILL this time.  Everyone was smoked. Indian run fell apart.  Now it is survival. See you back at the BiLo.

6 MOM, lead by, appropriately, Mary…..uh, make that 3 MOM due to time constraints. Thanks to Mary for stepping up!

COT with prayer requests and closing prayer!



Great job by everyone today!  I learned what Smoke Boots means and I believe I strapped them on this morning.  SlimFast is a FREAK on the HILL!

Prayer request and praise for Brady.

We will continue to STEP IT UP EACH WEEK, so bring your A-Game.

Be thinking about event goals…….Let’s get teams together for upcoming spring events!

See you Saturday…..Legacy Park……7am!








Mumblechatter meet the SwampRabbit

Q.I.C.Swamp Fox and Moniteur
The PAXKing Cake (FNG), Chowdah (FNG), G Hart (FNG), Skeeter (FNG), Jordache (FNG), Spurrier, One Direction, Mary, WiFi, Nippler, DND, Plummer, Brown Liquor, Jenner, Debit, Ice Man, Moniteur (QIC) and Swamp Fox (QIC).
Workout Date02/09/13

18 #SRabbit faithful honored the virtual shovel flag and with @Cindy like enthusiasm, headed out into the gloom.

the Thang:

COP, what..?..  Off to the races.

@SFox leads the Pax

Mosey off campus and then back to the Park for COP

30x SSH, 12x Squat, 12x Merkin, 12x Jumping Lunge, 12x Mountain Climber, 12x LBC

Mosey to Low Walls:

10x Dips, 10x Derkin, 10x Jump Up – Rinse and Repeat 3x (crowd pleaser)

Mosey to the Y, yep, just across the street…

60 second People’s Chair – 2x

Hit the Sand Box

Lunge walk, mosey back – Burpee Broad Jump, mosey back – Bunny Hop, mosey back – Lunge Walk, mosey back – Bear Crawl, mosey back


@One Direction leads 6MOM

20x Flutter, 20x Dolly, 20x Rosalita, some Plank and Cobra stretch, 12x Knee Up, 12x Russian Twist, 20x Flutter

@Moniteur at the helm

Run to the Hills

Audible on the Pond – Jacob’s Ladder 1-7 Burpees; welcome to pain.


Run through the Park; 12x Peter Parker – hold plank – 12x Merkin – hold plank – 12x Parker Peter

Mosey off campus for 10x LBC, 10x Lt Oblique LBC, 10x Rt Oblique LBC

Run back to Park launch point for COT


The #SwampRabbit Pax are fired up, beautiful site to see rolling into Verdae.  Tclaps to @OneDirection for stepping up to lead 6MOM and to the 5 FNGs – keep it up men, it only gets easier..?..

#Mumblechatter has gone viral and YHC was glad that the Pax were able to witness the founder first hand – it began light and finished strong towards the end. #FEBA

The full Jacob’s Ladder was introduced to the #SwampRabbit and the Pax domintated.  @Moniteur offered a modified Ladder up to 3, but I believe it was @Spurrier who demanded the full 7 – those hills are no joke, great job men.

Great #2ndF at #Greenfield’s for coffeeteria, awesome to see 17 of the 18 Pax able to post.

Thanks to the #SwampRabbit Pax for allwowing us in and to lead this group – something awesome happening in G’ville, keep it up. #secretsauce

_New Wednesday morning workout in G’ville – post at the Bi-Lo Center downtown at 0520 and launch into the gloom at 0530. @OneDirection is your Q.

_#SwampRabbit, sign up for the Spartan Sprint in Charlotte, you will not want to miss this event.

Until next time – SFox