#18 No Pain No Gain

16 strong for the #18. Most dressed in layers that were not needed long…

Side Straddle Hops x 18

Mosey to edge of the park.
Indian run for a tour of the ‘hood behind the park (otherwise known as GOWER) kicked off by #18 Burpees and #18 Mountain Climbers

Two stops along the way to repeat the #18 Burpees and #18 Mountain Climbers

One audible that lead us through a backyard and into another backyard, which happened to be Snipit’s driveway #sweetgowerhouseforsalebyownernotyetonthemarket

Finally, a mile later, the indian run (conveniently) ended at the entrance to the Gower Pool parking lot

Bear crawl down the entrance to Gower Pool parking lot, Balls to the wall across side of parking lot, Bear crawl up the exit of the Gower Pool Parking lot, Sprint back to the entrance. Plank while you wait

Rinse and repeat with slight variation
Bear crawl down, kick lunge across parking lot, bear crawl up, sprint, plank while you wait

THird time is a charm
Bear crawl down entrance, rollover pushup across parking lot, AUDIBLE: after 20 rollover pushups, plank and wait #theexitgotsteeperandlonger

Mosey over to wall for 3 sets of dips x 20 and Freddy Mercury x 20

Line em up for the storming the hill. Two lines for one last indian run from the Gower Pool parking lot (lowest point in gower) to the Tank (highest point in Gower). The race was on. #TBCfinishedfirst

LBC’s x 50
Flutter slooooow x 18 topped off with a few more seconds of plank
Plank shoulder slap x 18 to finish #Dexterwantedmoreupperbody

Naked Moleskin
-This was the first time out of the park during a workout at the Tankyard
-It’s official, our PAX has a love/hate relationship with BUrpees
-Who really counted to #20 on the rollover pushups?
-What’s the deal with #18???

-Praying for TBC and his meetings.
-Dine out for mom 10/24- Papas and Beers looks like the place.


That Thang About Mary

12 PAX (including 1 FNG) ponied up at the Strip to learn exactly what that “something” about Mary is. They would not be disappointed.

Flay posting for Mary


SSH x 25

Mountain climbers x 25

Imperial walkers x 25

The Thang

Dora 123+1 #what’sthis+1crap?

One pax sprint parking lot and back, other pax exercise

100 dips

200 Merkins (smoked)

300 air squats

+1= sprint 1/2 way and back and 100 more Merkins #ohthat’sit

To the wall:

People’s chair 20 seconds

Donkey Kicks x 10

People’s chair 30 seconds

Donkey Kicks x 10

People’s Chair 40 seconds

Donkey Kicks x 10 #startingtoseeapattern

People’s Chair  50 seconds

Donkey Kicks x 10

People’s Chair  1:10(Murdoch told a story of his snakebite hallucination so we went 10 extra seconds)

Donkey Kicks x 10

Circle up

6 MOM (led by The Pill)

Dolly’s x 20

Flutters x 20

LBCs x 25

In and outs x 20

For good measure 10 more Merkins in cadence



Let there be mom Thursday

Prayer requests:

  • Murdoch has interviews all day today
  • Scoop gets full custody on Friday
  • Macho man’s 13 yr old nephew fell 20 feet from hunting stand
  • And others

Swiper, No Swiping!

29 faithful showed up as two SF were planted for a 1D beatdown, inspired by Saturday Night’s events at Death Valley #oncloud9


  • IW x 25
  • SSH x 25
  • Merkins x 14


Mosey to the Courtyard steps and pair up for a Joe Hendricks #2 Bent Ladder

  • Merkins at the bottom x 7, 6, 5, etc, Squats at the top, same number
  • The other partner backward bear crawls up the stairs (Joe Hendricks #2)
  • a lot of grunting here #crowdpleaser#1

Plank up or hold 6″ when done.

Superman Bananas x 3 (for Latka)

Partner Wheelbarrows on the AstroTurf

Mosey to the bottom of Soby’s Hill for Dora 123 (Swiper, No Swiping!).  Team totals while the other guy runs up Soby’s Hill and around the island

  • 100 Merkins
  • 200 Double-Count Mountain Climbers
  • 300 Squats (with Good form).  #crowdpleaser#2

Mosey back to the PC for COT with a twist (Hold 6″ while we do Name-O-Rama)



  • Welcome to our one FNG, Zildjian.  Heads off to Parris Island in November.  Good Luck!
  • Dine Out For Mom is this Thursday.  Main Thang Breakfast to follow at Roost, Golden Strip at Java Jolt, and The Tank Yard at Greenfield’s.  Lunches will be at Anita’s in Simpsonville, Your Pie on Woodruff.  Dinner at Papa’s And Beer on Haywood.  Thanks guys for your support!!!!
  • Pledge will be Q for the Spring USMC MudRun in Columbia.  Teams to be formed!
  • Next Workout is Thursday morning, Hootie has the Q.
  • 3rd F Men’s Roundtable is Wednesday, 05:30, Grace Church Downtown.
  • Thanks for letting YHC Q.  It was great to see ALL of you this morning.


Catch Me If You Can…….

25 rolled out of the fartsack, planted the SF and experienced Legacy Park’s morning gloom at its finest!

Merkins x 15
LBC’s x 25 #Qgotwinded!!
IW x 20
SmurfJacks #nemo’sfav
Jackwebb x 6 (1 to 4 ratio)
1 merkin, 4 shoulder presses (rinse and repeat x 6)

Mosey over to the park track and break out into 2 groups:
Group 1 – Catch me if you can……with a slight twist….SANDBAGS!!
Grab a partner for catch me if you can: Partner takes off running with the sandbag, partner 2 does 15 smurfjacks…repeat this until back at the start line

Group 2 – In the kitty litter!!
Army crawl down and back
Partner up for wheel barrels down and back (switch and repeat)
Bear crawl down and back

Switch locations once both groups have completed their exercises:
Group 2 – Catch me if you can
Group 1 – In the Kitty Liter

Rinse and Repeat:
Catch me if you can with 15 SmurfJacks
Kitty Litter: walking lunges and bear crawl

Mosey to the middle of the park for some core work:
LBC’s x 20
MerkinJacks x 10
Burpees x 10 OYO

Mosey behind the “Fern” to continue to downPAINment:
Group 1 – Jack Webb
Group 2 – Plank on the wall, walk it into balls on the wall, ending with inverted merkins #lotso’chatter
Rinse and repeat

Mosey back to track for: Catch me if you can/kitty litter
Group 1 – Catch me if you can with squats
Group 2 – Kitty liter: army crawl, bear crawl

6MOM (Led by Iceman)
Slutters x 15
One legged dollies x 15
Freddie Mercury x 20

Naked Moleskin
– YHC was gassed early and was struggling with the cadence!
– Catch me if you can with Sandbags changed the tone of the workout #nojoke
– “we tore the sandbag” Ice……“WE”????
– Snowden testimony was incredible and motivating!! Awesome to see the transparency!

– Week 2 of Men’s Roundtable this Wednesday, plenty of room still available and don’t worry if you missed week 1.
– Movember is right around the corner, Flay will be sending out a formal email but here is the link to get signed up: http://us.movember.com/mospace/team/

Cones, Cones, Cones

  • 14 PAX planted 2 Shovel Flags in the Gloom at the Tankyard for Snowden’s Cone-o-rama Beat Down!  #Lotsofgrunts #newSnowdennicknameYOUSUCK!


SSH X 10

Pickin up Grass X 10

The Main Thang


Count of 1’s and 2’s, partner up in your group and mosey to cones set up in parking lot.  5 Cones per group set up in zigzag fashion.

Circuit 1: Side Shuffle to each cone then sprint back to bottom and perform an exercise.  Rinse and Repeat for 5 exercises.

Merkins X10

Squats X 10

Twists X 10

Merkins X 10

Squats X 10

Plank up till everyone is done.

Circuit 2: Alternate from High knees to butt kicks between cones and sprint back to bottom and perform an exercise.  Rinse and Repeat for 5 exercises.

Werkins X 10

Starbursts X 10 #crowdpleaseragain!!

LBC’s X 10

Werkins X 10

Starbursts X 10 #gruntingbeganhere

Plank up till everyone is done.

Mosey to Basketball Courts, link arms at halfcourt for lunge walk to end of court.

1 Min Calf Jumps touching top of the fence #crampsstartedhere

Mosey to playground for Pain Stations (4 of them all reps X 10)

Round 1: Swingset tucks, Diamond Merkins, Derkins, Pull ups

Round 2: Swingset tucks, Incline Merkins, Bench Dips, Hanging leg raises

Round 3: Swingset tucks, Sprinter Merkins, T-Merkins, Negative Pull Ups


Mosey to Tennis Courts:

Suicides across all 5 courts stopping at 5th court, then alternate frog jumps and back sprints to get back home.


Leg Throws X 15

LBC’s X 16 #yes16

Back Scratchers X 15

Around the World X 10/ea direction #newbie!

Sprinters Crunch X 10/ea side

2 Min of stretching #neededbad



  • Brought out some new excercies for the PAX.  #smokefest
  • 2nd Q was great and an honor to lead the TankYard crew
  • Shout out to Braveheart…Great work Bro!! Keep it up!


  • Dine out for Mom on 10/24, get out and eat boys!
  • Men’s Roundtable continues next Wednesday at Grace Church Downtown 5:30am (5am Tempo Run if interested)
  • Continue to lift TBC up in prayer
  • Lift up Scuba Steve and Semper hoping Gov’t will get it together so they can stay in school.
  • Lift up prayer for Sanchez with cough that is keeping him up and can’t make it out.



Bags of Hate

26 men rolled out of the fartsack, planted the shovel flag and were rewarded with loads of pain…..


The Thang:

SSH x25
Merkins x15
IW x25
Count off 1’s and 2’s.

Mosey to the steps leading to the amphitheater
Don’t forget to the bring the 4 sandbags with us

Group 1 – Sandbag work
Sandbag man-makers x10 (at the bottom of the steps)
Sandbag squats x10 (at the top)

PAX not working with sandbags do core work (lbc’s, flutters, etc) until it’s their turn to tote the bag
repeato with man-makers x5 and squats x10

Group 2 – 11’s on the amphitheater seats/steps
Burpees at the bottom #BurpeesWithoutSandbagsAreEasy #Not!
Derkins at the top

Groups flapjack

Once both groups are done, we convene for
Joe Hendricks #1
pair up with one partner planking (feet on step) while the other person jumps over then backwards bear crawl under the partners legs
flapjack and repeat x10, x5, x5, x5

Mosey back up to the front of the PC, (don’t forget the sandbags)

LBC’s with clap (clap hands underneath legs at top of crunch)
V-up – 30 sec, then 45 sec
Freddie Mercury
Stop motion dolly’s
Dead cockroach

Naked Moleskin
– YHC was tired of all the running-centric workouts so we stayed on campus at the PC for a core beatdown #sturdyundercarriage
– Man-makers with 30lb sandbags get your attention real quick #realdeal
– YHC coughed up a loogy/hairball during 6MOM that got (and derserved) some serious #mumblechatter. That thing could be there when we return on Tues
– @Maverick called the sandbags “bags of hate”. #spoton
– For those counting at home, we did 70 burpees (15 man-maker style) and 85 pushups (including warmup) #wecandobetter

– Men’s Roundtable was awesome on Wed. Still not too late to join – 5 session left. Contact YHC or @Bartman if interested
– Snowden shares his testimony this Sat. at #Legacy. Testimony starts at 0630, followed by the workout at 0700

See ya in the gloom……


Just another brick in the wall

After being inspired by the CrossFit Games on ESPN the night before, we introduced the burpee wall …



  • SSH x 30
  • Merkins x 10
  • IW x 30
  • One lap around the parking lot


Burpee Wall

  • 1 Burpee
  • Climb the brick wall #scrapedelbowsandknees
  • 1 Burpee on the other side of the wall
  • x 10

Mosey to the back lot

Find a spot against the brick wall

  • Balls to the wall x 30 secs
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 10
  • Repeato x 3
  • Pullups x 10

Plank o rama until everyone is done

Run a lap around the back lot

  • Donkey Kicks x 10
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 10
  • Repeato x 3
  • Pullups x 10

Run a lap around the back lot

  • Donkey Kick Paramid
  • Shoulder Air Presses x 4 for every Donkey Kick
  • Repeato up to 7 Donkey Kicks and 28 Air Presses
  • Pullups x 10

Mosey to the front wall

  • People’s Chair for 1 min
  • Repeat


  • Butterfly Situps x 30
  • Flutters x 30 #wififavorite
  • LBCs x 30




  • No hiding when there are only 8 guys.
  • Shoulder burn during and after the workout!
  • Dine Out For Mom is October 24th!  Be sure to plan and Eat, Eat, Eat!
  • Men’s Roundtable kicked off well.  Look forward to it again (the 23rd) at Downtown Grace Church, 05:30 start.
  • Pray for Murdock as he has a job interview in Easley
  • Greatful to have RTG back after his battle with Kidney Stone!


Main Street Madness

29 Rabbits planted the shovel flag and tightened up their laces for @Houdini’s burpee laden run fest. This workout seemed to spark some #mumblechatter, until the burpees and running took their toll….

FB burpees

The Thang:

Warm up
Squats X15 (IC)
LBCs X25 (IC)
Squats X15 (IC)

Indian Run down Main St to Falls Park Fountain
Dips X15 (IC)
SSH X20 (IC)
Dips X15 (IC)

Continue Indian run to Smoke on the Water Patio
Burpees OYO X10
Plank ST X15

Continue Indian run up Main St
Stop at RR for Burpees X10
Merkins X10

Continue Indian Run up Main St to the Church (beyond the ballpark)
Split into two groups using the Church Steps
Merkins at bottom
Squats at top
Three sets (X5, X10, X15)
Mosey to parking lot for Duck Duck Goose
Bicycle OYO
Russian Twist OYO

Partner up 1 Sprinter & 1 Squatter

Indian Run back down Main St
Stop at RR for Burpee X10
Merkins X10 / Pause and hold for some stank leg

Continue Indian Run to SOTW patio
Merkins X15

Continue Indian Run to Falls Park Fountain

Jailbreak back to Peace Center

LBCs X25
Merkins X10
LBCs X30

Naked Moleskin
– Another great Q by @Houdini. He mixes it up well and seems to find new spots for us to workout.
– Lot’s of mumblechatter – not sure why. Doesn’t everyone love burpees and running?

– Young lady shot at 5 Points in Columbia is a family friend of @Costanza
– Gov’t Shutdown has direct impact to Scuba Steve’s schooling, please keep both in your prayers
– Men’s Roundtable begins tomorrow (10/16) at Grace Church downtown. Any and all welcome. The workshop begins at 0530 and lasts approx. 45mins. This is a 6 week program.
– 3 mile/30min tempo run scheduled at 5am downtown prior to MRT on Wednesdays. Launch from Grace Church steps (downtown)
– Mark your calendars – Dine out for Mom is on 10/24. 20% of all proceeds from participating restaurants go to Let There Be Mom foundation.


Escalators and Elevens

12 brothers planted the Shovel Flag and were present for the Golden Nugget’s Triumphant debut.


  • IW x 25
  • SSH x 25
  • One lap around the parking lot


The Escalator

  • 10 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 20 Double Count Mountain Climbers
  • 30 Merkins
  • 40 Weighted Squats (with the new sandbags – the Golden Nugget weighs 37lbs) after a short jog to get there
  • 50 Lunge Walks

Mosey around the parking lot and Repeato

Lie down, shoulder to shoulder.  We passed a 25lb sandbag down the line.  Hold 6″ when you don’t have the bag.  We also did Ins & Outs while the bag made it’s way down a second time.

Hand the Q to WiFi (because 1D had a 6am conference call…..who does that????)

ELEVENS with Merkins and Squats (nice little mosey to and from, each time).  This was fun for 1D to watch from the car…..NOT!

Mosey around the parking lot


  • Flutters x 35 (number of points WiFi thinks Clemson will score on Saturday…..he forgot to say that FSU would score 38!)
  • Dollys x 35
  • LBCs x 35




  • This morning was a little slack on the effort….especially from YHC.  The conference call had me “out of sorts”.  I promise to bring it next time.
  • Nice job by WiFi on the backhalf Q.  The PAX made me tired, just watching them!
  • Dine Out For Mom is just 9 days away (October 24th)!  Be sure to plan and Eat, Eat, Eat!
  • Men’s Roundtable starts tomorrow (the 16th) at Downtown Grace Church, 05:30 start.  Some are electing to do a three mile tempo run starting at 05:00, same place.  Contact SlimFast on that one.
  • The sandbags were “slowly” introduced.  They will be sure to please in the future #GoldenNugget
  • Take a look at the new “Pull Up Challenge”  a couple of us started yesterday