Don't Get Run Over

16 resisted the urge to Fartsack this morning and posted in the gloom.


Circle up for warm-up….Nevermind!  Take a lap around the parking lot

Circle up for……Nevermind!  Let’s mosey to the back of the school.

Pair up and grab a tire.  NOW, circle up!

  • IW x 20
  • Merkins x 5
  • SSH x 25
  • Merkins x 5
  • IW x 20
  • Merkins x 10

Grab your tires and get ’em up!

  • Partner Overhead press x 5 (4C)
  • Partner Squats x 10 (4C)

Get your tires to the lower field and by all means, do not get in the way! #InstantRoadkill

  • Line up the tires(8) in a line end to end, for later use!

4 Corners using the track x 3.  At each corner:

  • Merkins x 10
  • Sumo Jump Squats x 10 (we regrouped after these to catch breath)
  • Burpees
  • At the end of each lap, we high-kneed through the tires.  #Smoked!  Plank up til everyone finishes

Get the tires back up where they came from as teams

Picnic Table(6) Hurdles x 3

Mosey to the front for:

  • Modified Jack Webb Bent Ladder (Bent ladder to 7 with Merkins at the bottom and 4x air presses at the top)

Mosey back for 6MOM.  On your back!

Nevermind……10 Burpees OYO (I believe The Tickler said “You suck, 1D”)

COT & Ball of Man


  • Today was a smokefest as it was super humid.  4 Corners was a #crowdpleaser
  • The element of surprise had the PAX on their toes.  I suck, remember!
  • Next workout is Saturday, Legacy Park, 07:00.  Iceman has the Q
  • 3rd F is Saturday, Legacy Park, 06:30.  Murdock will be sharing his testimony
  • BRR is just a week away #TheFinalPush




Breakfast of Champions

25 men gathered to suck in some gloom……a lot of gloom. So we planted the SF, pulled up a chair and started eating…. er….. inhaling….. er…..


The Thang

SSH x25
Merkins x15
LBC’S x15
IW x15

Mosey to the street, split into 2 groups for
Indian run
Double Applesauce with lunges

Mosey to Oobe stairs
11’s with merkins at top and burpees at the bottom
Half the PAX used the stairs to the parking deck (behind High Cotton), the other half at Oobe
Audible – stopped a bit past halfway #smoked

Mosey to the Bowater parking deck
Sprint up incline
5 burpees at first level
Karaoke on flat side of garage
Sprint up next incline
10 burpees at next level
Sprint up final incline
5 burpees

Duck duck goose
Split into 2 groups, one person runs around the circle while others perform various exercises until everyone has run around the circle.

Mosey back to PC

Flutters x20
Rosalitas x15
Bicycles x15
Jack Webb to 6


Naked Moleskin
– Burpees for breakfast…#yum
– Lot’s of #mumblechatter today…when the PAX wasn’t sucking #gloom
– #BS call when Mr. Webb made an appearance during Mary
– Tclaps to @Earp – great work by the #youngster

– For those posting at #Legacy this Saturday, bring a kettlebell or dumbbell
– If you haven’t noticed, we’re expanding at a good (healthy) rate. This means we need more guys to step up and Q. Some will be ready to Q after just a few weeks. As a measuring stick, if you’ve been posting for 2 months, you’re ready to Q. Let @OneDirection or @Iceman know what date you’d like to Q.
– Where have all the FNG’s gone? Keep EH’ing guys #NeverEndingProcess



F3/MyrtleBeach — Labor Day Weekend Pre-blast

What: F3 Myrtle Beach workout
When: Saturday, Aug. 31. Launch at 0700 sharp (be there at 0650). One hour.
Where: Old Pavilion site, 9th Ave. and N. Ocean Blvd. (900 N. Ocean Blvd.). Park on North Ocean Blvd. between 8th and 9th streets North.

Any man vacationing this weekend in the Myrtle Beach area is welcome for an F3 beatdown that will utilize lawns, boardwalk, Skywheel plaza, and the – dare we say – the beach. The meeting location is near Ripley’s Believe It or Not, on the corner of 9th Ave. and N. Ocean Blvd.

While the rest of your family snoozes, start the weekend right. A workout on Monday is also a possibility. Bring a friend, brother, in-law, whoever … all are welcome.



Stairs of Pain

28 Dudes took advantage of perfect weather, planted the SF and followed @Bartman’s masochistic direction.


(Iceman posting for Bartman)

The Thang:

Merkins x15
Bicycle x25
LBC x20
Werkins x10

Mosey down to the amphitheater for
The Bermuda Triangle
Wall Walk the length of the stage #crowdpleaser
Dips x10
Derkins x10

Mosey a couple blocks to Grace Church and pair up into 2 man teams for
Stairs of Pain
Partner 1 runs the steps while Partner 2 does
Jacque Cousteau’s, flapjack
Merkins, f/j
Sumo squats, f/j
Jump lunges, f/j
Switch hand merkins, f/j
Partner 1 runs around the bus station while Partner 2 does the Joe Hendrix up the stairs, flapjack #crowdpleaser

Mosey back to the PC where we continue
The Bermuda Triangle
Wall walk down the PC entrance #crowdpleaser
Dips x10
Derkins x10
Rinse and repeat

LBC x25
Spider Merkins x10 (5 each leg on your own)
Windshield wipers 2 minutes


Naked Moleskin
– Tclaps to FNG Gypsy (61 yrs old) – he handled this #smokefest with ease #muchorespect #oldmanstrong
– Where were the SSH’s?? #refusenikQ
– @Bartman was determined to annihilate our shoulders and chest #missionaccomplished
– Wall walking is no joke #sneakyhard
– Lots of #mumblechatter this morning #loveit
– Tclaps to @OneDirection and @Spicoli for finishing #SpartanSuper this past weekend

– Stay tuned for more info on Third F opportunities



4 Wheel Drive

(1D posting for Forrest)

17 posted in the Gloom…

Forrest-Tue Aug 27 VQ
(Golden Strip)

Warm up
Arm circles (front and back)
Active stretch on hamstrings & quads
Run in place (30 seconds)
Side straddle hop x 30 x 4 count
IMP walkers x 20 x 4 count

2 warm up laps (parking lot)

Ciabatta: 4 min ex
20 seconds on, 10 seconds off x 8
Merkins, Diamond, Wide, Merkins, Diamond, Wide, Merkins, Diamond (all were 7 x 4 count)

People’s Chair: 3 x Sets of 60 seconds (last set we alternated one leg out)…we enjoyed listening to 1Ds adventures during the Spartan Race to get us thru this exercise.

“The abridged Egg Beater:”
Do Merkins (then) Sprint 100Ms (then) do Flutter Kicks

Merkins (20, 15, 10, 5)
Sprint (85-90% effort)
Flutter Kicks (10 4 x count)

Speedskater (2 sets of 20 x 2 count)

Truck Push:
4-5 Men pushed a truck across the parking lot
10 Burpees
Push the truck back
10 Burpees

End with 6 MOM
Flutter kicks: 30 x 4 count
Flutter: One leg hold & switch (2.5 mins)
Modified Bicycles w/arms up: 7 x 4 count
Modified Bicycles w/arms up:7 x 4 count (reverse)
LBCs: 25 x 4 count



  • The use of 5000lb equipment was the key to this beatdown
  • Next workout is Thursday, same channel, same time.  1D has the Q!
  • HDHH is Wednesday at 17:30, Ale House, Woodruff Rd.
  • Upcoming events:  Teams forming for all!
  1. Apex Games, Greenville,  September 21,2013
  2. USMC Mudrun, Columbia, October 12, 2013
  3. Carolina Spartan Beast, Columbia Area, November 9, 2013


Turning Beer Into Merlot

(1D posting for Padre)

18 Pax gathered together in the gloom on a cool morning to sharpen each other, and Flay demonstrated that beer really can be turned into merlot.  Wesley Pipes made his debut appearance, and he was thankful that the Pax were kind enough to carry him everywhere we went.

The Thang:

25 SSH

25 Flutters

25 Seal Jacks

25 Merkins

25 Smurf Jacks

Introduction to Wesley (100 pound PVC pipe) and instruction to carry him wherever we go

Mosey down to the bottom of the hill, break into two groups

First group sprints up to the speed bump and back while second group does mountain climbers


Repeato x3 (1st round: mountain climbers, 2nd round: flutters, 3rd round: burpees, 4th round: plank medley (regular, right, left, etc.)

Ten Count

Mosey up to pond, bear crawl through the kitty litter on the way

Elevens: 10 dips, 1 merkins, 9 dips, 2 merkins, ….

Ten Count

Call for 50 OYO merkins during final thirty minutes of workout

Mosey down to lake

Modified She Hate Me (10 minutes AMRAP: 10 BW squats, 10 burpees, 10 dips, sprint around the lake)

Lock arms, lunge up the grassy hill

Bear crawl back down

Repeato x2

Sprint back to flag, bear crawl through kitty litter on the way

6MOM (Flutters, Protractor, Plank Medley, Bicycle)

Sprint to lake and back (#merlot inducer)




  • BRR planning meeting – Monday, 5:30 pm, Ale House (Woodruff Rd)
  • BRR training run this Monday morning, 05:30, REI
  • Next Workouts – Tuesday at The Peace Center and Mauldin Elem. 05:30




Rabbits in the Fog

25 Pax showed up, planted the flag, and got straight to work……in the foggy GLOOM. As mentioned in the Wombats song “Jump Into the Fog”
We feel nothing so jump into the fog / In the hope that we hit the ground upright

Definitely had to watch the footing this morning……


(Iceman posting for Debit)

The Thang

1 legged Burpee x5 each leg
SSH x20
Flutter x20
IW x15

Mosey down to amphitheater to conquer the Beast
Run clockwise around PC, stopping a 3 intervals along the way, 6 reps of each exercise, then back counter-clockwise (36 total reps per exercise)
1st time, Burpees
2nd round, Bear crawl
3rd round, Merkins
People’s chair in between 2nd and 3rd round
#Smoked #3rd round a crowd pleaser

Modified Dora
Partner up. 1st partner runs to Bridge Over the River Reedy and back, while 2nd partner does
Flutters x200, flapjack
Repeat with Squats x100

Bent Jacob’s Ladder
Fairy Jacks at the top of the amphitheater steps, up to 7 #CrowdpleaserNo.2

LBCs x20
Slutters x15
Back scratchers x20
Rosalita x20
In-and-outs x8 (smoked)


Naked Moleskin
– This morning was the definition of #gloom – it was foggy as heck
– The PAX waxed sarcastic during the slutters (slow flutters) with a painfully slow count
– #TheMainThang numbers remain strong after the split. Great to see FNG’s continue to post. So keep EH’ing guys
– Iceman suggested the #fairyjacks during the #BentJacobsLadder and Hootie was the only one who applauded


– First week after the split, #GoldenStrip (at Mauldin Elementary) is going well. Check them out on Tuesday and/or Thursdays
– Padre has his VQ at #Legacy this Saturday


Golden Strip – School is in session

(1D posting for The Tickler)

18.5 posted in the well-lit gloom as 1D provided the SF and watched from the sideline in flip-flops #RolledAnkle


Ssh x25
Merkins x15
Imperial walker x25
Mtn climbers x15
Lbc x25

Mosey to back playground

10 merkins
20 dips
10 pull-ups or 10 donkey kicks
20 air squats
Repeato x2

Mosey to lower field
Count off by 2s or 3s
Tire flips
Clap lunges
5 fairy jacks

10 count

Sprint back to lot
Duck duck goose
With burpees
Knee touches

Mosey to front wall
People’s chair

6 min of Mary (courtesy of Mary)



  • Awesome Q by The Tickler
  • Next workout is Saturday, Legacy Park, 07:00 for #FirstConvergence
  • BRR is two weeks out.  Training continues.  Next run is Friday, Starbucks on Main 05:30
  • Forrest has the his VQ next Tuesday.  Trust me when I say you will want to be rested
  • Nice that Mauldin Elementary provided the lights this morning #WhatADifference

Divide and Launch

16 Faithful planted the VSF at the Peace Center while the rest of the PAX launched #GoldenStrip

rocket launch

(Iceman posting for Bartman)

Merkin x15
LBC x20
SSH x25
IW x20

Mosey to Main street
Indian run down to High Cotton

Mosey down to the Oobe steps for
Merkin jacks at the bottom and squats at the top

Mosey down to the bridge. Pair up in teams.

*Partner 1 runs down to the Oobee HQ while the other partner does air lunges. Rinse and repeat until 200 air lunges are completed (per team).
*Partner 1 bear crawls down to the Lazy Goat while the partner 2 does Russian twists. Rinse and repeat.

Mosey across the bridge to the PC steps.

Grab some wall for dips (on the Q’s count)

Bear crawl up the steps and crab walk down

Mosey around to the front of the PC for
Spider merkins x 10 (on your own)
Protractor (on the Q’s count)


– Remember HDHH on Wednesdays at 5:15. Ale House on Woodruff Rd.
– USMC Mud Run 0ct 12 (in Columbia). Teams forming – let us know if you’re interested
– Debit has the Q for #TheMainThang this Thursday


Golden Strip – Nippler's Nightmare

36 posted for Nippler’s VQ and BigBang in the DARK, and I mean DARK, Gloom! 16 at The Peace Center.  That’s 52 Gentlemen with 7 FNGs!


Warm-up with

Mosey to Elementary Field
Split the group in half….count off by 2’s
Team 1) 2 laps around the field on the small track.  In-between each lap stop and do 10 merkins and 10 burpees
Group 2) Grab the 8 Tires
1 guy flip the tire to the middle of the field while his partner does slow deep lunges alongside him…then flip flop.

Switch groups

Mosey toward middle school

Jacobs ladder up the hill by the road.
Bear crawl up the hill….1 burpee at the top…run down the hill….bear crawl up….2 burpees at top …continue to 7 burpees at the top.  AUDIBLE!  Stop at 4

On the way to the Middle school-Bear crawl up the hill

Mosey to the fball  field
Karaoke -30 yds
Back peddle-30 yds
Sprint -30 yds
Karaoke other side-30 yds
High Knees- 30 yds
Sprint-30 yds

Mosey to Benches along trackside…Team 1 – 10 dips while Team 2 – 10 merkins
Flip flop
Mosey back to elem school.  Stop along the way for MONKEY HUMPERS x 10 and partner wheelbarrow.  Flip Flop!

6MOM (Flutters, Single-Leg Flutters, LBCs)



  • Happy Birthday to Spongebob
  • The tires were a #crowdpleaser
  • Next workout is Thursday, 08/22.  The Tickler has the Q!