House of PAIN!!!

15 PAX rolled out of the fart sack and ignored the unusually cold May temperatures to post at Legacy.  Do Re Mi and Stagecoach were honored to make the trek from Charlotte to lead the group.
Warmup: Short mosey to find a flat piece of grass (mission failed as we ended up on a slope).
  • SSH x 28
  • Psquat (perfect squat) x 20
  • Imperial Walker x 26
  • Perkins (perfect merkin) x 15
  • 1 legged Burpees x 5 R/L
DRM’s house of PAIN:
  • Partner up and rotate thru stations
    • Hair-burners with 45 lb. sand bags on sleds. #crowdpleaser
    • Dips
    • SSH with bricks
    • Squat thrusts with bricks
    • Russian twists with bricks
    • 1 arm KB rows
    • 2 hand KB swings
    • Kayak row with 35 lb. slosh tubes
  • Rinse and repeat
Extended Mary:
  • Dolly x 20 then hold ’em 6″
  • Flutter x 20 then hold ’em 6″
  • Plank with shoulder taps x 20
  • Cumberland County Viaducts (CCV) x 13 R/L
Jack Webb ladder up to 10 merkins/40 air presses – #secondcrowdpleaser
CORE Indian Crawl:
  • Bear crawl and plank
  • Bear crawl and squats
  • Plank walk and Stationary Lunges
  • Dragon walk and Burpees
Slow jog to find some wall:
  • People’s chair x 60 sec.
  • Wall plank (keep it as horizontal as possible) x 20 sec. – #thirdcrowdpleaser
  • Wall mountain climbers x 10
  • Rinse and repeat
  • Great to see 15 guys post this morning
  • Welcome to the 3 FNG’s – hope you enjoyed the workout and post again soon
  • YHC audibled to the wall work instead of the planned Burpee Jacobs ladder
  • We even had a Fort Mill pax, Beacon, join us today
  • There was a little, but not too much #mumblechatter today
  • Keep EH’ing your buddies to come out to F3 Greenville.
  • More CLT QIC’s are lined up for the next 7 weeks and really looking forward to bringing the #PAIN to the Greenville Pax.
  • Sign ups are going on now for the Oct. Leatherneck mud rud ( – you have 5 months to train for it
  • See One Direction or Ice Man for info on other upcoming events

Old McDaniel had a Farm!

7 PAX came out of hiding and posted in the Greenville Gloom!


Mosey up towards Main St.  Grab some wall for People’s Chair for 30 clicks on the way

Mosey up to and left turn onto Main St.

Derkins x 10 (4C)

Line up for an Indian Run down Main St. to the Peace Center.

Grab a cafe chair at the Peace Center for modified Jack Webb Pyramid to 5 and back down (Incline Merkins into the chair followed by pressing the chair overhead….1:4 ratio)

Sprint to the benches for dips x 15

Mosey to the Amphitheater

Jacob’s Ladder to 7 up the Amphitheater Tiers                                                                              (4C Merkins at the bottom with step-ups on the wall at the top)

Incline Merkins x 10  on the 1st level of the amphitheater, Derkins x 10 on the 2nd, and Incline Merkins x 10 on the 3rd.

Mosey up the stairs (two feet on each step)

Grab a chair again for Around the Worlds Left x 10, Switch-a-roo Right x 10

Going for a run

  • Down Broad St. as a tight group
  • Up McDaniel Hill (Locals know this well) with Barbara providing the Pull.
  • Pick up the tempo back to the cars


  • Slooooow Bicycles x 15
  • Flutters x 18
  • LBCs x 18



  • It is great to have some of the original PAX back in action.  The group was very MOTIVATING today!
  • T-Claps to Barbara for the pull up Old McDaniel
  • We talked about contracting/eliminating the Monday and Thursday workouts as we aim to grow deeper, not wider at this point.
  • We continue to need HC for BRR on Sept 6-7
  • MudRun in Anderson on May 18 (aiming to get a team together)
  • Warrior Dash in Huntersville, NC on June 1 (need a team for this)
  • GO Magazine planning to run an article about F3 in June issue.  Stay tuned! We will want a big posting!!!!
  • Next workout – Saturday, May 4th.  Guest Qs from NoCar.  Come represent SoCar!


Wet Wabbits

Clearly the rain scared the Swamp Rabbit PAX into fartsacking. The 5 guys who showed up got their money’s worth.

The Thang:

SSH x30
Merkins x12
IW x25

Up the hill forward, down the hill backwards, 5 sumo squats at starting line (each time) – totalling 8 reps

Modified Jacobs ladder to 7
Bear crawl up and down hill, merkins at the bottom

Reverse lunges, 5 each leg
Prison squat jumps x10
Side lunge with knee-ups, 5 each leg
Pivot squats x10 each side

Partner core
Plank high fives x10, repeato 3x
Push downs x12, repeato 3x
Arched sit ups (partner planks while holding down other person’s feet)

30yd Lateral shuffle with super burpees
Run light pole to light pole performing a super burpee at each light pole (super burpee = Burpee push-up, Mtn climber x4, star jump) x10

Out/in Merkins x9 repeato
Spider-Man merkins x5 each side
Rocking chair merkins x10 repeato

LBC x15 normal speed and x15 dbl time
Rosalita x15 normal speed and x15 dbl time
Slutter x10
Dolly x20
Bicycle x25

Naked Moleskin:

Great morning in the gloom as the rain held off, for the most part.
Bear crawl and 30yd lateral shuffle were favorites this morning.


Soggy Bottom Boys

8 Rabbits jumped out of the fartsack, planted the VSF and rolled around in the swamp-like gloom The Thang:


SSH x30
IW x25
Squat thrusts x15

Mosey round the block to the sand pit:
– burpee broad jumps to the end of the pit and mosey back to the start
– walking lunges to the end of the pit

Mosey to the track around the pond for light pole fartleks (1 lap)

Grab some wall for 11’s
Dips and step ups

People’s air presses:
People’s wall w/ air presses x 20 x 4

Double hill climb
– bear crawl up first hill with 10 merkins at top
– bear crawl up second hill with 10 LBC’s at the top Mosey down and repeato

Mosey to middle hill for partner work
– plank high fives x16, repeato
– partner dips x10, flapjack repeato 2x
– plank jump overs x8, f/j repeato 2x
– push-up/press up x5,  f/j repeato 3x
– plank high fives x20

Hill Sprints
– karaoke up and back. Out and in Merkins at the bottom x 5
– backwards run up and back. Out and in merkins at the bottom x5

6MOM (Slimfast as Q)
LBC x20
Slutter x15
Rosalita x15
Dolly x10
Bicycle x25
Russian twist x20
LBC – amrap for 30 sec

Naked Moleskin:
I apologize for the extremely tardy backblast. I left town right after the workout where I had no internet connection for four days.
Legacy Park lived up to the “swamp” portion of our namesake as the over night rains left the ground saturated with water.
Great work by the group as we worked on some new excercises. Lot’s of FEBA chatter on the people’s air presses. Good reviews on the partner work as well, pretty sure it’s here to stay.

We’re still praying for our PAX who are out due to injury. We look forward to your return to the gloom. Continue to talk up F3 and keep bringing FNG’s to the workouts.
We need more Hard Commit’s for the Blue Ridge Relay. One Direction is your Q


We're Here To Pump You Up!!!

The PAXFP, One Direction
Workout Date04/18/13

A warm muggy gloom amidst the Oakview playground……..

Push-o-rama (2 sets):
Merkins 15x
Nerkins 15x
Werkins 15x
Diamonds 15x
(squats in between each set)
Overhand grip 6x, 5x, 4x…
(lunges in between sets)
Underhand grip 6x, 5x, 4x…
(calf raises between reps)
Dips (3 sets at 15x with squats, lunges, calf raises)
Derkins (3 sets at 15x with squats, lunges, calf raises)
Swipers 6x and 3x

Continue to be in prayer for those impacted the recent events in Boston and West Texas. There is no better time to ask those around you the “meaning of life” and “why” questions, and how the Word of God makes sense of it all.
Nippler is looking at new career opportunities – encourage him and assist in the hunt if you can.
Mary, Nippler, other Pax…..where are you – fartsacking?

T-Claps to One Direction for another day of Push-O-Rama and getting after those pull-ups…enjoy your rest day tomorrow.
Best of luck to FP at the TriCharleston race Saturday.

Backblast – On your Hands!

Q.I.C.One Direction
The PAXWiFi (WD), Debit (WB), SlimFast, Nippler, IceMan, Mary, Barbara
Workout Date04/17/2013

8 PAX fought the urge for REM this morn and dedicated themselves to the cause.


Mosey to the shadow of the Parking Deck.  We passed #GHartF3 on the trip, while he was broadcasting live for WYFF4. I kept it quiet….the PAX ruined that for him.

SSH x 30

Mosey down the hill.  IW back up the hill. Back down the hill and into the Deck.

Partner Up!  Grab wall and invert.  Handstand Merkins x 10 while partner holds your feet. Switch. What the heck, those were hard!

Sprint up stairs to the top of the deck.

People’s Chair for 30 secs, Sprint to opposite wall.  Repeat twice more.

Sprint down stairs and out to the gloom.

On the curb for Curbkins x 10 (touch your chest)

run down the hill.  IW back up.

Grab curb again for 10.

Run down the hill and around to the backside of the BiLo.

Carolina Dry Docks x 10. Sprint to the top of the stairs. Repeat twice more.

Mosey up the hill to parking spot lines for Suicides. Touch every line….Uphill.

COP for Pusharama

  • Werkins x 10
  • Diamonds x 10
  • Spider-Man Right x 10
  • Spiderman Left x 10

Mosey back to GHart to get on Camera. No luck!


  • Flutters x 35
  • Bicycles x 35
  • Dollys x 20
  • Slutters x 10
  • Swipers x 10

Mosey back to the cars.




  • Today we celebrated the grand return of Nippler, however, we all think he has been doing Nasty 50’s in his basement. Still fast as a gazelle.
  • We lifted all of Boston in prayer.
  • Inaugural Hanz & Franz tomorrow at OakView Elementary at 05:30
  • Sorry to GHart and WYFF viewers for the noise.  Wait, no we’re not!



Legacy – 5 Drag Queens

Q.I.C.One Direction
The PAXIceMan, Baby Nate, Grunge, Jordache
Workout Date04/13/2013

5 PAX rolled out of the Fartsack today for an Epic workout that was missed by MANY!



SSH x 25

IW x 26

Mosey to the Fern and find some wall.

Merkins x 10, followed by 5 over-and-backs on the wall.

Werkins x 10, over-and-backs x 5 (minor flesh wound for 1D)

SpiderMan Left x 10, over-and backs x 5

SpiderMan Right x 10, over-and-backs x 5

Look what we found…..20lb Sandbags  (WITH HANDLES)

Sandbag squats x 10.  Sprint to corner.  Repeat twice more.

North Cack-o-Lacky Railroad, followed by Quick Feet side hops through the Sandbags x 3

Lap around the building.

Grab some rail for Erkins x 10

Drag Queens x 8.  Drag Queens are Merkins where you drag the Sandbag under your body between each down movement.

Lap around the building.  Stop for an 8 touch Suicide.

Grab rail for SpiderMan Left Erkins x 10; SpiderMan Right Erkins x 10.

Sideout Merkins off of Sandbag x 10 (5 each side).

Lap around building with Sprint on the backside)

Grab Rail.  Marine style Erkins x 10

3 sets of People’s Chair x 30 seconds, followed by Sandbag Cleans x 10.

Straight Leg Sandbag Deadlifts x 10

Sandbag Curls x 10

Lap around the building with Sprint.

Drag Queens x 10

Sideout Merkins x 12 (6 each side).

Sandbags Away.

Jack Webb Pyramid Up to 5 and back down.


  • Slutters (Slow, High Flutters)
  • Dollys x 20
  • Popsicles for 15 Seconds x 3
  • Flutters x 20




Well, the Sandbags were an amazing discovery.  We only hope that they are there each week.

1D will survive from his flesh wound.

Prayers for ALL of our F3 Brethren, especially Nippler.

Today could be the best workout at Legacy to date!

Closing Prayer


AYE!  Smoke Boots!

Fartsackers be Damned

The PAXOne Direction, Slimfast (WB), Wi-Fi (WD)
Workout Date04/10/13

4 PAX posted at the Swamp, sucked in some glorious gloom and raised a middle finger to the fartsackers (and there were many).

The Thang:

SSH x 25
IW x 20
Merkins x10

Mosey (with the patented @Spurrier weave)  from the Bi-Lo Center to the parking deck
Sprint up the stairwell to the top level
At the top, sprint down the ramps, stopping at the bottom of each for #painstations.
Squats x 10
Merkins x 10
Turkish get ups x 10
Peoples Chair – 45secs
Sumo Squats x 10
Sprint the last couple of ramps to the bottom

Mosey to the next parking deck (beside the Hyatt Regency)
Run to the top of the deck

11’s – Burpees and Squats

Work our way back down with:
Karoake (R)
Karoake (L)
Backwards run (for 2 ramps)
Run to the bottom of the deck and across the street for:

LBC x 25
Rosalita x 20
Dolly x 10
Russian Twist x 10
Swipers x 10
Slutters (long slow flutters) x 10

Run back to the Bi-Lo center for COT

What a great morning in the #gloom. We welcomed Spring and quickly realized that parking decks are very warm #gettothetopofthedeckfast

Not sure what kept so many guys in the FS this morning but we need you and you (I’m guessing) need us

We’ve still got several guys nursing injuries.  Hope to have you back in the #gloom soon.

Still looking for guys to HC  for the BRR (or that’s gonna be an expensive race for @OneDirection)



Spartacus – No Records for the 100m

Q.I.C.One Direction
The PAXWiFi, Slimfast
Workout Date04/08/13

This workout must scare the PAX, as 3 dedicated themselves to PAIN!



One Mile warm-up around the track

Merkins x 20

One Mile Lap

Dry Docks x 12

One Mile Lap

100m Burpee Broad-jumps.  I assure you there were no speed records here.


Closing Prayer

Legacy – Suicide Sunrise

Q.I.C.One Direction
The PAXWiFi (WD), SlimFast, Debit, Barbara, Barbie (WB), Longbottom, Grunge (FNG, Chris Gray)
Workout Date04/06/2013

8 PAX rolled out of the Fartsack to post in the GLORY!


The Thang:

Right Arm Circles Forward x 10; Reverse x 10

Left Arm Circles Forward x 10; Reverse x 10

SSH x 25

IW x 20

Mosey to the Short Wall

Elevens with Dips and Step-Ups.

Plank x 30 seconds

Mosey to the Field of Dreams

We broke down the Burpee to each Glorious Element.

  • Three Stations (Mosey in between)
  1. Squats x 10
  2. Merkins x 10
  3. Knee-Ups x 10
  • Repeat!

Mosey down to the Pond.

Swipers x 10 (4C)

Jacob’s Ladder to Seven up the Hill with Merkins at the top (single Merkin at the bottom each time)

  • Very Cool site of Slim, Barb, and Barbie on top of the hill doing Merkins in the rising Sunlight.  Awesome (for those of us at the bottom who were done)

Q handed to WiFi to get him more comfortable with the Q!

  • Stair runs x 5
  • Lightpole Fartleks
  • Recovery Lap

Back to 1D

Grab some Wall for Elevens (2nd time around).

  • This time with Double Leg jump-ups and Derkins

Partner up for Single Leg Lunges x 10 (R & L).

Mosey back to base parking lot.

Suicides x 8 (Each time the down exercise was chosen by each PAX).  I think I got these correct.

  • Touch (1D)
  • 4C Mountain Climbers x 2 (Longbottom)
  • Knee-Ups x 2 (SlimFast)
  • LBCs x 4 (Barbara)
  • Merkins x 2 (Debit)
  • Squats x 4 (WiFi)
  • Burpees (Barbie)
  • SSH x 5 (FNG)


  • High, Slow Flutters x 10
  • Bicycles x 20
  • Flutters x 20

COT & Closing Prayer



What an awesome morning to be with the F3 Brotherhood.  Spring is definitely here.

Welcome to FNG, Chris Gray.  We need to continue EHing more FNGs.

The suicides were not intended to total 8 but I think we left it all on asphalt.  T-claps to everyone.

Thoughts continue to go out to those with bad wheels.  Hurry back.

There is talk of a FOURTH workout to involve NO RUNNING.  All upper body and Core strength.  IceMan and Spurrier are working on this so stay tuned.