F3 Swamp Rabbit Shirts are (Finally) Here

At long, long, long last, the day is upon us. F3 Swamp Rabbit shirts, featuring our very own Badass Bunny logo, are now available on the MudGear site. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you, but it’s true! No, really! I’m not kidding!

Ok, fine.


We went round and around trying to come up with highest quality, most distinctive, and reliable gear for the baddest bunch of Wabbits in all of F3 Nation. Part of that is a burgeoning relationship with oobe, which we hope to expand upon in the future. Long story short, we came up with three options

  • MudGear Fitted Race Jersey in Badass Black: this is cut to the same specs as the beloved Under Armour Sonic Fitted Race Jersey that most PAX have now. YHC has a sample inbound and will be putting it through its paces tomorrow (11/23) at Legacy to check it out for fit, comfort and durability. That said we’ve been told that it’s every bit equivalent to the UA shirt. This also comes in a long sleeve option if you’re feeling silly. Pro tip: if you want this shirt but prefer a looser fit, size up!
  • oobe Marathon Race Tee in Heather Gray: more of a knockin’ around and/or running shirt. TBD if it can take the beating that we dish out with all the work we do on the ground, but it’s a high quality, nice fitting tee made from very supple wicking material. Ice’s very apt description: “Probably best for running or just pimpin’ around town.” — Aye
  • Under Armour Loose Tee in Forest Green: An “in between” option from Under Armour. Same quality, but a more relaxed fit and in darker shade of green. Several PAX have a loose fitted UA shirt and they hold up well. Pro tip: if you want a tighter fit, size down. I’ve tried the same style shirt at Dick’s and sizing down made the fit more like the UA Sonic Fitted/MudGear race jersey (although the cut is not EXACTLY the same, it’s close enough for government work)

Important Details

  • Nothing says “I love you honey/daddy/etc.” like new Gear! We wanted to give you guys (really, the M’s) a chance to get these in for Christmas. To that end we’re setting a tight deadline for our first bulk buy: ALL ORDERS MUST BE IN BY 11/30/13. That will give us the best chance of getting delivery in time for Santa Claus.
  • For simplicity’s sake, and to save shipping costs, everything will be shipped directly to me (Flay). I will find a way to distribute them out, either via the site Q’s or at an arranged time/place to meet people. (Perhaps the Holiday Party at Barley’s if they arrive in time).
  • You can of course order after the fact, but it will not make it into that first batch.

That’s it, boys. While you’re on the gear site, have a gander at some of the cool stuff Malkovich has up for the winter. Personally, I think the Mountain Hardware half-zip, is pretty boss, and the Headsweats Beanie and Ironclad Cold Condition Gloves would both make great stocking stuffers…

Finally: thanks to Nippler, The Tickler, Iceman, One Direction, and Malkovich up in Charlotte for helping to make this happen.


SURPRISE, you’re the Q!!

22 faithful planted the shovelflag and brought the noise in B E A Utiful downtown Greenville

Houdini thought he signed up to Q on the 28th so this one was on the fly. No American flag bandana, so he threw out an Over the Top reference to get his game face on….


Flay posting for Houdini


IW x 25

SSH x 30

Mutters on the Q’s count (Merkin bred w/ flutter = Mutter), all about finesse …


The Thang


Project 1:

Circle up in the sexy new courtyard for some loving:

Mekins in cadence x 15

Russian twist X20

Dips X15

Hot feet OYO X 20

Merkins X12

Dips X10

Mutters X Q’s count

Mosey North Bound

Pause at corner for Burpees X5

Continue Mosey

Pause for SSH X 20

Mosey West Towards Liberty 1 Parking Lot

Bottom level love:

Partner Up:

  • Partner 1 LBCs while Partner 2 Runs lap – no count just pumping out core, Flapjack X3
  • Excuse me, Q, Hootie disagrees so he’ll enforce burpees during laps

Circle up for PST X15

Mutters on the Q

PST X 10

Plank w/ some wiggle on the Q

Mosey to Brown Street

Mutters on the Q’s count

Street Sweeper disruption, time to evacuate

Mosey to NAI Parking Lot

Back to partners:

  • #1 Laps it while #2 Burps it
  • Circle up for Core work Russian Twist / In & Outs

Mosey to bottom of Soby’s hill

Hold a down squat position until the group catches up

Squats X 25

Jail Break to the house


Freddy Mercs X 25

6 inches & hold, w/ occasional spread

Mutters on the Q

Freddy Mercs X 25

6 inches & hold w/ occasional spread



  • Great day to get your fitness on, nothing like a strut through one of the best downtowns in N. Merica before breakfast
  • Please lift up Pledge for his foot, been training for the marathon so we’d all like to see him gitterdone
  • Don’t forget about the F3 Thanksgiving meet-up, earn those calories
  • Latka’s on baby watch, please pray for smooth sailing

Mary's Replacement

12 faithful planted the shovelflag and looked forward to the beatdown!

The Tickler filling in for Mary who was up all night with his new puppy!  #thirdchild



  • IW x 30 (because everything was in sets of 3?)
  • SSH x 30

Warm up lap around lot – 1/4 mile of the overall 1 mile run


Circle up for the first set

  • Mekins in cadence x 10
  • Mountain climbers (2 count) x 20
  • Plank for 30 secs (shoulders starting to hurt after the second set)

– Rinse and Repeat x 3

Take another lap – 1/2 mile of overall 1 mile

Circle up for the second set

  • Jump Lunges x 20
  • Cross-fit situps x 30
  • Plank for 40 secs #babysealdreamsofthefartsack

– Rinse and Repeat x 3

Take a lap – 3/4 mile of 1 mile

Circle up for the third set

  • Air Squats x 30
  • LBCs 40
  • Plank for 50 secs

– Rinse and Repeat x 3

Take final lap – overall 1 mile

Gather at the wall…

  • Peoples chair x 1 min
  • 10 Merkins OYO (regular, wide-arm, narrow)
  • Repeato x 3


  • Russian Twists x 30
  • In, Out and Up x 30
  • LBCs x 40  #smoked




  • RTG’s good friend Justin Kingsland.  Pray for Justin as his wife recently died of cancer and has a 3 yr old daughter!  Justin never left his wife’s side for 2 years as she battled cancer. That we would be that faithful!
  • Check out Justin’s Overland Unlimited site and facebook.  http://overlandunlimited.com/   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Overland-Unlimited/408953522554800
  • We think and pray for Spicoli.  Chemo started today.  He will be posting soon on a Saturday, with plans to share his story and testimony #kleenex


  • WiFi has next Tuesday.
  • Turkey Day convergence is Thursday, the 28th.  7:00am at Conestee State Park
  • Murdock, Fertile and Retread are dragging their wifes into the spartan race, March 2014.  Influence your M and join them!
  • Who’s in for Palmetto 200 from Columbia to Charleston?

Rodeo Clown

27 men fought their way out of the fartsack on this cold and windy morning for the vQ of Earp. Let me tell you…Earp brought it this morning with some old standards and some creativity #whatthaheckisaRodeoClown? 

Uncle T.B.C. posting for Earp 

Imperial Walker-17

Tha Tank Thang

The pax split into three groups each starting at one of Earps painStations

Station 1
Mosey to hill behind Jason’s Furniture
Jacob’s ladder
Burpees at the top to 7

Station 2
Mosey to the basketball courts for rodeo clown-reverse Indian run, the pax runs around the basketball courts while the first in line races around to catch the pax #sneakyhard #Flaymerloted…again #Ithinksomebodyowessomebody$5

Station 3
Mosey to Hermie’s hill
4 corner escalator on the hills
-5 burpees
-10 merkins
-15 squat jumps
-20 Freddie Mercury’s

10 Burpees for Spicoli #we’rehereforyoubrother

Mosey back to the tennis courts for 6MOM

-Russian twist-20
-flutter-52 #thoseMeadorshaveaflutterproblem 

Prayers for Spicolli
Praise for Papparaski #shesaidyes #whatwasshethinking?

Naked Moleskin
Earp smoked it on his vQ. Great job young man! #prouduncleT.B.C.

Spicoli's Army

14 brave souls resisted the fartsack and took the chance to come out and Howl at The Full Moon!


  • SSH x 19 (because of the date – duh!)
  • IW x 19 (pattern??)


Mosey over the hill and to the road…to Grandma’s house we go!  Er, line up for an Indian Run.  To the track!

Upon arriving at the track, YHC hears a faint “Hey, Kurt”.  Keep moving!  Wait, there it is again, “Kurt” and he is running towards us.  I kindly reply that there is no “Kurt” and it dawns on me that he is looking for Murdock and F3.  Fall in, FNG, and Welcome!  Just in time.  Does that count as a Flying HL?

Line up on the goal line for your first Spartan Pyramid:  1 Burpee followed by 1 lunge walk, 2 Burpees followed by 2 lunges, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc., then back down the pyramid, all the while, we are moving down the field.  For you math geniuses, that’s 52 burpees and 52 lunges.  Plank when done. BTW, YHC pulled a back muscle somewhere around 8 Burpees #dadgummit.  Still finished the workout #obsessedorcrazy

Mosey to the tennis courts and pair up for Star Drills.  While Partner 1 does SDs, Partner 2 does flutters (or whatever core exercise of choice).  Repeato x 3

Mosey around the back of the school towards Murdock’s Spooky Trail.  WAIT…..Prime spot for some core.  On your backs for:

  • Out of the Grave x 10 (The easy way is with feet down….The Manly way is with feet UP).  Tebow named the “feet up” version, “On the Third Day”.  T-claps for effort boys.  Repeato x 3.

Now, mosey down Murdock’s Spooky Trail, back to the school #headlampshelp

PlankOrama on the wall until all return




  • We continue to lift up Spicoli.  Chemo starts Thursday.  He will be posting soon on a Saturday, with plans to share his story and testimony #kleenex
  • Great work today by everyone.  Sorry YHC whined about my back #notgettinganyyounger
  • Welcome to FNG Saban.  Upon being named, he fell back in utter disbelief and frustration!


  • Next workout is Thursday.  May has the Q.  WiFi has next Tuesday.
  • Marthathon is next Wednesday, the 27th, 2:00pm at CESA.
  • Turkey Day convergence is Thursday, the 28th.  7:00am at Conestee State Park


Hermie's revenge

22 Strong for rolled out of bed to see if Hermie would fartsack while on Q.

He did not, but most wish he did…

SSH x 10
Burpees x 10
LBC’s x 11
Burpees x 11
Imperial Walkers x 12
Burpees x 12

Fast mosey to Hermie’s holler (gower parking lot)…Pairing up while we ran-

“Dora 1 – 2 – 3… 1 – .5”
Run to the top of the exit ramp and then up the street to the stop sign while the other does:
100 x Derkins
200 x Dips
300 x Freddy Mercury

Plank and some SSH to get the group back in sync

Finish up Dora to the top of the exit ramp and back (no street to shorten the interval) while the other does:
100 x Dips
50 x Merkins

(why not a few more) Burpees x 13

“Down and back”
High knee with lunge across the parking lot, sprint back
Leap Frog with inchworm pushup across the parking lot, stop at the bottom

Mosey back to the tennis courts with a quick stop before leaving the Holler for Burees x 14

Imperial walkers while we wait for the crowd to gather
50 LBC’s oyo
30 Flutters
20 Shoulder touches

Stretch it out, bro. right over left, left over right, right foot-left hand, left foot-right hand.

Keep lifting up Spicoli

Sign up to Q. You’re ready!
T’giving day workout (all swamp rabbit F3) at Connestee park

Put A Smile On Yo Face!!

28 strong rolled out of the FS, planted the SF and got busy! YHC was inspired by a couple members of the PAX who said we needed to incorporate more pull ups and less running.  Done and Done.

Smurf Jacks x 15
In&Outs x 20
Russian Twists x 25
PerterParkers (Single Count) x 10

Mosey down to the bridge for pain stations. Split into 3 groups with group 1 doing pull ups under the bridge, group 2 doing fairyjacks and group three doing dips
Rinse and Repeat x 5
Tale of the Tape
Pull Ups x 20
FairyJacks x 75
Dips x 75
Russian Twist, In&Outs as well as “Under the bard wire” were completed while the PAX finished up their 5 rotations.

Mosey up Main Street behind Larkins, Puts a Smile on Yo Face! Partner up and split into 2 groups. Group 1 does HandStandDerkins (not sure of the F3 name??) while group 2 does pull ups on the hand rail (partner holding your feet).
Rinse and Repeat x 5
Tale of the Tape
Pull Ups x 50
HandStandDerkins x 50

Mosey to the top of the PC for a modified beast with Partners.  Partner up and run around the PC stopping at the ¼, ½ and ¾ markers to complete wheel barrels.  At the top of the PC, turn around and repeat.
¼ marker – partner 1 does 6 wheel barrel strides, flapjack and partner 2 does the same
½ marker – partner 1 does 6 wheel barrel strides, flapjack and partner 2 does the same
¾  marker – partner 1 does 6 wheel barrel strides, flapjack and partner 2 does the same

Grit started us out with out of the grave – single count x 15
Bartman picked it back up with:
Smurf Jacks x 15
In&Outs x 15
Russian Twist x 20
Hootie-ible Burpees x 10 OYO

-Great energy within the PAX today, it was awesome to be part of.
-We continue to lift up Spicoli! You are in our prayers brother!

-3rd “F” MRT tomorrow morning at Grace Church Downtown (0530), look forward to seeing you guys tomorrow!
-2nd “F” Party being worked on by Hootie, looks like we are targeting Dec. 14th as the date.  More to come.
-Turkey Day Convergence at Connestee Park 0700 – 0800


Pre-Blast – Swamp Rabbit Turkey Day Convergence

We’ve mentioned it several times, but consider this the official announcement for the Swamp Rabbit Turkey Day Convergence. Here are the details:

What: One-hour bootcamp beatdown to earn all that turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, etc that you’re gonna chow down on.

When: Thursday, November 28 , 2013, 0700-0800

Where: Connestee Park (link goes to a Google Map of the location)

Who: All F3 Swamp Rabbit PAX and FNGs (even annoying cousins).

How: Any way you can!

Why: See above about earning that food, but also, and, more importantly, to give thanks for all that we have.

That’s it! I’ve heard tell that somehow these bad boys will be involved, but we’ll just have to see what the Q’s have in store!

1D and Murdock's Cross


Killer Bees at MOAB

The Killer Bees (see picture)

6 PAX gathered at Cleveland Park for Grit’s wet and sloppy VQ in the gloom.

Flay posting for Grit.


19 Sets of Side Straddle Hops

19 Sets of Imperial Walkers (Fast Pace)

The Thang

Fast Mosey to the bridge

Balls to the Wall across the Bridge

Short Trail Run to Monkey Bars

Up and Over Monkey Bars

Alternating Sets of 10 Dips and 10 Merks while folks did the Monkey Bars OYO

Fast Mosey up and over wall and park bench

Fast Mosey around to the Carolina Kittly Litter

Wheel Barrel Pairs Down and Back

Dead Man Carry

Mosey to the rotating Monkey Bars

Pull UPs 2 Sets of 10ish OYO in two groups

2nd Group Spider Mans and Diamond Merkins


Burpee Broad Jumps

Mosey to Concrete Amphitheater

Box Jumps and 5 sets of 10 in and outs

After Second Set KILLER BEE ATTACK MAN DOWN MAN DOWN (Domer hits a wasp’s nest)

Medvac Domer, Treatment, Regroup

Mosey to Swings

8 Sets of EC killer swing merkin walk thing (form goes to crap after 4, Smoked at 7 but all make it to 8)

Hootible 10 Burpees OYO

Run up the Scout Hill

PAX without Headlamps slow down the pack, you know who you are, its MOAB dangit.

Plank at the top

Back down

Jail Break to Swings EC overtakes Grit after giving him a big lead  #whatelseisnew?

Circle Up for Mary


19 Sets of Russian Twists

19 Sets of Flutters


6 Inches

Hootie’s Blue Plate Special “Coming out of the Grave” 19 sets

COT – Spicolli remains in our thoughts.


19 in honor of the Great Cleveland Browns QB Bernie Kosar!

Fellowship: Swapping of “kids in the ER” stories in honor of Domer who finished strong with a sting to the eyelid and one to the leg

Cherry broken! It was good for me hope it was for y’all ~

Grit – OUT

A Call to the PAX – F3 is Expanding in NC & SC


Remember the feeling you had after you finished your first F3 workout and survived?

Remember the day when all of a sudden you realized what an important part of your life F3 had become?!

Think about how many men you know that need us in their lives. We owe it to them to help them find out.

We need to harness the power of the Pax of F3. I just watched that power in action when we went from 185 men signed up for the spring Mud Run and 7 days later we had over 430! Lets do that with these two expansion cities. We currently have 15 email addresses for Winston and 40 for Charleston. Our goal should be to have over 100 for each city by December 6.

If everyone comes up with one prospect for an EH in the next week, we will jump that number quickly! Send us your friends, your fraternity borthers, your co-workers, brother-in laws, old golf buddy, old girlfriends brother, wifes cousin, etc!


. . .

New expansion plans are in progress, and PAX in our existing areas can help. What we are asking you to do is help us collect an email database — we’ll keep it to us, for certain — within the new areas below with which we plan to announce the area’s site launches.

The two areas are Winston-Salem and a re-launch of Charleston.

For F3 Winston

F3 Charleston

  • Re-launch date: 2/1/2014
  • Send email addresses for prospective FNG’s to F3Charleston@gmail.com
  • Sponsoring Q: Columbia (Sway for now).