Broken Records

Once again, another record setting performance by the PAX.

38, yep you read that right, 38 faithfully faced the gloom….oh, who are we kidding?  It was beautiful this morning at a very comfortable, 64* #nogloom


-Merkins x15
-Imperial Walkers x30
-Side Straddle Hops x20
-LBC’s x15
Main Event
Group 1 – Run around Fluor Field
Group 2 – 4 tier at the falls
-Burpees x5
-Merkins x10
-Fairy Jacks x15
-Dips x20
Repeato until group 1 gets back, then switch.
Beatdown Continues – Brick Building
-People’s Chair in cadence to 15
-Burpees x10
In&Outs – EC specialty
COT & Ball of Man
  • 1st annual F3 Hangar Party is THIS Saturday, 5-9 pm at the Greenville Downtown Airport.  Hangar 5
  • BigBang next Tuesday at Mauldin Elementary.  Nippler has the Q.  Be thinking about a name.
  • Great to have O’Tannenbaum out this morning #needlelesstree
  • 1D was called out for all of the hashtag speak. #getusedtoit
  • for the record, group 2 completed 3 SETS of 4 Tier #winner


Free WiFi



36 with 3 FNG’s

Warm up:
IW x 20
SSH x 25
LBC x 25

Loop around PC with 3 stops for 5 Burpees at each. Repeat

Mosey to top level of garage for Dora 123
Partner up – one runs while other does exercise
Merkins x 100 SC
LBC x 200 SC
Sumo squats x 300 SC
Plank up in between while group finishes each exercise

Hootie lead MOM
Russian Twist
Raising from Grave

Mosey back to PC for COT

Hanger Party this Saturday, the 17th, 5-9 pm. Everyone welcome.
BRR. Still need another driver for Van #2
REI Run tomorrow @ 5:30
8/20 launch for Woodruff Rd workout. Location Maudlin Elementary


Latka's Last , er First Stand

The Thang: QuickStart with a Tajh Boyd (10 burpees OYO), SSH x20.

Two lines for Indian Run down to Verdae Blvd, lunge walk for a bit, back to regular Indian Run, back up to the wall of pain.

Balls to the wall, Plankorama, People’s Chair, Jack Webb up to 6 and 24.

Mosey to the track for some Catch Me If You Can, with 5 Jump/Knee-tucks every time your partner tags you.

Crab-walk, karaoke down to the pond. Partner 1: dips and sumo squats, while Partner 2 takes a lap around the pond. Rinse, repeat.

Top of the steps for South Kakalaky Railroad, in two groups. Leg throw-downs x15, rinse, repeat. Modified Jacob’s Ladder, Merkins and Burpees, up to 4. Swipers x15.

Mosey to the shovel flag for 6 Minutes of Mary, led by Pledge: Flutter x25, bicycle x10, Russian Twist x25, imperial squawker x15, Mountain Climbers x15.

One D decided we hadn’t run enough, so mosey to the parking lot for some last-second suicides. #plank you very much

Naked Moleskin:

  • 34 pax showed up for Latka’s Virgin Q. All seemed to be pleased/smoked.
  • Lots of FNGs and lots of 2.0s out there today. Great to see all the new faces.
  • Good luck to Gazelle as he starts his college experience at Clemson next week. It will be the best 6 years of your life.
  • Big Bang for Five Forks workout coming soon.
  • Reminder to sign up for the Hangar Party next Sat, 8/17. A good time will be had by all.

Latka, out.

Shovel Tree?

26 Men planted 2 Shovel Trees…er…Shovel Flags and got down to business
wtf cat
The Thang:

Warm up

SSH x30
Merkins x15
IW x25

Mosey to the rail by the river
Narrow supine pull-up x10
Stop motion squat jump x10
repeato x3

Mosey to Bowater parking deck
Backwards run up each ramp
Perform exercise at each landing
Burpees x5
At the next level add – merkins x10
At the next level add – one legged dead lifts x16 (8 ea leg)
AT the next level add – mtn climbers x20

Once at the top of the deck
Group 1 runs length of the deck while group 2 does people’s air presses, flapjack, repeato

Circle up for duck duck goose
PAX does various core exercises while each person runs around the outside of the circle
Group 1 – exercise determined by the smaller group
Group 2 – exercise determined by the smaller group

Lunge walk back down the deck ramps repeating exercises (that were done on the way up) at each landing
Audibled to end the lunge walks early because we were running short on time.

Mosey back to PC for 6MOM
45* LBC
Rosalita w/ LBC
Windshield wiper (stop motion)


Naked Moleskin
– Great work by the PAX. What happened to LinkedIn? He started but wasn’t there at COT? #lifo #houdini’sAssistant
– So I found out, via the GO Magazine article, that we’ve been calling one of our main F3 symbols by the wrong name. It’s not a “Shovel Flag”, it’s a “Shovel Tree”. #ornot
– From the “if you can’t do it, don’t Q it” department, YHC audibled from the lunge walk down the ramp (after the first set). Partly due to time but partly cause that was a #smoker

– F3 Hangar Party – scheduled for 8/17/13 at the GVL Downtown Airport. Make sure you let me know (if you haven’t already) if you plan to attend as well as how many in your party. Payment details are forthcoming but it will be catered by Salsarita’s (taco bar) and $7.50 per person.
– Mystery Q will lead us at Legacy on 8/17
– As we are on the cusp of expansion, we need more guys to step up and Q. Be thinking about this and let YHC or One Direction know when you’re ready.

See ya in the gloom


Soggy Committed Rabbits

16 DRY, Warm brethren ignored the Monsoon Warnings and risked it all in the soaking WET gloom.

Merkins 15x
20x LBC (er auditable to 15, laughing too hard)
Imperial Walker 25x
SSH 25x

Mosey to Grace Church Downtown steps:
Pair up into groups of two with partner one running the steps twice (up/down 1, rinse and repeat).
Partner #2 would be completing the below exercises:
* Jacque Cousteau
* Merkins
* Air Lunges
* Merkinjacks
Rinse and Repeat

Remain in groups of 2:
Partner 1 has the option of doing 15 burpees or running up to Washington Street and back
Partner 2 does Joe Hendrix up the stairs while partner 1 is running.

Mosey down to Broad Street for a relay race….er scratch too much chatter, run back to PC.

Hand the Q over to Paparazz-ski
Flutter 15x
Back scratcher 15x
Rise from the grave 15x

Dips 10x
Derkins 10x
Rinse and repeat 2x



  • You know it’s gonna be fun when you are soaked before you even circle up! #iamtaking thisshirtoff
  • what starting off sucking pretty bad, ended up possibly being one of our best workouts.
  • welcome to FNG Dwayne (Gymboree) – He owns the local Playnation franchise
  • HDHH Wednesday – Carolina Ale House on Woodruff, 5:15. Others will be heading to Maverick’s Hangar to plan the August 17th Party.
  • Next workout is Thursday 05:30. Iceman has the Q.



Shirts Optional!

26 fought the urge to fartsack so that they could witness, what can only be called, the coming out party for EC and Pledge!

-Imperial squalkers x20
-Side straddle hops x20

-circle plank walk w/ push-ups once around
-wheel barrel forwards and back

-side straddle squats until finished
-dips x15

Baseball -Double Header
-10 burpees
-15 squat jumps
-20 merkins
-25 mountain climbers

-Plank at top
-Derkins x10
-Derkin down spiderman
-Elbow planks

Semi-Catch me if you can with wall jumps and wall sits

Bear crawl to center of field
Jack Webb’s to 6

Dolly’s in the field

Sandbox 2.0
Lunges back and forth w/ merkins while you wait

Circle up
-20 side straddle squats
-1 burpee
-15 Imperial squalkers

4x half circle in cadence


-Amazing rookie performance by both, EC and Pledge.  That kid aint no normal 23 YO!

-We lifted Scoop’s Dad up in prayer as he fights ALS and gave praise that their adoption process is progressing.

-We need a 12th Man for the BRR.  Final rosters are due on the 6th.  TBC is 95% committed so stay tuned.

-Awesome job by the 7 FNGs, especially Baby Seal.  Very strong, young padawan!

-The 1st Annual F3 Hangar Party is in final staging.  Stay tuned to this channel and the email chain for details.  Be prepared to BYOB and a desert dish.

-We continue to work towards taking all shirts OFF.  Boy, got a lot of work to do there!  EC, you might want to put a shirt ON!

-As it was determined that the fallen flag on Thursday landed on the Bars and not the Stars, One Direction DID submit his 13 extra burpees at Coffeteria, on the sidewalk, with witnesses.

-Next workout is Tuesday, 05:30, Peace Center.  Bartman has the Q.



Half Birthday

Two flags were planted (and not that stubborn mini flag from the #BigBang,either) and 30 men and 1 man-in-training, rolled into the gloom.  Three FNGs for those scoring at home.


  • Split into teams of 4 max.
  • Mosey across the 4 lane, each team grab a plate and a sandbag.
  • Mosey to deck.


  • Partner 1:  Hairburner
  • Partner 2, 3 (and 4):  10 merkins, catch Partner 1.
  • Rinse and repeat up each of 3.5 levels


  • SSH x 20
  • Low, slow squat jump x 10
  • I Walkers x 15
  • Low-slow merkins x 10
  • Monkey Humpers x 15

Regroup for Sand Bag Relays

  • Partner 1:  Sand bag down a level and back up
  • Partner 2, 3 (4):  Various exercises:  dolly, mountain climbers, LBCs, and something else
  • Partner 1:  Sand bag squat to overhead press
  • Partner 2, 3, (4):  Fast mosey down a level and back up

Circle up for Mary

  • One-legged flutter x 10
  • Other-legged flutter x 10
  • Stop motion flutter x 10
  • One-legged dolly x 10
  • Other-legged dolly x 10
  • Stop motion dolly x 10

What goes up, must come down….

  • Partner 1:  Hairburner down a level
  • Partner 2, 3 (and 4):  10 merkins, catch Partner 1.
  • Rinse and repeat down each of 3.5 levels

Mosey back to COT


  • #SwampRabbit was born on 02-02-13–six months ago tomorrow.  Of the 11 Greenville guys that were at the #BigBang, 7 were there today.  That’s strong.  T-Claps.
  • I make no apology for my love of the plates.  I hide them in the grass or leave them in the car so the A51 pax don’t drive away.  They love them, too, but in a different sort of way.  And like burpees, no matter how many you do, they never get easier.  I was this close to bringing them in February, but better judgment prevailed.  No kid gloves today, though, and the Pax muscled through it like champs.  And having been arse up pushing a plate many times myself, I will say that parking deck was stickier than your basic asphalt parking lot.  They are hard, but not usually THAT hard.  T-Claps.
  • EC skipped the formalities and went the full Chippendale straight from the Fartsack.  Just showed up shirtless, like he was late for a gig at a bachelorette party.  “Look at your man.  Look at me.  I am on a horse.”
  • Thirty six year spread in our FNGs today.  Welcome to FNG Stimpy. (STEEM-PEE); 14 year-old FNG Snooka (a butterfly specialist, “superfly”,); and Piggy Bank (50–RESPECT) who sported the denim shorts with about 8 dollars of change in the pocket. We know that because he sounded like a reindeer when he ran, and he had to pick up about 6 dollars of it after Mary. He was apparently minding his own business as a #SadClown walker one morning when he got a flying EH from one of the Pax.  Showed up today with a car payment in change in his left front.  Great effort, PB.  Come back.
  • We returned to COT to observe a Level 10 Shovel Flag Infraction–Fallen Flag.  The A51 rule is 1 burpee for every star that hits the deck (maybe not so much a rule, as an expectation).  1 Direction is now 50 burpees in arrears.  Remit at your next workout.
  • Thanks, guys for allowing me to lead.  Looking forward to seeing continued growth in the region.  If you’ve been coming regularly for two months, you’re ready to lead, even if you think you aren’t.  I hear the #hatehates, Pledge and Electric City, stepped up to lead Saturday.  It’s now on the internet, so it’s true.


Girl Power!


29, yes 29 brothers, gathered in the cooler, morning gloom for a record setting pounding.



Warmup, er NO!

Payton Manning right out of the gate (18 burpees on your own)

Count off by twos and split up for group 1 and group 2.  Mosey down Main St towards Bowater Garage.

Brief Plank-o-rama

Group 1, led by Bartman, take off for a glorious run around Fluor Field.  Have fun!

Group 2 with 1D into the garage for a Modified Jacob’s Ladder

  • 1 Burpee at the bottom, 1 Burpee at the middle and Burpee ladder to 7 at the top of the ramp.
  • Repeat with the 1 & 1 at the middle and bottom on the way down.  I wonder how Group 1 is doing?
  • Plank up when finished

Swiiiitch!  Group 2 takes off on their run with WiFi and Group 1 into the Garage with 1D for the same Jacob’s ladder.  Yes,YHC did it twice.  Smoked!!

Mosey under Main St, up the stairs to Main St.  Perfect timing as Group 2 returned.

Form two lines for a Leg Crush:

  • 4C Squat (with a side squat in the middle) x 14
  • 4C Calf Raise x 10
  • 4C Squat x 10
  • 4C Calf Raise x 10
  • 4C Squat x 16
  • 4C Calf Raise x 16

Mosey back to PC for 6 MOM (EC has the Q)

  • Russian Twist x 25
  • LBCs x 25
  • Windshield Wipers (This was for Hootie)


  • This was an awesome morning with 29 Brothers!  Welcome for the 5 Ladies, er FNGs.  Do not mistake theirs new names for their effort.  Very strong with a 56 YO and a 57 YO.  Coach, we missed you, and you now have company!  You three inspire us ALL!
  • Obviously, Name-o-Rama had a theme today.  In fact, very good chance that TBC will be renamed Mary Kate, as his twin sister, er Brother, Jason, is one half of the Olsen Twin Dynamic Duo
  • We split the group in half to better manage the mayhem.  I think it worked out just fine.  How are those legs doing?
  • HDHH is Wednesday at 5:15 pm at The Ale House on Woodruff Rd.
  • Next Workout is Thursday with a Mystery Q.  Do Not miss this one and get some sleep on Wednesday.  Bring an FNG
  • 1st Annual F3 Hangar Party is scheduled for August 17th at The Downtown Executive Airport.  Details to follow


#PreBlast — F3 in Irmo, SC to Launch THIS SATURDAY

A new bootcamp workout in the F3 Columbia family will launch in Irmo, SC on August 3rd, 2013. We will meet at Seven Oaks Park (on Leisure Lane off St. Andrews Rd.) at 6:50am on that Saturday. The workout will begin promptly at 7:00am, end at 8:00am, and in F3 tradition conclude with a brief “Circle of Trust.” Those who wish are invited to Lizard’s Thicket for breakfast/coffee following the workout.

All men — regardless of age or physical condition — are encouraged to attend. This workout is completely free of charge and no additional equipment is required although a pair of gloves is recommended, mainly for gripping. (Lowe’s sells a blue and gray latex-dipped gardening glove that is perfect, and inexpensive).

F3 is a network of free, participant-led workouts for men that take place almost exclusively outdoors and in the early morning hours.

F3 (our three Fs stand for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith) traces its roots to a free, participant-led boot camp workout held on Saturday mornings at a Charlotte, N.C., park since 2006. The leaders of F3 launched their first Saturday workout on 1/1/11, on the campus of A.G. Middle School in Charlotte.

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

For more information about THIS workout, please contact, F3 Columbia on Facebook, or @F3Columbia on Twitter.

For more formation about F3, please visit or @F3Nation on Twitter.

A video “This Is F3″ can be found here:

WIS-TV recently did a story on F3. It can be viewed here:

Grab a friend, tell your neighbors, and we hope to see you in Irmo on August 3rd!


Rabbits on Broadway

14 Wabbits planted the SF and auditioned (in the rain) for Broadway. Of course we’d settle for a bit part at the Peace Center.


The Thang

SSH x30
IW x25
MC x20
1 leg burpees x5 each led #earlycrowdpleaser

Mosey to the short wall by the shelter
Bulgarian split squat w/ jump x10 each leg
Single leg bridge, prone leg does 10 extensions, flapjack for other leg #chorusline
Forward lunge w/ kickback x10 each leg
One legged peoples chair w/ knee raise x10 each leg

Mosey towards Woodruff Rd for
Indian Run
Split into 2 groups and start the run with walking lunges then std mosey – alternating between the 2 until we get to the parking lot at the end of the street for
Push O Rama
Merkin Jacks x10
Merkins w/ 3 sec hold x10
Werkins x10
Diamonds x10

Mosey back up to the street for
Partner carry #SizeMatters
flapjack every 30 yds

Mosey back to the middle of the park for
Plank U Very Much
Plank shoulder touches x10 (IC)
CCV X10 (IC) each side
Plank walkout with merkin x10
Low plank hold – 45 secs

Mosey down to the pond and partner up for
Dips and Surfer Squats
Partner 1 does as many sets (10 dips and 10 surfer squats) as possible while partner 2 runs out and back, flapjack and repeato

Mosey up the hill for
Light Pole Shuffle
30yd side shuffle between light poles (out and back) with 5 burpees at the end, repeato

Mosey back to the SF for
6MOM (Alterboy on Q)
Flutter x50
Freddie Mercury x30
Rosalita x25


Naked Moleskin
– Alterboy from Columbia joined us. He made a lot of friends with the #neverending flutters. His cadence hipnotized the PAX #metronomelike
– TBC broke out a chorus line type cadence during the lower body COP.
– YHC smoked himself once again. Hope the rest of the PAX got as much out of that one as I did. #mumblechatterless
– Flay shared the good news on his wife’s ultrasound. No problems detected with the baby
– We continue to lift up Spicoli while he battles his health issues. #F3nationcares

– F3 SwampRabbit Hangar Party – Aug 17th. Details still being finalized. PAX from all regions are welcome. #savethedate
– Continue to EH guys. We need them and they need F3.
– One Direction has the Q for Tues, 7.30.13
– Mystery Q for Thurs, 8.1.13. You don’t want to miss it!!

Until we meet again in the gloom…….