Who needs a Parking Garage?


18 PAX avoided a dry semi-warm parking garage for an expected Hootie beat down!  Put your swimmies on boys and quit crying!

Warm UP:

High Knee Jumps x 50 OYO

Werkins x 15 in cadence

LBC’s x 20 in cadence


Partner up for some Catch Me if You Can–around Peace Center—Core excercise when you finish at the top.


Mountain Climbers

Peter Parker’s (rinse and repeat)

Squat Jumps (Hootible- x 10)

SPICOLI’s (rinse and repeat)

Hootible—grab some pole for incline pull ups x 15 in cadence

Jail Break on MAIN to the top of th Peace Center


Recliners x 10

Rosalitas x 10

Rising from Grave x 10

Freddy Mercury x 10

Russian Twist x 10


Come one come all to MRT (Men’s Round Table) tomorrow morning at 5:30am—last meeting for this session.  Coming to previous sessions not required—get out of the bed and make a difference!  GRACE CHURCH DOWNTOWN

Holiday Toys for Tots Drop In—Mac’s Speed Shop Saturday December 14th from 12:00pm-4pm.  Show some love to those is need of a Christmas this year and bring an unwrapped toy.  Come have a beverage or food—-M’s, 2.0’s, Girlfriends welcome.

Dec 14th Christmas in Mauldin – Bring canned goods for the Mauldin Elementary Backpack program and get a BBQ dinner and fellowship. All ages are welcome.


F3 MRT: Last Week!!

This is our last week of F3 MRT!  It has been an awesome experience and just want to be sure everyone knows this last session will be somewhat stand alone. Meaning if you haven’t attended the first 7 weeks you are still invited.

Time:  0530 – 0700 (if you have to leave earlier that is not a problem.  Don’t let that get in the way of you attending this final week!)
Location: Grace Church Downtown
Prerequisite:  None (Hootie might put a smile on yo face though)

See you in the gloom tomorrow!  Let’s make our last week a strong one!

Triple Scoop

15 warm, dry souls made their way to the SF and committed for a 1D surprise


  • SSH x 30
  • IW x 31
  • 1 Lap (Nemo and Mr. T sprinted – had nothing left for the workout #young&naive)


On the wall for a shoulder Triple Scoop.  Each set was separated by AnkleBreakers (fast feet on the curb) x 30 seconds #spikedheartrate

  • Derkins (4C) x 10
  • Incline Shoulder touch (4C) x 10
  • Hip Slappers (4C) x 10

Repeato x 3 (audible – replaced the third set of Derkins with 10 Burpees)

25 Donkey Kicks

Mosey to the back for Rodeo Clowns around the playground (possible audible). Yep, had to audible as the loop was pretty big.  We would stop to regroup and do 5 (4C) Air Squats.  Started running two guys, then the remaining PAX did their turn at the sprint. #smoked.  Nemo was wearing shoes that were too small so he pitched ’em and ran commando (feet, that is)!

Mosey back for 6MOM, Nippler style (we miss you dude)

  • Flutters x 10
  • LBCs x 10
  • Low Dollys x 10
  • Russian Twists x 10

Repeato x 3 (on the third set we did 11, 12, 13, & 14)

10 Burpees OYO

Time left, 5 more Burpees OYO!



  • Started a Shoe Fund for Nemo (get some new shoes, boy)
  • Lifted up Spicoli.  Round 2 of Chemo was started last Friday.
  • Lifted up Murdoch’s Dad as he adjusts to life without the M.
  • Equally Yoked Marriage Conference and Spartan Sprint coming up.  Get with Murdoch.
  • Welcome to FNG Tesh.  He is 1D’s neighbor.  They will NOT be making music together.

We had 15 guys with 6 “regulars” missing.  GoldenStrip is hitting critical mass.  Need guys to step up to Q.

Saturday at Legacy promises to please.  Murdoch will be Qing a Christmas Inspired, Wisemen Adventure.  Do NOT miss this one.  He puts more thought into one workout than all Qs combined!




23 PAX hit the MAIN THANG for a Thursday does of PAIN!

The Thang:

Ferry Jacks x 25 OYO

Diamond Merkins x 15 in cadence

Burpees x 25 OYO

Count off into two GROUPS:

Indian Run- Two lines from the PEACE CENTER to the Ball Field

Turnaround and Indian Run back to the bridge

Bridge Walk—feet on bridge hands on the ground

Derkins x 10 in cadence

Wheel Barrel to the end of the bridge (switch out with your partner)

Burpees x 10 OYO


Group 1 to Oobe steps

Group 2 to garage steps

Exercises – Recliners at the bottom and Jump Squats at the top

Mosey to the Peace Center for 6 MoM

LBC’s x 20 in cadence

Russian Twist x 20 in cadence

Flutters x 20 in cadence

10 Spicoli’s OYO


Great Work Boys!


Final Men’s Roundtable this Wednesday Grace Church Downtown Campus, we are looking to have live teaching

Dec 14th Christmas in Mauldin – Bring canned goods for the Mauldin Elementary Backpack program and get a BBQ dinner and fellowship. All ages are welcome.

Dec 14th Toys for Tots drop by at Mac’s Speedshop from 12 – 4pm–BRING an UNWRAPPED TOY and come have some F2.



Leatherwood Mountain Ultra Run

leatherwood mountains jpeg

A perfect event for F3.  Enjoy the beauty of the mountains while you push yourself to the limit!  The title “Ultra Run” may put you off but take it from me if you can run a half-marathon then you can definitely do this.  There are 10 mile, 50k, and 50 mile options.  All are on trails, all will be testing.  This event most likely involves an overnight trip to the location (not far from Blowing Rock) so it will be a great opportunity for some 2nd F.

No way I can run 31 miles…!

Try it.  You’ll be shocked.  A trail run is very different from a road race because the course is unique and you are not racing against the clock in the same way that you do in a marathon or half.  Typical finish times for the 50k last year were 7-9 hours. No way to cheat on this one.  Just do it!

Event Details
The Leatherwood Mountains Ultra Run will be held on the grounds of Leatherwood Mountains Resort and Stables.  Unlike most events that are held on public lands, this event will be primarily on private land.   Don’t miss it….You WON’T be disappointed!!!  What makes this event so unique is the availability of luxury mountain cabins to rent at Leatherwood.  Get a group of runners, friends, or family together and make a memorable weekend vacation.  Who wouldn’t want great mountain views and a hot tub at your convenience?!?!

It is recommended to stay at Leatherwood the night before and possibly the night after the event.  There are numerous cabins for rent.  Make it a family event and bring your M and 2.0s.  They will have a great time in the expansive grounds while you are killing yourself out on the trail.

Race course will take place over varied terrain in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  Much of the race will be on single track trail, but will have a mix of asphalt, gravel, and jeep trail roads.   If you have experience running in  the Blue Ridge Mountains you’ll know that the trail could change from one day to the next.  One day could be dry, the next could be muddy.

50 Mile – Course will consist of 4 loops.  There will be 3 unique loops, with one loop of 10 miles being repeated.  Gain and loss will be about 11,000ft.  Start time: 7am

50 Kilometer :  Course will consist of 2 unique loops, which will also be run by the 50 milers.  With around 7,000 to 8,000ft gain.

10 Mile –  Runners will pass through Rawhide Aid Station twice.   Race Start: 9am

Hard Commit

Register and pay here: http://lwmtnultrarun.com/ then post your hard commit in the comments below. Cabins for rent are here: http://www.leatherwoodmountains.com/cabins.htm.  Please note if you are interested in sharing a cabin with others.


Once we have a few sign ups Haggis will coordinate trail running practice sessions.  Any questions please either post below or email Haggis at George@stonemanrocks.com.

Championship Saturday

With temperatures up and the gloom in full force, 32 PAX showed up to get their downPAINment on.

The Thang:
SmurfJacks x 22 #iknewthiswascoming
IW x 22
LBC x 25
Continue to lift Spicoli with 10 Burpees

Mosey to the playground for PAINstations, split up into 3 groups.  Group 1 = dips x 15, Group 2 = Werkins x 10 (Wide arm merkins), Group 3 = Pull Ups x 5
Rinse and Repeat x 6
Tale of the Tape:
Dips x 90
Werkins x 60
Pullups x 30

Mosey halfway around the park looking for a perfect Beast posting…..found it. Hard right towards the other side of the park.
Run to the first tree 6 reps, run the to the second tree 6 reps, run to the third tree 6 reps, run to the top of the track.  Rinse and repeat on the way back down.
Jump Squats
Hootieable to lift Spicoli with 10 Buprees, make that 20!!
Slayed the BEAST by sprinting to the top of the track and back down. (Retread was hauling !@# up that hill!!)

YHC thought it would be a good idea for TBC to lead 6MoM seeing that he is on the IR…mistake!!Flutters for ever!! I lost count
Slutters/audible we cannot do another flutter or slutter
LBC x 30

Mosey to the base of the hill for some modified Jacobs Ladder:
Squat Jumps at the bottom x 1
PAX links arms and walks backwards up the hill #eclovesthis (he had a smile on his face!)
Air Lunges at the top x 1
Rinse and Repeat x 6 with 1 leg was walk up forwards

Scoop suggest that we go swimming, couldn’t make that happen but we did pair up and give piggy back rides around the lake.
Partner 1 carries partner 2 for 2 light post, switch and partner 2 carries partner 1 for 2 lights.  Rinse and Repeat until the teams get back to the steps.
Dips while the PAX completes the trip around the lake.

Mosey behind the fern for one final prepping prior to Championship Saturday.
PAX splits into 2 groups:
Group 1 Jack Webbs x 4
Group 2 Scull Crusher x 10
Rinse and Repeat with inverted shoulder touches in the place of scull crushers

Shout out to the FNG’s…great work!!
YHC legs are smoked
Inspired by Murdock’s sermon/eulogy on Thursday! One of the most impressive things I have ever seen!

Final Men’s Roundtable this Wednesday Grace Church Downtown Campus, we are looking to have live teaching…Can’t miss!!
Dec 14th Christmas in Mauldin – Bring canned goods for the Mauldin Elementary Backpack program and get a BBQ dinner and fellowship.  All ages are welcome.
Dec 14th Toys for Tots drop by at Mac’s Speedshop from 12 – 4pm

Tribute to Carole Hartley (Murdoch – Kurt Hartley's mother)

10 Pax showed up for the Tribute to Carole Hartley in the dark rainy gloom

The Thang =
SSH x 77
Significance = Murdoch’s mom, Carole Hartley’s age
Murdoch audible (started raining) – Mom was a breast cancer survivor so we all (yes, ALL) went Chippendale for the rest of the workout! #ineedmoreminutesofmary

IW x 77

Lap all the way around parking lot, then mosey back to the bottom of parking lot hill
Partner up for Dora special
1 partner runs up hill to the road and back down while other partner does exercise
1st exercise = 77 burpees
2nd exercise = 177 Merkins
3rd exercise = 277 squats

Run back around parking lot to the wall. You guessed it.
Wall sit = 77 seconds – Murdoch shared stories about his Mom to pass the time
Rinse and repeat.

Circle up, a couple of minutes left, one last “77” exercise, Burpees….77 divided by 10 pax = ??? per person….we couldn’t figure it out either…#earlymorningbrainfarts….so we did somewhere around 77 as a group!

COT – Welcome to Fertiles FNG Bobby now and forever known as “lil button”

Visitation begins at 2 and funeral service at 3 – let’s get as many Pax there today and show our support for Murdoch and his family – Pleasant Grove Baptist Church – Fountain Inn
Keep praying for Spicoli – another round of chemo coming up
Keep praying for “the pill” and family
Congrats to Flay on the baby girl, Izzy!

Only Smokey can prevent forest fires

My third que.  First happened to be the first frosty day of the fall / winter.  Second was a cold and rainy day that kept most in their fartsacks.  Today was rainy, but thankfully warm.  Seems as though Smokey really can prevent forest fires – sign him up for Q, it’s gonna be bad weather. The numbers were down a little from our normal (normally 14-16), but all 11 who came brought their game.

Warm up:
SSH x 5
IW x 5
10 Burpees OYO for Spicoli #we’rewithyabrother
SSH x 10
IW x 10
10 Burpees for Murdock’s Mom and the family
SSH x 15
IW x 15

Mosey around the ball field to the tennis courts.
Plank up during instructions: #crowdpleaser
Start with 5 LBC, spider crawl across one tennis court.
5 double count flutter kicks, spider crawl across the next tennis court.
5 Freddie Mercurys, spider crawl across the next tennis court.
10 LBC, spider crawl, 10 Flutter kicks, spider crawl, 10 Freddie Mercurys, turn around and spider crawl back across the court.  15 LBC, spider crawl, 15 Flutter kicks, spider crawl, 15 Freddie Mercurys,  #didn’tknowspidercrawllookedsomuchlikebearcrawl

Mosey over to the playground:
count off by 4s
1:  Start with Swerkins
2:  Start with Dips
3:  Start with Air presses
4:  Start with Pull-ups
At each station, 5 reps, rotate to next station.  Next time to your start station, increase to 10 reps and rotate stations.  Finish with one round of 15 reps each.
(Pull-ups – do as many as you can each time around, Air presses – start with 20, then 30 , then 40)

Mosey down to Hermie’s Hall of Horrors
Bear crawl up driveway, 5 squats, run to next driveway, 5 lunges (each leg).  Crab walk down to parking lot, 10 Squats.  Run to base of driveway, 10 lunges each leg.  Bear crawl up, 15 squats.  Run, 15 lunges (each leg), crab walk down, plank till everyone is done.

Mosey to Smokey’s Shelter of Pain
Lightening round:  5 dips, 5 merkins, 10 dips, 10 merkins, 15 dips, 15 merkins OYO, plank till everyone’s done.  #lotsofmumblechatter

Mosey to Basketball Courts
Classic suicides – 3 point line and back, Half court and back, far 3 point line and back, far side and back.

Circle up for 6MOM
LBC x 40 OYO
Flutter kicks in cadence x 50
Freddie Mercurys in cadence x 20
6″ and hold

YHC hopes he gets this right (#Recordingfail):
Air bud’s wife interviewing in Greenville – best of luck
Clapper and his wife begin the adoption process
prayers for Murdocks Family, Spicoli.

The Main Thang

23 posted in soggy downtown Greenville, drank in some scenery, left with swollen thighs & a little extra man cleavage…


15 Derkins

12 Dips

9 Derkins

MOSEY south to Spill the Beans fountain

Circle up for:

20 SSH

15 Dips

10 Derkins

12 Dips

7 Derkins

MOSEY to the base of the bridge

Lunges all the way over the Reedy #notcool

Plank o Rama in Wyche lot

15 PST

15 Squats


15 Squats


Pause at Broad Street light for 5 Burpees

MOSEY north to Sun Trust Plaza

15 Hot Feet

15 IWs

15 Hot Feet

15 IWs

MOSEY to Publix Parking lot for some defense drills

50 yard side shuffle / 5 merkins / shuffle back

50 yard high step / 10 merkins / high step back

50 side shuffle / 15 merkins / shuffle back

15 SSH

MOSEY to Sun Trust Plaza

5 burpees

Plank into mountain climbers X15

10 merkins

15 mountain climbers

10 merkins

MOSEY to bottom of Soby’s hill

10 burpees OYO

15 squats

15 mountain climbers


Grit houdables a 10 burpee count


15 Russian twists

10 In & outs

12 Dips

Rinse & Repeat


Naked Moleskin:

Mustache shaving party tonight – call Bartman for details

3F tomorrow morning, 530AM at Grace

Continue to Pray for Spicoli

Lift up Murdock and his family as they celebrate his mother’s life

Pray for Flay – schedule induction today

Latka’s got 2.1 any day now

Blowfish’s brother is in Navy, set to depart soon




Bears and Lightposts

14 Faithful planted one shovel flag and got wet quick on a foggy and misty 48 Degree morning.

T.B.C. posting for Bunyan

Warm Up

SSH X 25 (In Cadence)

IW x 15 (In Cadence)

10 Burpees – OYO

“Climb the Light Posts”

4 light posts (not including the two behind home plate)

Starting at home plate, Sprint to each pole and do the following exercises at each one:

First time around (One time around = .187 miles)
-5 merkins
-10 merkins
-15 merkins
-20 merkins
-Sprint back to home plate and plank up for plank o rama

Second time around
-5 LBC
-10 LBC
-15 LBC
-20 LBC
-Sprint back to home plate and plank up

Third time around
-5 air squats
-10 air squats
-15 air squats
-20 air squats
-Sprint back to home plate and plank up

Fourth time around
-5 SSH
-10 SSH
-15 SSH
-20 SSH
-Sprint back to home plate and plank up

Sprint back around the baseball fields to bottom of the parking lot and pair up…….

Dora 1,2,3 **The Q was called some nasty names during the running on this one.
100 shoulder touches (single count)
200 Air Squats
300 Russian Twists (single count)

Mosey to the basketball court – Sets of 7 **# Crowd Pleaser (for those who didn’t like all of the running!)

Line up on the baseline – bearcrawl to nearest free throw line and backwards crab walk back:
1 double count mountain climber at baseline – 6 Burpees at free throw line
2 double count mountain climbers – 5 Burpees…………until
6 double count mountain climbers – 1 burpee
Plank Up – #smoked


Flutter kicks x 30 in cadence

6” and Hold (felt like 20 minutes)

Backscratchers x 20 in cadence

Rosalitas x 15 in cadence

More Flutter Kicks x 20 in Cadence

6” and Hold

40 LBC’s OYO

Prayer Requests


Murdock and His Family as they deal with his mother’s passing – funeral is this Thursday.

Flay and Nikki – labor was induced at 6:00 this morning.(update from T.B.C.- Flay 2.1 is here all are healthy Aye!)

TBC – healing for his foot.