3 Metro Horsemen ride to G-Vegas

The chariots loaded up early in Charlotte as 3 horsemen of the apocalypse Conquest (AP), War (Dredd) and Death (YHC) moved southward on their fateful journey.  Famine did not make the trip as we knew Greenfield’s Bagels lurked at the end of the adventure.

Upon arrival, the riders planted the Shovel Flag whereupon they were greeted with a horde totalling a record 20 Pax on a spectacular Legacy Park morning.

The Thang

Ray Lewis – 52x Burpee (early crowd fave)

Lap around the park to CoP, George Rogers style: 38x SSH, 38x Peter Parker, 38x Prisoner Squat, 38x Mountain Climber

Run to Gazebo for 11s or Sabans or whatever you wanna call ’em: 10x Jump Up/ 1x Dip down to 1x Jump Up/ 10x Dip

Run to center of park for a little field work (middle crowd fave):

  • Bear crawl to Big Tree and Back
  • Crab walk to Big Tree and Back, then partner up for
  • Wheelbarrow, man 1 to Big Tree man 2 back
  • Partner carry, man 1 carries to Big Tree man 2 back

Run to edge of park for Tajh Boyd Arm-o-rama: 10x Merkin, 10x Wide Arm, 10x Stagger Right, 10x Stagger Left, 10x Diamond

Run to path’s edge for Jadeveon’s Ladder up to 7x Burpee (late crowd fave)

Run to corner of park for Joey Pankake meets Jack Webb, ladder up to 9x Jack Webb

Run to center of park for Dredd led 6 Minutes of Marcus Lattimore-style Mary: 21x Dolly, 21x Flutter, 10x Burpee, 21x Rosalita, 21x LBC, Superman, 10x Burpee, 15x Knee Up

Mosey to Shovel Flag for CoT


Picture perfect morning with just enough heat and humidity to make the Pax work up a real sweat and know that they earned their downpainment.  And that’s 100x Burpee total as OD so astutely calculated.

TClaps to my tribesmen Aerosmith and Belk back in Metro, their pre-workout Twitter chatter inspired me to kick things off with “Cherokee’s least favorite exercise”, the smack-you-in-the-mouth Ray Lewis.  Limited mumblechatter, a few mutterings of BS but set the tone right.

For the most part we had the grounds to ourselves, we did have a drive-by from a power-walking tomato, TClaps to the brother (couldn’t see who but definitely heard it) who applied the flying EH for our sisters at FiA.  Very strong.

It was brought to my attention that 9x Jack Webb paled in comparison to the 10x version applied by RunStopper during his recent beatdown/ visit.  I assured the group that RS was much more of a bada$$ than me so they’d have to be content to stop at 9.

Those of us who know Dredd well know him to be a man of many talents, and the Swamp Rabbit crew was treated to a display of one of the most finely tuned weapons in Dredd’s arsenal – the namer.  It started during the workout, where Dredd postulated that the name Hugh must have more colorful origins, that Hugh must in fact be a shortened version of a longer name, one that perhaps contained a soft g and the words “hairy” or “balls”.  It continued once Dredd determined that one of our FNG’s hailed from Anderson SC, better known as the Electric City – F3 name taken care of.  This went on during CoT as Dredd sized up another FNG, assessed his skin tone and speculated that said FNG’s mother must have admonished him to apply sunscreen every time he left the house.  The third FNG was not so lucky as he and the Pax learned that hearing/ listening is NOT one of those finely tuned weapons in Dredd’s arsenal.  Seems in Dredd’s mind “Michael Thackston” sounded a lot like “Michael Jackson” and after a quick dismissal of some of the knee jerk options that were bandied about (Thriller, Tito) he settled on the name of MJ’s pet monkey – Bubbles.  At least it’s two syllables.

Couple of announcements from OD: BRR training will start in earnest, keep an eye on emx for run workout opportunities.  Also Pax should mark Saturday September 21st on their calendars for the Apex Games, a locally organized fitness test event, more info to come details on event website here

Most of the group adjourned to Greenfield’s for coffeeteria afterwards, 2nd F was in abundance.

Finally, TClaps to all the Swamp Rabbit crew for an awesome F3 morning – great hospitality, look forward to future visits and of course welcome any of our GVL area brothers to join us in the gloom if they find themselves in CLT Metro for any reason.

And in the spirit of giving credit for the horsemen reference (via Metro brother Today) where it is actually due:

“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”

Revelations 4:11 (KJV)

I feel the need….the need for Speed!

13 PAX manned up and rolled into the PC for a true multiQ beatdown.


  • SSH x 25
  • IW x 20
  • Flutters x 25


OD has the Q

Partner up and mosey down Main St. for:

  • DORA 1,2,3 (100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 Flutters, while partner runs uphill towards Broad St)

Hootie has the Q

Mosey around the back of the Gunther Theater and down the stairs to the Amphitheater for:

  • Merkins x 15
  • Hand Release Peter Parkers x 10.  Barrel roll right.  Repeato.  Barrel roll left.  Repeato.
  • Tony Horton Tricep side press (we need to name these) x 30.  Flapjack.

Bartman has the Q

Mosey back to the three-tiered steps for:

  • Elevens with Merkins at the bottom, Squats at the top.

Mosey back to the Amphitheater for 6 MOM

  • Dollys x 25
  • Legs at 90*, 45*, 15*, back to 90*
  • Rosalitas x 20
  • Freddy Mercurys x 20
  • Flutters (I think) x 10

OD has the Q again

Mosey up the stairs for COT.

Wait, 10 Burpees since Tibideaux was dissappointed we had not done any.




  • Strong showings continue for the Wednesday workouts.
  • Welcome to FNG, Maverick.  Iceman, you now have your Rival.  All is right at F3.
  • Continue to recruit for BRR.  We are at 10.  Aiming for 12.
  • Next workout is Saturday, 07:00, Legacy Park.  OBT and Hyannis Qing from Charlotte with a rumored sighting of Dredd.



Melting Rabbits

8 Rabbits planted the VSF and hit it hard in ridiculously humid conditions.

SSH x35
Merkins x10
IW x25

Karaoke down Main Street to Falls Park
Partner up
Partner 1 runs up the long steep hill behind the Governor’s School
Partner 2 does burpees until Partner 1 returns
Flapjack and repeato 2x
Had to call an audible on this one as the steps I had planned to use had terrible footing #twistedanklewaitingtohappen

Mosey to Bridge over the River Reedy
People’s Chair
x45 secs
x45 secs with arms raised (straight up and straight out)

Mosey to the Peace Center Ampitheater
Bulgarian squats x5 ea leg
Dips x10
Side squats w/knee raise x5 ea leg
Derkins x10
Repeato x3

6MOM (Bartman on Q)
Freddy Mercury x20
Protractor x2
Dolly x15

Push O Rama
Merkin jacks x12
Merkin hold x 5 #crowdpleaser1
Diamonds x10
Barbwire Merkin x6 #crowdpleaser2
Plank Should Touch x20 (IC)


Another great impromptu workout in #greenvegas.
Lot’s of pushups and burpees. #manmakers
The humidity this morning was off the charts #sweatingbuckets
We tried to EH a guy who walked by while we were in the people’s chair – he politely declined #doweoffend? #getyourworkclothesdirty


Just one or two spots left on the BRR (Blue Ridge Relay). Contact @OneDirection if you’re interested
HDHH (hump day happy hour) on Wednesdays at Ale House (Woodruff Rd) 5:15
Keep EH’ing FNG’s

See you soon in the gloom


Try to Catch me

14 strongmen posted for their daily downPAINment at Legacy Park.  The shovel flag was planted and off we went.

Stagecoach’s Q:

Jog to find a good spot for COP:

  • SSH x 31
  • 1 legged burpees 5 R/L  #crowdpleaser
  • Imperial Walker x 31
  • Merkins x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Peter Parkers x 10

Jog around and past the pond to the base of the hill.

Century (mostly) Hill

Partner 1 performs exercise while partner 2 runs up hill and back down.  Flapjack and continue until 100 reps of called exercise is completed as a team.  Plank it up until everyone finishes.

  • Round 1 – Merkins
  • Round 2 – LBCs
  • Round 3 – Squats
  • Round 4 – Flutter (audible to 200 since 100 is too easy)
  • Round 5 – Burpees (only 50, as 100 may have caused mutiny by the pax)

Skywalker’s Q:

Jog back up hill and find some flat land for Mary:

  • LBC
  • Dolly
  • Freddie Mercuries (Bicycle)

Mosey to the path and partner up for a friendly game of catch me if you can.

Partner 1 runs 1/2 speed around track, partner 2 performs 10 merkins then chases and catches partner 1. Flapjacks all the way around track.  1 lap = roughly 1/3 mile

Let’s take a little rest and do some She Hate Me.

  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Dolly’s
  • 5 Burpees
  • Rinse and repeat until Q calls time.

Round 2 of Catch me if you can – Replace merkins with 10 alternating lunges

Little more Mary – SwampRabbit pax introduced to the protractor.

Round 3 of Catch me if you can – Replace lunges with 5 burpees  #veryunsavory



  • Strong work by the entire pax today, YHC especially liked all the partner work.
  • We caught a break this morning with the drop in humidity, but somehow still managed to be soaked at the end of the workout.
  • 2nd F in full force at coffeeteria following the workout.



  • Get your kettlebell orders in to Ice Man…order to be placed in the next week or so.
  • Keep EH’ing your buddies to come out and try F3
  • Grrenville business journal running an article on F3.  Ice Man, Spurrier, One Direction to meet with them next week.



Another Day at the Office

8 Swamp Rabbit PAX rolled out of the fartsack, planted the VSF and clocked in for a #beatdown in the balmy #gloom.

The Thang:

Fast mosey down Main Street to Falls Park for warmup
SSH x30
Merkins x10
IW x25

Fast mosey down the river a bit for a merkin pyramid:
Perform 1 merkin then half way down hold for 5secs
Pyramid to 5, then repeato #harderthanitlooks

Mosey across the Bridge over the River Reedy for suicide/LBC combo (in the old brick building)
Half the PAX did suicides (x10) while the other half did LBC’s (amrap)

Short mosey to the walkway for She Hate Me
Set 1 (5mins)
Bulgarian Squats x10(each leg)
Wide Supine Pullups x10
Peter Park x10(each leg)
Set 2 (5mins)
Jumping Lunges x10(each leg)
Narrow Supine Pullups x10
Parker Peters x10(each leg)

Mosey to the grassy area by the stage for:

Plank You Very Much
South-Cacka-Lacky Railroad
Plank Shoulder Touches x20, repeato
CCV x15 (each side)
Plank Twists x10(each side)

Bicycle x20 IC
Dead Cockroach x10 IC
Flutters x20 IC
Rosalita x20 IC

Great workout today. Love seeing FNG’s come out to the weekday workouts #commitment
Speaking of FNG’s – good work by both guys this morning. The workouts don’t get easier, you get stronger.

– Shout out to @Bartman and @Hootie who performed an #impromptu F3 workout in Indianapolis this morning (with an FNG) #F3iseverywhere #flyingheadlock?
– Still got a few slots open for the Blue Ridge Relay @One Direction is the Q
– HDHH this afternoon at Ale House Woodruff Rd (5:15)
– Get your kettle bell order in @Iceman is the Q
– If you’re not on twitter, what are you waiting for? #allthecoolkidsaredoingit


Dora and Jack Webb ate the Swamp Rabbit

10 brave souls gathered in the gloom at the Swamp Rabbit in Greenville, SC to see what Dora and Run Stopper had in store.

Dora first half Q

Mosey to the mid-park shallow slope for… COP (in cadence)

  • x21 SSH
  • x21 IW
  • x10 Merkins (face uphill)
  • x10 Merkins (face downhill)
  • x21 CDD (face uphill)

 Mosey to the base of little baby hill for partner teamwork…

 Pax A executes AMRAP of stated exercise while Pax B runs 50 yds uphill, then back to start.  Flapjack until team reaches target amount of reps. 

  • Round 1 – 100 Merkins per team
  • Round 2 – 200 LBCs per team
  • Round 3 – 300 Squats per team, alternating turns of Jump squats and Prison squats
  • Round 4 – OYO Burpees for 1 lap

 Hand off Pax to Runstopper for Second half:

Limp to the wet and soggy sand volleyball court for a little Kitty Litter work

  • Partner Up Wheel Barrow to end and switch partner return to start (full lenght (59′) of the volleyball court)
  • Bear Crawl down and back (full lenght (59′) of the volleyball court)
  • Wounded Bear Crawl end switch leg and return (full lenght (59′) of the volleyball court)
  • Parner Drag to end/switch partner return to start (full lenght (59′) of the volleyball court)
  • Crab Walk down and back (full lenght (59′) of the volleyball court)
  • Lunge down and back (full lenght (59′) of the volleyball court) 2x

Mosy to the side of the YMCA Building

  • Plank with feet on the wall – hold .30 secs
  • Walk hands and feet up wall to assume position for Balls to the Wall
  • 5 (balls to the wall) mirkins
  • Plank with feet on wall – hold .30 secs – recover

Circle up for a little Tiger Rag Special aka Jack Webb

  • 1 mirkin; 4 arm raises.
  • 2 mirkins; 8 arm raises continue until 10 mirkins and 40 arm raises

Mosy behind YMCA Buildling

  • Peoples Chair, Alternating Leg Raise 6 inches – Keep arms raised
  • Alternating foot raises
  • Hold 1 min each leg

Jog to road in front of the Vollyball Sand Vollyball court

Form two lines – for relay race

Sprint to third light post and back – tag next person, plank up

cap off with winners and losers 10 burpees

Naked Moleskin: Great work by all this past weekend. Highlight of the day for the ladies inside the YMCA was when Bartman decided to go shirtless, not sure if he thought he was a model or what, but clearly he was playing to the crowd of Senior cougers milling about looking for some lovin’ #geriatricladieslovebartman

T-claps to the FNG – Boudreaux. This beatdown was a little more duifficult then his Golf playing days at Clemson, but he did well out there! Way to go boudreaux Dora and I were excited to co-Q at the Rabbit. Good seeing Big Mean from Charlotte North Country post, dude is a BEAST!

Seriously, Swap Rabbit – you boys have a great group of guys, Dora and I look forward to coming out again and Qing with you!

Quote From Dora’s Tweet last night:  “We did some stuff. It was hard” 

Aye, RS


Rookie Beatdown

7 Swamp Rabbits posted in the rainy gloom and planted the VSF at the Peace Center for an almighty beatdown administered by rookie Q’s.  Me thinks they were a bit fired up for this one.

The Thang:

Warmup (Bartman on Q)
LBC x20
Bicycle x15
IW x25
SSH x20

Mosey down Main Street to the bottom of falls park to meet up with the Beast
Run from the bottom of falls park up to main street with 3 stops along the way, 6 reps at each stop. Run back to the bottom with the same 3 stops, 6 reps at each stop. Plank session at the bottom.
Round 1: merkins.
Round 2: air squats.
Round 3: lunges

Mosey up and across Falls Park looking for a flat area for Duck Duck Goose.
Circled up with everyone doing leg extensions (6” off the ground), the exercise began with running around the outside of the circle, the next person began once the guy before him was back in the circle. This continued until everyone had a turn. We then flipped over and did the same exercise while in the plank position.

Handed the Q to Hootie

Mosey down to the high steps by LAZY GOAT for 11’s
Fairy Jacks at the bottom and Merkin Jacks at the top. #crowdpleaser
Plank up at the bottom

Mosey to the Bridge Over the River Reedy.
Bunny Hopped the length of the bridge and then moseyed up the steps to Main St. and back where we started in front of Peace Center.

In and outs x20 (IC)
V-up-Roll Ups x15 (IC)
Pulse Up-V-Ups x13 (IC)
Mason Twists AMRAP.

Awesome to see 7 PAX on a rainy Thurs for yet another impromptu workout. We keep this up and we’ll have to give the workout an “official” name.

Great Q by @Bartman and @Hootie. #WhosaidTheirRookies

Taking orders for our kettlebell purchase from @Nibbler (Iceman is Q) #SplashTheCash

Shoutout to @OneDirection – hope the ankle recovers quickly

@Runstopper and @Dora from CLT have the Q for Legacy this Saturday #NoPainNoGain



Beast of the Southern Wild

11 pax posted at Legacy Park for the #F3SwampRabbit Saturday downPAINment.  Nash and Lee took the early morning trip down I-85 to bring the pain from Metro the Greenville.

The Thang:

Nash leads off with loop around Legacy Park looking for a flat spot for COP.  Found it.

COP: SSH x20, Merkins x10 (hold em), Peter Parker x10, Imperial Walker x20 (all in cadence)

Mosey to pond at the bottom of the park: Run up first tier (10 rock hoppers), continue to next tier (10 merkins), back to the bottom (10 burpees).  Repeato x3.  Plank at end.  Roll into Mahktar Ndaiye x 10 in cadence.

Mosey to open area on lower north side of park (relatively flat) for SheHateMe variation.  10 squats, 10 mountain climbers, 10 merkins. Repeat cycle until Q calls stop.  Switch out squats to lunges, merkins to diamonds and continue until Q calls stop.

Run up the hill to playground.  Rotate through 3 stations – 7 pull up, 14 dips, 14 squats. Repeat until the Q calls stop.

Hand off to Lee.  Mosey back into middle of the park for 6 minutes of Mary.  Knee ups, dolly, flutter, LBCs, Rosalita, Bicycle (all x15 in cadence).  X-cross sit ups x 10.

Mosey to lower section of the park.  The Beast (6-6-6). Run from bottom up to the top of the park with 3 stops along the way – 6 reps of an exercise at each stop.  Run back to bottom with same 3 stops – 6 reps at each stop. Round 1: wide arm merkins. Round 2: Sumo squat jumps.  Round 3: Baryshnikovs (patent pending). Round 3 and 1/2: burpees (stop at top after 6-6-6 on the burpees)

Finish up with Dry IM – length of volleyball court: Bear crawl down, lunge walk back, crab walk down, frog jump back



Thanks to the Greenville pax for welcoming Nash and Lee as Qs.  Legacy Park is a great spot for F3 and there is a solid core pax building in Greenville.  Good #mumblechatter in the workout and a nice 2nd F spot at Greenfield’s after.

What the Hill?!? Challenge of finding a flat spot in Legacy Park for COP, commenting on the deceiving slopes around the park – lots of open space, good combination of short/steep and long/steady hill opportunities.  As one of the pax noted when YHC commented on the hills – “Welcome to Greenville”.

Crowd Pleasers: Between SheHateMe variations, The Beast, Baryshnikovs and the modified ladder with multiple stops/exercises, there was plenty to enjoy.  Got one comment about 2/3 of the way through: “Can the entire workout be a crowd pleaser?” Brother I hope so.

Welcome to FNG Dennis O’Donnell (The Menace).  Strong showing posting for his first workout – riding the bike to/from for some extra credit.  One week shy of being the War Baby – Debit keeps it.  Keep on coming back out.

Greenville has a BRR team registered.  Still looking to fill a couple of slots on that team.  Welcome any out of area pax to join as well.  Contact OneDirection if interested.

Wednesday Main Thang beatdown is now located at the Peace Center.  13 last week.  Keep the momentum.

Strength/fitness competition opportunity in Greenville on 9/21. Looks like this event is right in the F3 wheelhouse.  Great opportunity for some out of area pax to participate in another #CSAUP event and get to know some Greenville guys. Check out apexgames.org for information.

That is all.

Nash and Lee

Mountain Goat Challenge / Highland Brewery Event Updates

We are only about a week out until the next CSAUP Event on the calendar – the Mountain Goat Challenge. There will not be a better Blue Ridge Relay training opportunity. Whether you are interested for that reason or just because you enjoy running up and over mountains, we are happy to help.

Asheville is only 25 minutes from the end of the runs and we have another event kicking off that afternoon at Highland Brewery.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can catch up here:

Please let us know what you plan to attend and we’ll make sure you get all the information you need.

First we must Crawl!

7 posted for a short-notice, impromptu smack down in the morning gloom!


  • IW x 20
  • SSH x 30
  • Bicycles x 20

Mosey to Falls Park

  • Sprint across Liberty Bridge, mosey back
  • Down the steps to “The Hill” for Pain Stations.  Bear Crawl the hill, Swipers x 5 at the bottom.  Repeat Twice more.  Smoke!
  • Head back up the stairs to the circle for Stupid Ring Run (Each PAX holds 6″ while each guy takes turns running around the circle)
  • Back up to Main St.

Mosey down to the River for:

  • Joe Hendricks #2 x 3

Mosey over Bridge to the Amphitheater for Pain Stations x 3 (3 Sets)

  • Decline Side Plank Walk
  • South Cack-o-Lacky Subway (3rd set done on the CONCRETE stage)
  • Encore Stage performance of The Dragon Walk

Partner Up! for Joe Hendricks #1 x 5.  Flapjack


  • Circuit sets of 8 count flutter, bicycles, dolly’s, LBCs, and Rosalitas x 6


  • It is pretty clear that The Peace Center is THE BOMB!
  • 7 PAX is impressive for an impromptu, unscheduled workout, especially after 13 posted yesterday.
  • The goal was to smoke everyone and I think mission accomplished
  • We continue to EH guys for the BRR.  We need checks ASAP as rosters are due in early August.