When Is This Going to End……….

19 strong rolled out of the fartsack and put in their downPAINment!

Warmup:Ahnold had the Q
SSH x 25
IW x 25
Mountain Climbers x 25

Pain station rotation: Bartman on Q
15 dips
10 derkins
Run from the PC down main street and over to the amphitheater.
Joe Hendrix (backwards bear crawl) up the PC steps OR Jack Webb (one merkin/4 air presses) x 5. Each person decided if they wanted to JH up the stairs or JW at the bottom.

Next exercise is……..there wasn’t one!! Rinse and Repeat for 35 minutes! PAX brought the HEAT!

35 Minute Tail of the Tape (using Screech as our benchmark! #incrediblepace!)
Dips = 135
Derkins = 90
JH = 9 flights of stairs #crowdpleaser
JW = 135 derkins/540 air presses #ouch!!

6MoM: Ahnold on Q
Hold for 6” 1min
WW Wipers on Q
LBC x25
Flutters x15

Naked Moleskin:
– TClaps to the guys who finished the Spartan Beast over the weekend! Nice work!
– Keeping Spicoli in our prayers!

– Men’s Roundtable 3rd “F” tomorrow moring, 5:30am…come on out, plenty of room!
– Get signed up for the April Mud Run, see Flay’s email for sign up instructions. Deadline 11/13

"Sprinting" 18


18 Hole Sprint on the Disc Golf course at the Tankyard

19 Faithful Planted the Shovelflag and explored the wilderness at Gower in the Snip-It VQ

Warm up

SSH x 25 In cadence

IW x 25 In cadence

The Thang

Mosey to the end of whole #1 of the disc golf course in Gower

18 exercises in 18 holes with 18 reps per hole

Hole #1: 18 Merkins, #2: 18 Squats, #3: 18 Werkins, #4: 18 Mountain Climbers (x2), #5: 18 Lunges (#treacherousterrain; Earp tripped and tasted dirt then beat everyone to the next hole), #6: 18 Diamond Merkins, #7: 18 Broad jumps (#slipperyleaves=onyour6), #8: 18 Freddy Mercury (x2), #9: Plank for 18 count with 2 down and holds (nice count Earp)

Fast 10 Count at the clubhouse and make the turn (in reverse; halfway there)


Hole #10: 18 Burpees (#Handicap1onthecourse), #11: 18 LBC’s, #12: 18 Shoulder Touches, #13: 18 Jump Squats, #14: 18 Jacques Cousteau’s (x2), #15: 18 Side Lunges, #16: Barb Wire Merkins (#crowdpleaser; I call it the dive bomber), #17: 18 Imperial Walkers (x2), #18: 18 Russian Twist (x2)

Mosey back to playground next to basketball courts

Pain stations

OYO, 10 Pull-ups, 15 Derkins, 20 Dips, 25 LBC’s, Lap around Basketball Courts

Rinse and Repeat

6MOM at the basketball courts

Rosalita x 18 in cadence

Leg Throws x 9 in cadence

Flutter x 12 in cadence

LBC’s x 40 OYO

Side LBC’s x 20 OYO

Around the world x10 Left, x10 Right OYO


  • Snowden and his wife’s mentor with pacemaker issues
  • Spicoli and his sickness, treatment
  • TBC’s 3rd big meeting this week
  • Reminder of MOAB on Mondays
  • Reminder Men’s Roundtable at Grace Church downtown Wed’s at 0530

Twinkle Twinkle Little Satellite

13 men gathered round the SF for a MOAB inspired, er copycat, of Flay’s Monday Beatdown.  BTW, it was fun to watch two 2.0s (Nemo and Tebow) try to figure out how to plant the shovel #JennerandIhavelotsofwork


Tebow and I notice a particularly bright, twinkly star as we procrastinated and stayed in the warm car, awaiting the inevitable.  So….Line up in two lines and face the Star.

SSH while singing “Twinkle Twinkle” in cadence (that’s 18 SSH)

Circle up for IW x 25


Inspired by Flay’s Monday MOAB, the entire workout will be Elevens OYO.  Plank each time you are done.  They are:

  • Burpees & 4C Flutters
  • Merkins & AirPresses
  • AirPresses & Merkins (Thanks RTG for asking if the previous should “Go back down”)
  • Squats & LBCs

Farmer’s Walk (Arms raised overhead) to the speed bump and back

  • 2C Mountain Climbers & Russian Twists
  • Finish with 5 count Superman/Banana

It is hard to believe that this took the entire 45 minutes and everyone appeared to be SMOKED.  #wedidnotgoanywhere!!!!  For those counting at home, we did 55 of each exercise, save for the Merkins and AirPresses which totaled 110!!



  • While on our backs, I shared the fact that I saw a Satellite yesterday at MOAB.  Would you believe, we saw it today.  Makes sense I guess, seeing that it is circling us at 17,000 mph!
  • T-Claps to Fertile, Big D, and 1D for Saturday’s Spartan Beast #everyoneisstillsore
  • Nemo and Tebow need to work on planting a shovel #lolololololololololol
  • We lift up Spicoli and his doctors as he has his biopsy tomorrow and gets results Friday
  • We lift up Frederick (fertile’s Dad) who fell and broke his hip.  Pray for a speedy recovery


  • Deadline for the Spring MudRun (April 12 – The first Saturday of Spring Break for GVille County) is Wednesday.  Sign up!
  • We will be getting with TBC to form teams for the Palmetto 200 (March 28-29)
  • Next workout is Thursday, same channel.  Jenner has the post-birthday Q


  • View your challenges or circumstances today as an opportunity to rely on and receive more of God’s power.



Last Day – Spring '14 Mud Run Registration is OPEN

The USMC Ultimate Challenge Mud Run is the F3 Nation “Super Bowl,” only better because it happens twice a year. Our next opportunity is Saturday, April 12th, 2014 at the Leatherneck course near Columbia, SC.

We have reserved a block of priority F3 starting times with the Mud Run organizers. Each region has already estimated how many slots F3 will need. Starting times earned by high finishes in the Fall run will be honored.

Registration and payment this year is a little different than years past. We’re trying to overcome some past issues and make it easier on the organizers and smoother for the teams. Please read the instructions carefully. There are three registration options, and the form is below:

1. Team Captains may register and pay for entire teams. Team Captain must know all info for each team member
2. Individuals can register themselves and indicate their team
3. Individuals can register as “free agents” and will be assigned teams in their Region

If you are not already on a team — or don’t know your team — go ahead and REGISTER as an individual free agent, so you can be counted in the total. This is important.

Registration fees are $55 per person/$220 per team and the deadline is Wednesday, November 13th. These fees reflect the increased registration fee charged by the Mud Run this year as well as PayPal processing fees we incur while collecting from F3ers. Registration is considered a “hard commit” with no guarantee of refund should you be unable to compete, even if your slot is filled by a free agent. If you register and cannot meet your commitment, it’s your responsibility to your team and your Region to find a replacement.

Transportation will be arranged by each region as we get closer to April. Bus charter and “sundries” in past years has cost in the $40-$50 per person range. This will be collected separately from the registration fees, and later.

This year, we have decided to honor Operation Enduring Warrior with a donation from F3 Nation. They support wounded soldiers, particularly amputees. You may have seen them at the Fall Mud Run or other events running the course in full military gear and gas masks. Several of their group compete with prosthetics and one has no legs at all. There is a block on the registration form to make a donation. $5-$10 per person as an add on is suggested, but feel free to donate more, less, or nothing at all. It’s completely optional. We will make the donation at a brief “big check” ceremony after the mud run. More information can be found at the link below.

Finally, we have set up a dedicated email account for Mud Run issues and coordination. Please use it!


Registration Form:  https://www.eventbrite.com/event/8833137151

Email Address for questions/issues: F3MudRun@gmail.com

Operation Enduring Warrior: http://www.enduringwarrior.org/

USMC Mud Run: http://www.ultimatechallengemudrun.org/


"This one goes to 11…"

Aye, gentlemen. There’s only one way to start the week off right, and that’s with a tidy little beatdown at MOAB. This week’s installment was hosted by YHC, we hope it did not dissappoint. 8 Hardmen planted the #shovelflag at the parking lot of old JL Mann and got to it. We didn’t go far, but we got a lot done


SSH x 20

IW x 20

The Thang (Circle of Pain)

Here’s how it worked. It’s 11/11, so we couldn’t resist doing 11s of all the stuff we hate most (everything but running, basically). Each pair of exercises was done as 11s (i.e. 10+1, 9+2, 8+3, etc. Each time adding up to 11). Everybody had a kettlebell/dumbell for the weight exercises. Those that forgot were provided with a cinder block by YHC.

Burpees/LBCs  #makesurethatwarmupsticks

Squats/Flutters (4 ct)

Merkins/Military Presses with weight (#smoker. #Tclaps to Grit and Dexter for banging it out with a cinder block)

Mountain Climbers (2 ct)/Russian Twist with weight (2 ct)

Kettlebell Swings/Tricep extensions


In/outs x 20

Backscratchers x 22


  • VEEEEEERY quiet this AM, with very little #mumblechatter. We’ll chalk that up to several cases of the Mondays as well as what YHC feels was a pretty tough set of circuits. We’re very happy to have our “aero” hairstyle because lifting our arms to shampoo up seems like it’ll be a challenge in the next couple of days #shouldersmoker
  • One exception to the lack of #mumblechatter: 1D mentioned a devotional he was listening to on the way over about how we should all see each new challenge not as an obstacle but an opportunity to improve ourselves and our faith. Something for us all to keep in mind when that #fartsack is calling, when that next rep seems to be too much, there’s a hassle at work, or an issue at home . You can always do more. #foodforthought
  • Serious #Tclaps to 1 Direction and Electric City for not #smartsacking after the Beast. #hardsacking?
  • Prayers for Padre, as he has an MRI to check up on something today
  • Prayers for Spicoli. His biopsy is coming up and we remain faithful that he will have a path back to health

Lastly, we neglected to mention it in COT, but it’s Veteran’s Day. Thanks to all who have served and are serving. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Deck of Death


23 Faithful gathered around the shovel flag to start Saturday off with a bang and bring Sin city to G-Vegas.

Warm Up

SSH x 25

Merkins x 10

IW x 20

Burpees x 10 OYO

Mosey the long way around the park to the bottom of the hill

The Thang

Deck of cards, each suit is an excercise (Hearts = Burpees; Diamonds = Merkins; Clubs = Lunges (double-count); Spades = Air Squats), and the card dictates the number (J=11, Q=12, K=13, A=14).  104 of each ecercise for those doing the math.Every 5 cards, sprint to the speed bump at the top of the hill

4xMerkins…5xLunges…11xLunges…14xBurpees (THERE WAS THE A OF HEARTS!!!)…10xMerkins

Sprint up hill


Sprint up Hill


Sprint up Hill


Sprint up Hill (TBC used this time to try and make Flay ferment some Merlot)


Sprint up Hill

(Audible..Change of Scenery)  Mosey to the parking lot behind the Y


30 sec. People’s Chair


30 sec. People’s Chair


30 Sec. People’s Chair


30 Sec. People’s Chair

5xMerkins…3xMerkins…Invite ‘FNG – Fister’ to join in the workout…11xSquats…2xburpees…8xLunges…14 Burpees – We thought we never hit the Ace of Hearts so did extra

60 Sec. people’s Chair


20x In and Outs15x Rosalita’s



  • Great FH to get FNG Fister to join the workout at the end.  Just got back from Afghanistan and proud to have him among us.
  • Men’s roundtable Wednesday Morning at Grace Church downtown.  5:30AM start time.  If you haven’t made the first sessions, still OK to join in.  ALL are welcome
  • Thanksgiving Convergence at Lake Connestee Park for all groups to make room for Turkey and give thanks..more details to come
  • Sign ups for the USMC Mud-run need to be in my November 13th.  Sign up under Greenville through F3nation link to lock in your spot and we will get teams together later.
  • Prayers for the guys doing the Spartan Beast this AM; Prayers for Flay’s friends and their children.
  • Praise for Flay’s Brother in Law who made it back from serving time overseas and has a baby due in 2 months.



No Funyan Bunyan

“Run to the Hills” (Dedicated to the Iron Maiden song from 1983)

-Re-named (by Ashley) the “No Funyan Bunyan

14 Faithful Planted the Shovelflag and got down to bidness for Bunyan’s VQ

Flay posting for Bunyan

Warm up

SSH x 25 In cadence

IW x 25 In cadence

Burpees x 10 OYO

The Thang

Mosey to the bottom of the parking lot (the first Hill)

Pair Up – Dora 1,2,3

One partner sprints up to the speed hump and back (.2 miles, up and back) (Rotate)

The other:

100 Merkins

200 Air Squats

300 Russian Twists (single count

Plank O’ Rama/SSH in Cadence until everyone finished

Broad Jump to Light Post – Sprint to the Speed Hump all together – 10 Burpees – Plank Up (Lots of mumble/chatter on this one – #crowdpleaser for sure)

Run up and around the baseball fields and back around to the bottom of the grassy hill near Gower Pool at the back of the park (.517 miles from the bottom of the parking lot)

The Next Hill (Paparazzki’s Hill)


Bear Crawl up to the sidewalk – Sprint back down

Mountain Climbers at bottom

Burpees at Sidewalk

1 Mtn Climber, 6 Burpees, 2 Mtn Climbers, 5 Burpees, etc.

**Audible. We had to cut this one short a few laps. #smoked**

Hill Sprints

Sprint from Cones to sidewalk- 15 SSH

Sprint to tree line – 20 SSH

Sprint back to Sidewalk – 25 SSH

Mosey up the hill on the sidewalk back around the bathrooms for a quick pain station.

20 Dips

20 LBCs

Mosey to the basketball court for Modified 300 Yard Shuffle / No Wait, only enough time for 150 yards

Start at baseline – sprint to the opposite free throw line (up and back 6 times = 300 yards)

First 3 times at the free throw line – 15 LBCs

Plank up

6MOM at the basketball courts

Rosalitas x 20 in cadence

Russian Twists x 15 in cadence

Back scratchers x 15 in cadence

Flutter Kicks x 25 in cadence

LBCs x 20 OYO



  • TBC’s big meeting (3rd one) coming Friday
  • Bunyan and his wife leave for the mission trip tomorrow/Friday
  • Pledge reminded everyone about the mudrun on 4/12
  • Reminder of MOAB on Mondays

Murdock's Mad Mosey

14 PAX sidled up to the Golden Strip to make their standard #downPAINment. They had no idea what kind of journey they were about to embark on. Consider yourself notified, gentlemen. Murdock has officially raised the bar around here.

Flay humbly posting on behalf of Murdock.


Side Straddle Hop (4ct) x 25

Merkins (4ct) x10

Slow mosey to base of driveway hill.

The Thang (editor’s note: get comfy, because this is about to get reaaaaaaally interesting—Flay)

Briefing – (In Plank) F3 is about Fitness, Fellowship and Faith… A fourth F is FUN. This Q incorporates all 4 F’s.

Break into two teams (Ideal – teams of 5-7 people each, we had 5 each)


  • You will have 7 stations with varying types of exercises. Each station will be marked by a red chemlight to indicate a station.
  • Along the route you will find green and blue chemlights. The blue chemlights mark the route like bread crumbs. Green chemlights mark a spot to stop and do 5 burpees.
  • At each station you will find a card in a bag. On the card will be a Bible verse that loosely pertains to the next exercise you will be doing. Remember the connection of the verse to the exercise… It will save you burpees at the end of the race.
  • Each team will be given a Bible in a bag to carry with you. Before starting each station, you will have to turn in your Bible to the correct verse and read it aloud. As the verse is read out, all team members must repeat the verse phrase by phrase. There will be 2.0s at each station to answer questions.
  • This is a TEAM event for time. If you leave a team member behind, you fail. If you are separated during a team run by more than 15 yards, you fail. Learn to encourage and learn that completing as a team is more important that winning on your own. We were made relationships! Listen carefully, to complete this event, you will need to carry all items that you find along the way unless told to leave them behind.

Station 1: Team Log Run w/ 200lb Log- Verse – Matthew 10:37-39 – Pick up your “special item” and do a team run to the Mauldin Middle School Track as a team to Station 2. There will be one green chemlight halfway there. (5 Burpees)

Spy shot of the "special item"
Spy shot of the “special item”

Station 2: Cinder Block Relay Race (240Yard Relay w/ Rinse & Repeato). Verse – Ephesians 2:20 – Run to the field goal and each team member will relay a block from goal post to goal post and back (240s). Hand off to the next person in your team. There are three blocks per team, so you can run three abreast. Rinse and Repeato! Return to the station and pick up your “special item”. Follow the driveway behind the middle school to the trailer and drop off your special item.

Station 3: Sand Bag Carry. (350 yard w/ 5 Burpees at halfway). Verse – Matthew 7:26 – Each member will pick up a Sandbag and carry it to Station 4 along the path thru the trees to the basketball hoops. There will be one green chemlight along the way.

Station 4: Sled Push/Pull. (80lb Sled x 50 yards). Verse – 1 Corinthians 3:11 – Buddy team relay. Pair up! As a buddy team, you must push the 80lb bag of concrete to the mid-field and back (marked with a chemlight). Relay to the next buddy team in your team. This Tub and Bag are yours to carry all the way to the end of the course. After completion down and back, carry your sandbags at the start of Station 4 and carry your tub and concrete to Station 5

Station 5: Climb The Fence. (15ft Chainlink Fence Climb or 5 Burpees on failure) – Each member of your team must climb to the top of the fence and touch the horizontal top bar. One team member must climb to the top to retrieve your next “special item”. If you cannot touch the top horizontal bar, you must do 5 burpees. Upon completion, carry all items to the parking lot to station 6.

Station 6: Bucket Carry. (8 gallons of water in a bucket or 65lbs x 50 yard – two man carry). Verse – John 4:14 – Buddy team relay. Carry 8 Gallon bucket from the starting line to the speed bump and back. All buddy teams must carry the bucket down and back. Grab all items and run to station 7.

Station 7: Solid as a Rock. (Called the audible on the run part because of time) – Carry all items across the parking lot and and mix and pour into the premade form. Two members of each team will mix while the rest of the team runs laps around the parking lot in a slow mosey (lap-nator)relieving the mixing team at the completion of each lap. Time stops when each team has poured the contents of the bags into the form to the 8″ mark on the form or when all contents are in the form. The contents formed 120lb concrete cross with an embedded chain so it can be used for a later workout.

Editor's note: whoa...
Editor’s note: whoa…

First place does 20 Burpees (minus 2xBurpees for each correct verse correlation)

Second place does 30 Burpees (minus 2xBurpees for each correct verse correlation)

Called the Audible due to time – Winning team get bragging rights.


  • The cross shaped form will be used in later workouts for a herc-hoist and team drag obstacle.(#beafraidbeveryafraid)
  • Special thanks to Murdock’s 2.0s – Baby Seal and Mr. T for the help. Could not have pulled this off without them!
Baby Seal and Mr. T with the finished product
Baby Seal and Mr. T with the finished product

Note from Flay: I’ve been trying to come up with something witty to say about this, but, honestly, I’m in awe of the effort that went into this. Wow… Just… Wow… Standing #Tclaps to Murdock, Baby Seal, and Mr. T on this epic Q. I’ll be making a note to keep an eye out for the next time Murdock’s on deck and will make sure I’m there. Murdock sent me a dropbox of pics and videos from the workout, but I the site won’t let me upload that much. I’ll try to find a way to share these with the Swamp Rabbit PAX. Powerful stuff.


Impromptu: Sensational Beatdown in Sin City

4 dedicated members of the PAX got out the fartsack for their sin city downPAINment

MOAD style
Bartman takes the Q for 15mins:

Painstations in front of Bally’s
15 dips
10 derkins
Joe Hendrix up the 2 flights of stairs
Rinse and Repeat for 15 minutes

Thibadeaux takes the middle Q for 15mins
Double down up the overpass from Bally’s to Caesars
Squats at the top and bottom or the stairs:  2, 4, 8, 16, 32

Remain at the top of the overpass for Dora 1,2,3
100 Shoulder touches
200 LBC’s
300 Jacque Cousteau’s #crowdpleaser for the people leaving the clubs!

Round out Thibs 15mins with 7 burpees OYO

Kettle picked up the Q for the final 15min
SSH x 25 (rinse and repeat)
Suicides in front of Bally’s (rinse and repeat)
Core work:
In & outs x 20
Russian twists x 20
Recliners x 15

Hot feet and 10 dips down the wall (rinse and repeat)

Mosey back to TI for Hootie and the Westin for Kettle, Thibs and I

Awesome beatdown in Vegas! Great to see guys making conscious decisions to better themselves.

The Hermie Shuffle (courtesy of Papparazzki)

14 of the Faithful planted the shovelflag in some somewhat chilly gloom and got down to business at The Tank Yard.

Flay posting for Papparazzki


Burpees x 10

SSH x 20

IW x 20

LBCs x 20


Mosey around the field down to the swimming pool parking lot (aka The Black Hole)

The Thang

The Hermie Shuffle (named in honor of Hermie who first led us down into the Black Hole on his VQ)

Bear crawl up the steep-ass hill/lot entrance

Merkins x 10 at the top.

Run the length of the road to the other entrance

Merkins x 10

Crab walk down the steep-ass hill

Merkins x 10

Run back to start

Merkins x 10

Plank till everybody’s done

Rinse and repeat with Mountain Climbers x 15, Air Presses x 20, Low Squats x 25 (#crowdpleaser), and LBCs x 30

Mosey up the path to the bottom of the Papparazzki’s Hill

Joe Hendrix up to 5 x 20

Mosey to the basketball courts.


All start on the baseline, run to the three point line, bear crawl back

Repeat out to halfcourt, next three point line and other baseline. #lotsofbearcrawlin’

Plank at the end #smoked

Repeato with SSH X10


Freddie Mercury x 20

Out of the grave x 10

Flutters x 20

Back scratchers x 20

In and outs x 20

COT & Ball O Man


  • Tuesday is apparently #fartsack Tuesday for Hermie, but we felt his presence with that trip down into the Black Hole
  • Don’t forget to sign up for the USMC Mud Run coming this Spring
  • Lifting up Bunyon and his wife as they head out on a mission trip this Friday
  • Next workout is Thursday 0530. Bunyon has the Q (another VQ for the Tank Yard!)