The Virgin Mary

(1D posting for Mary)

17 resisted the urge to fartsack and posted in the gloom

30 -Side Straddle Hops

25- Imperial Walkers

Indian run to the Mauldin Middle Track

sprint straightaway, 10 merkins, 15 air presses, sprint curve, 10 merkins, 15 air presses, sprint straightaway, 10 merkins, 15 air presses, sprint curve 10 merkins, 15 air presses, plank til all pax arrive
rinse and repeat with werkins and air presses, plank
rinse and repeat with 10 squats, and lunges in the curves (audible to half of the curves), plank

Indian run back to Mauldin Elementary parking lot

On the curb for 11’s
dips and derkins

6 MOM led by Forrest (BIG MISTAKE, I should have led it, he killed me)!!!
50 but it felt like 500 slow flutters in cadence
6 inches, 7 inches, 8 inches and more, went on and on……
25 slow dollies…..
Plank position, leg raises, and more fun….
I finally called TIME OUT!!! (it was 6:15)


Imperial Walker??

31 men planted the shovel flag unaware of @Pledge’s blatant disrespect for his elders.

elderly seat

The Thang:

Merkins x10
Imperial Walkers x20
SSH x20

Mosey to parking deck over the bus station
Split into 2 groups
Dora’s 1,2,3
100 merkins
200 squats
300 mountain climbers

Mosey to Grace church steps
Group 1
Fairy jacks at bottom
Merkin jacks at top

Group 2 (run around the bus station)
4 corners
5 burpees first time around
10 fairy jacks second
Flapjack and repeat

Mosey/Sprint to PC

Russian twists x15
In/outs x15
Flutter x15
6″ for 20 sec
LBC’s x15


Naked Moleskin
– Great Q by @Pledge this morning #smokefest
– Good work by the 3 FNG’s. The workouts don’t get easier, you get stronger.
– FNG Smiley Cyrus was informed that he’s not allowed to #twerk at workouts
– YHC felt like I needed the above pictured chair after this workout #TBQ

– @Houdini has his VQ this Thurs
– Challenge to Conquer Cancer Ride – fund raiser at Barley’s Taproom on 9/23 (details forthcoming).
– BMW 2mi race this Friday – 6:30
– Moonshiner 5k (trail) this Friday – 8:30 (Paris Mtn State Park)
– Troad Race – this Sat 8am (Roper Mtn Science Ctr)

See ya in the gloom…..


Birthday Beatdown

25 men planted the shovel flag in Fall like conditions and helped YHC celebrate his birthday, F3 style


The Thang:

SSH x41
Merkins x15
IW x25

Mosey down the hill

Pain stations
Sleds – push up the hill and run back down (with sand bag and sled)
Sleds set the pace for the following exercises:
– KB swings
– merkins
– KB sumo high pulls
– mtn climbers
– KB curls
– single leg bridge (with leg ext)
– KB bent over row
– LBC’s
– KB shoulder press
– flutters
– cinderblock situp and press
Rinse and repeat x3 (with increasing distances for the sleds)

Plank U Very Much (w/ sprints)
– Mahktar Ndjiaye x10 IC, sprint out and back
– CCV x10 each side, sprint
– shoulder touches, sprint
– inchworm (forwards/backwards), sprint


Naked Moleskin
– Great testimony from Retread this morning. Thanks for sharing #inspringstuff
– Thanks for being patient with me as I set up the pain stations. I expected/planned for 16-20 so when 25 showed up I had to add to the workout #changeonthefly
– Great work by the 2.0’s (Nemo and Tebow)

– 4 confirmed for Spartan Beast. Who else will join us?
– Bartman shared info. on Third F (6 week program beginning on 10/16)
– Pledge has the Q for #TheMainThing Tues, 9/17 and Houdini has his VQ on 9/19.
– Keep up the momentum by EH’ing guys

See ya in the gloom……


F3 takes over the 2013 Blue Ridge Relay

Editor’s note: NoCo posted their BB here. Area 51, here. Swamp Rabbit, here.

The Thang:

208 mile relay run from Grayson Highlands State Park, Virginia to Asheville, NC over 25-30 hours.  Each team has 6-12 pax and 1-2 support vans.

F3’s participation in the 2013 Blue Ridge Relay was a tremendous success!  In 2012, F3 posted 5 teams to BRR.  In 2013, F3 posted 16 teams PLUS at least 5-6 other pax on their own teams.  There are only 150 teams in the entire BRR field, so F3 represented over 10 percent of the entire field!

I know I am not alone when I describe the BRR as the best endurance event that F3 does all year.  All the special events have their qualities, but BRR provides a true physical test with tremendous 2nd F in a beautiful setting.

Please view this PDF file for a team-by-team profile with moleskin.

Race results are posted here.  All the F3 teams did a fantastic job!  For the 2nd year in a row, F3 GONADS NINE finished as the fastest F3 team, still several hours behind the real runners. Is there a #BustedToe trophy?

Chico put together the attached write up, which I think captures the essence of BRR very well.

And Gator put together a fantastic video, which can be viewed above.

20+ teams for next year?

Non Cardio My Ass!

(1D posting for The Tickler)

Virtual Shovel Flag planted

7.5 Golden Strip faithful…


Downward dog merkins x11 in remembrance of 9/11

Regular merkins x11
IW x22 (11×2)
SSH x22

Mosey to back playground
Balls to the wall walk
10 pull ups
20 dips
Repeato x2 #smokedalready

Break into Groups of 3
Grab a tire
Mosey to lower field
Chest presses in cadence x5
Repeato x2
Tire squats in cadence x10
Repeato x2
Tire Flips across field while 1 partner does 5 lunge jumps other partner does bear crawl
Repeat back with crab walk

Put tires away

Mosey to the front wall
Burpee pyramid
1, 2, 3…7 #audible

People’s chair 1 min

Bicycles x22
LBCs x22
Russian twists x25


– After a couple balls the wall, Murdock had to find a secluded place. #exlaxweightloss
– Had good laughs of how each PAX got their F3 name
– Murdock 2.1 got named staying with the A-Team theme – Mr. T…Bag
– Sally SackFarted
– Prayed for Fletch’s buddy (Bo) who has cancer in the final stages
– Prayed for Murdock and the Lord’s ministry leading in that family

The Puking 50

18 pax showed up in the gloom and immediately regretted this decision.

SSH x 20
IW x 15
Mtn Climber x 20
Merkins x 10

Mosey to the garage.

The Nasty 50:
(10 exercises, 50 reps per exercise, with a plank wait, and mosey up and down the garage ramps in between exercises)

LBCs (called by Latka)
Jaques Cousteau (Bartman)
Burpees (Pledge), audible to 30
Fairy Jacks (Hootie)
Squats (Ahnold)
Spider-Man Merkins (Screech), audible to 25
One-legged Squats (Hugh)
Lunge Walk (Latka)
Flutters, four count (Flay)
Burpees x 30 (Grit)

Finally done with that #smoked. Wait, we still owe the house 25 Spider-Man Merkins, OYO.

Indian run, double applesauce style, back to the Peace Center for some Mary.

6 MOM:
Freddy Mercury x 20
Plank shoulder touches x 15
Dolly x 20
Rosalita x 20

-A lot of tired pax this morning after the Mumford concert last night.
-Q-ing on 3 hours of sleep sucks. Fart-sacking is worse.
-A lot of good local and regional races on the horizon.

-Praying for several people’s health, jobs, and finances.

Pre Blast- Day Zero Challenge

It is time to challenge yourself. Come out and beat the old you. Or come out and challenge the new you. 9-28-2013, See below for details. HC in comments


The Day Zero Challenge 

This Saturday will be the first of a recurring challenge at Day Zero. 

We all dedicate a great deal of discipline, time and effort into participating in F3 workouts. Purple Haze and I want to help you measure your results on a regular basis. The event will consist of several exercises completed over a 1 hour period. It will be the same every time we hold the Day Zero Challenge. (We are thinking every 8 weeks or so). The clock will start at 0700 and end at 0800. You will measure how far you get within the cycle. And then the next time you do it try to exceed your last. 

There will be no coupons, sandbags, etc. It will be just you, your body and your mind. I think it is a safe assumption that the exercises chosen will be difficult and so will the amount you have to do. We wouldn’t call it a challenge if this wasn’t the case. 

There will be no heroes in the back blast or scores posted. If you want Purple Haze and I to keep track of how far you get then we are happy to do so. That way you do not have to worry about tracking your improvement. 

Things to consider:

  1. If you need to warm up, show up early and do so. The  clock will start at 0700. We will have a timer out there so everyone is on the same page. We may even have some tunes going. (requests for music is acceptable but nothing promised. Keep it clean)
  2. We will meet in a COP on the lower fields. This is where we will start. The exercises and clock will be posted so you can see.
  3. 2.0s are welcome but keep in mind that the purpose of this is for you to progress as far as you can within the hour time allotment.
  4. Good form is always a topic at Area 51. Especially when certain individuals are present. You should know the right way to do the exercises. No one will call anyone out. Integrity is expected in everything we do. This is about you only. (Of course, I am sure there will be some healthy motivational banter out there too.)
  5. Bring water because you will be smoked at the end of this. 

Here is an example of how it will work. The sequence has not been determined yet but will be soon. Each set of exercise is followed by a lap around the track. (The lap will consist of every inch of the cement track. If you stay on the outside edge you will be fine. I note this because there are places where you could cut across (basketball court). We will try to put some cones out to guide you)



Exercise #1-

100 Burpees

Take a lap. 

Exercise #2

100 Squats 

Take a lap

 It will go on like this until one hour expires. We hope to see you all out there. The following Hard Committed Saturday night. I thought is best to put them here so they know I didn’t forget. HC in the comments below. That way you know you will do it. We look forward to seeing you out there.



Hard Comitted



Stone Cold

Good Hands



Yo Yo Mah

Spartan Beast Announcement — Team F3


Here it is men!  The monster of obstacle races in our backyard.  November 9, 2013 in Wynnsboro South Carolina.

beast pictureSpartan Beast is a 13+ mile race that is as hard as anything we are likely ever to do. Spartan estimates winning time in the 3 hour range.  F3 intends to bring the biggest baddest team this race has ever seen.

Here is what you do:

1) Start your registration at this page:

2) You will need to use or create an account to register.  Go ahead and do that.

3) Sign Up for the 8:30 confirmed start time.  It costs a little more but is well worth it to run on a fresh course without backups.

4) At check out use the following coupon code: F3BeastSC2013.  We have 50 slots at the discounted price, so get on this quick.

5) Confirm that you received a $74 discount on the price. 

6) Post below that you have signed up. Provide real name as well so we can track it on the Spartan roster.

7) Train up.  This is no joke. 

In the event you need convincing, here are some reasons to do this:

1. The Beast is the toughest obstacle race on the planet.  Bragging rights on this don’t expire until December 31.  You get nearly two months to talk about how awesome you are for running this one.

2. Tough Mudder is on November 2.  Do these back-to-back weekends and your street cred skyrockets. 

3. Thunder Road is November 16.  This November trifecta is one for the ages!

4. If you have already run a Spartan Sprint and Super this year then you have this on the line. Don’t let it slip away.



5.  Most importantly: the Second F.  This is a long hard race.  Do it with your brothers who will see you through. 



Stay tuned for additional logistical information as Beast day approaches. 

If you have question/concerns email Spooky Jon at

Wax On, Wax Off

(1D posting for Forrest)

16 posted in the darkness for a Forrest induced TBQ


Warm up
Run in place (30 seconds)
Active stretch on hamstrings & quads
Side straddle hop: 30 x 4 count
IMP walkers: 20 x 4 count

2 warm up laps (parking lot)

Mosey to the tiny Hill

50 meter sprints up the tiny hill
10 count (rest)
10 Burpees
Mosey down the hill
Rinse, Repeat x 5

Run backwards up the tiny hill
10 count (rest)
10 x 4 count Mountain Climbers
Mosey down the hill
Rinse, Repeat x 2

Ciabatta: “Tabata”
4 min exercise
20 seconds on, 10 seconds off x 8
Merkins, Diamonds, Wide, etc
(7 x 4 count)

Lunges 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Rinse, repeat 8 times

Squats 20 seconds on 10 seconds off
Rinse, repeat x 8

“Daniel-Son” Arm Circles w/ one leg up (like Karate Kid)
(20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)
Rinse, repeat x 8

End with 6 MOM
Flutter kicks: 30 x 4 count
Hello Dolly’s: 19 x 4 count
Plank: Rotate arm and leg up (both sides x 2)
Plank: one leg up, switch x 4
LBCs: 25 x 4 count



  • Welcome to FNGs Fertile (you can figure out why) & Dallas (Redskin fan)
  • Happy Birthday today to Sally (57). RESPECT!!
  • We are actively recruiting folks to sign up for The Spartan Beast on 11/09/13 in Winnsboro, SC
  • Next workout is Thursday, 05:30. The Tickler has the Q
  • Saturday – Retread’s Testimony at 06:30. Iceman’s Q starts at 07:00 sharp. Both at Legacy
  • Prayers are needed for Sam Esteban (Shannon 2.0) as he is having a rough time right now and is in the Hospital.



Ode to the Blue Ridge Relay

32 men planted the Shovel Flag for a BRR inspired #beatdown, sans the typical #gloom

BRR SW and CLT Teams3

SSH x36 (# of BRR legs)
Merkins x15 (# of F3 teams)
IW x29 (# of F3 vans)

Mosey to Main St for an Indian Run
Double Applesauce style – and don’t forget the sandbags #crowdpleaser
Each group passed the sandbag off to the person joining the front of the line. We ran 3-4 blocks down to Falls Park.

Modified Dora
77 burpees (F3 Swamp Rabbit finish at BRR), partner 1 runs while partner 2 does burpees. flapjack until team hits 77 reps
AUDIBLE – not enough space for all 32 men #problematicworkout

Group 1 Modified Dora with burpees x77 #crowdpleaser
Group 2 Box jumps and dips, partner 1 does a series of 3 boxjumps (up the seating in Falls Park) while partner 2 does dips (AMRAP) flapjack and repeato x3.
Once Group one was done with Burpees the groups flapjacked

Continuation of the Audible
Group one – Duck Duck Goose
Group two – Liberty Bridge Pullups (underneath the bridge) x10, repeato
Teams flapjack

Indian Run back to Peace Center (don’t forget the sandbags)

Stop Motion Flutter x10 crowdpleaser
One Legged Dolly (x5R and x5L)
Freddie Mercury x10


Naked Moleskin
– The sandbags got groans and #mumblechatter this morning #loveit
– Sorry about the audible. Great work by the PAX in some tight spaces this morning
– What you avoided due to the audible
155 jump lunges (# of BRR teams)
437 LBC’s (# of hrs spent racing by F3 teams at BRR)
– Need to check on Ashley – he had to leave early.
– Tclaps to all F3 men who conquered the BRR. #thatraceisnojoke

– #TheMainThang numbers continue to be strong. 32 this morning = problematic workout. So we’re starting to look at options for another split. #additionbydivision
– Latka has the Q at #TheMainThang on Thurs
– Iceman has the Q for #Legacy on Sat
– ABP has been issued for #Beaudreaux, #Hugenuts and #Doogie. #WhereYaBeen?
– Several upcoming local races
BMW Race (2mi) – 9/20

Moonshiner 5k – 9/20 at Roper Mtn Science Center. Same day as the BMW – timing allows for guys to do both. #doubledown
The TROAD is on Saturday the 21st at 8:30 and is organized by “Floater” aka Mike Sease. RMSC is only 2 miles from Legacy. You could do both. #doubledown

Race for the Cure (5k) – 9/28 at Fluor Field

– Several upcoming regional races
Mudrun in the Greenville area (Sept)
USMC mudrun in Columbia (Oct)
Spartan Beast in Winnsboro, SC (outside Columbia) (Nov)

See ya in the gloom