Wide Right!

GameDay…..Seminoles vs. Hurricanes…..I can still hear ‘ol Keith Jackson’s Ol Nellies and the way he would draw out the city’s name “We are here in Tallllllahassee for the Noles and the Canes…”

If that is not enough, two hours down I-10 the Gators from the swamps of Gainesville and the Bulldogs from hills of Athens meet up for some cocktails and memories.

All-in-all what a day that God has given us and we would not be doing him or it justice if we did not sink the shovel in the ground with Old Glory flying high and earn our tomahawk helmet stickers before partaking in some brown water fun.   In addition to 7.1 PAX of TLH f3 (.1 being Kineval today), we had 2 guests from f3 SwampFox (Greenville, SC) post this morning at 0600 in the Leon Bowl.

After cordials and stretches+SSH’sX25, we bring in to the two F3 flags for LP and jump into a 1000M  “Shake and Bake” sprint; next the Spartan Pyramid with 1-2-4-6-8-10-10-8-6-4-2-1 standing long jumps + burpee combos that covered 120-150 yards of jumps and 62 burpees, plank rest 120 second

Off the prison yard for 10 straightline pull-ups (aka GI’s) , we grab CB’s and take off to parking lot for 60 yard CB overhead lunges to CB overhead cleans to 60 yard CB overhead farmer’s walk

COT for discussion on the returning theme for being more child-like with God and how we came out head first into this world and need to act this way in our spiritual life instead of dipping our toe in when convenient.   Be humbled in our difficult times and know that character is not fortified with easy victories but more in tough defeats.    God will bring you down to your knees in many ways……back to prison squats with overhead cb X 25, toes to bar on pull up bar X 10

The 4th Qtr finishes with your Swampfox guest, One Direction introducing a new wrinkle with 100-200-300 team drills (did not get name of exercise).   100 merkins while partner runs 100 continuous yard sprints – 200 mtn climber with continuous 100 yard partner sprints – 300 squats…..etc

Image 1

For those of you who hit the snooze alarm, you let a 15 year from Greenville, SC with the name “Tebow” post and guess what……he will be at the game just like you, tailgating just like you and cheering wildly into past midnight for the Noles just like you.

Remember one thing: If you are going to be a Bear, Be a Grizzly!  Be Safe.



The Screecher From The Black Lagoon

26 Rabbits (including 3 FNG’s) planted the shovel flag at #TheMainThang for @Screech’s VQ. It was clear early on that @Screech did not believe in tricks or treats. He has all the makings of the next cult movie monster – “The Screecher From Falls Park”

screecher from the black lagoon

The Thang

SSH x30
Merkins x15
IW x30
SSH x30

Run down Main St, across the Liberty Bridge, around the Bowater bldg and into the parking deck #SuperLongWay #IknowAshortCut

Once in the deck, perform an exercise at each level, running up the ramps in between

15 Spiderman pushups, jog to the next level
15 air squats, backwards run up
15 mountain climbers, run up
10 clap pushups, run up
Burpee Broad jumps all the way up the ramp #crowdpleaser #gassed
10 Spiderman pushups, sprint up.
Mosey to the steps and take them down to the bottom

Partner up and split into 2 groups
Grp 1 – on the wall for
Handstand Push Ups x10, flapjack
Leg Throw on back x30, flapjack

Grp 2 – short mosey to rails by the river for
Supine pull ups x30
Groups flapjack

Run behind the Bowater bldg and back across Liberty Bridge to the entrance to Falls Park

Modified Dora
50 Derkins, 50 Dips, 50 Wall Jumps (aggregate count with partner)

One partner does exercise while the other does pull ups under Liberty Bridge
As many pull ups as possible between partner switches (heard one team got to 49 – #beasts)

Plank and sprint from Falls Park to Peace Center


Naked Moleskin
– Great VQ from @Screech today
– Burpee broad jumps up the ramp were no joke #smoked
– That 300yd sprint from Falls Park to Peace Center almost had YHC spilling merlot #NotTodayFlay
– YHC didn’t leave 6MOM out – @Screech worked us so hard there was no time for it #LotsOfPullups
– Yes, @Screech does have washboard abs like The Creature pictured above. Although I don’t recall his nails being quite as long #metrosexual

– We wish @Zildjian best of luck on his journey to Parris Island to become a Marine
– Keep @Epee’ and his family in your thoughts/prayers as he is out of town on a military training exercise for the next three weeks
– Our thoughts/prayers are with @Punkin Spice’s friend who recently lost his father
– Spring 2014 USMC Mud teams are forming now. Contact YHC or @Pledge for details.
– Debit has the Q at #Legacy this Saturday.

See ya in the gloom……

Jack O'Pain

13 Faithful planted the #shovelflags at The Tank Yard for a Halloween beatdown, courtesy of YHC and his good buddy Jack. We’re gonna go ahead and throw #smoker and #crowdpleaser here in now for the whole post, as the #mumblechatter came early and often in this little spook-fest.


SSH x 20

IW x 20

The Thang

Here’s how it worked: YHC brought trick-or-treat bucket (aka Jack, aka Jack O’Pain) filled with various exercises, circuits, beatdowns, etc on little slips of paper. A member of the PAX would pull a slip out, and that’d be the next exercise. It got interesting very early…

6MOM #curveball (PAX picked each exercise and Q counted out)

Flutters x 31

LBCs x 31

Leg throws x 31 (audible to 20 reps. #dangitSnowden)

Freddie Mercury x 31

Back to the Thang

20 Burpess OYO

Star Drill

Mosey to the Tennis Courts and pair up. 1 PAX runs while the other performs an exercise AMRAP. Flapjack until everybody’s runs 3x and done all three of:

Russian Twists



Mosey around the courts till everybody’s done

Circle of Pain

Push-o-rama: Merkins x 15, Werkins x 15, Diamond Merkins x 15 all SLOW single count


Mosey to the bottom of the parking lot: Burpees x 10, Squats x 20, Merkins x 30, LBCs x 40, Walking Lunges x 50. Sprint (or hobble as in the case of YHC) to the speed hump and back

Plank till everybody’s done

Four Corners

Mosey to the baseball field and hit the base paths: Burpees, In/Outs, Squats x 5 at each base/home plate, sprinting in between to each

Extra time around w/ squats for the PAX who lapped the field #tclaps

Joe Hendrix

Back to the #shoveflags to finish up. (Made it to 5 Merkins/20 Presses before the clock ran out)


  • Killer effort from the PAX, especially with the random format. #tclaps
  • Jack had himself some colorful names by mid-way through the workout, based on the #mumblechatter. (Jack Off was YHC’s favorite)
  • YHC needs to focus on upper body and core, and we think that might just have come through in the workout.
  • USMC MudRun sign ups are going live soon. Pledge has the Q for getting things organized.
  • MOAB workout details for next week coming soon. We are told EC has the Q.
  • Praise for SnipIT’s house selling in 6 days!!! #gottabearecord
  • YHC is running the Tough Mudder this Saturday. Start time 1130. Thoughts and prayers are welcome so our team makes it through with all our limbs.
  • Wonderful words from @Snowden in BOM to send us out right for the rest of the day.

Happy Halloween, brothers. Next workout is Tuesday, 11/5. Papparazzki has the Q.


MOAB #MotherOfAllBeatdowns

9 men won the fartsack battle and found their way to the Zoo for the inaugural MOAB #MotherOfAllBeatdowns.

One Mile Warm-up
Start at zoo
Mosey to amphitheater
25 x iw
box jump to top x 3 #watchoutforthebrokenglass

Mosey to monkey bars
pull ups x10
half of group does merkins

Mosey to another set of monkey bars
pull ups x10
half of group does air squats

Run to Vietnam Memorial
slow Freddie Mercury’s x 10 (hold left for 3 1 switch hold right for 3 = 1) x 10

HELL Hill Repeats

Run to base of hill bear crawl short hill to the picnic table

10 burpees
10 slow Freddie Mercury’s
10 merkins
10 squats
Run SPRINT up – do a set
Run down to road – do a set

Repeato X 3 #thechartlookslikeanekg #flatline


Naked Moleskin

Total of 2 miles #paxthoughtT.B.C.wouldrunlong #firstmilewassub7:30with3stops

EC is the Q for Monday Nov 4th. Location TBA #i’mprettysureECisanalien

Grave Diggers and The Wall

14 Men (2 FNGs) gathered at the Golden Strip and planted the virtual shovel flag for a “Grave Digger” workout


  • SSH x 30
  • Merkins x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 30
  • LBCs x 30

The Main Thang

Indian run to Mauldin Middle School football field

  • Grave Diggers!  120yd sprint and jog back x 5 #beat


  • Partner clap push-ups x 10
  • 10 count
  • Partner clap push-ups x 10
  • Grave Diggers!  120 yd sprint with jog back x 4 #smoked


  • Partner clap push-ups x 10
  • 10 count
  • Partner clap push-ups x 10

Indian run back to Mauldin Elementary

To the Wall !!!  Back by popular demand…  Wall Burpees!

  • Hand release merkin
  • Climb the brick wall
  • Hand release merkin
  • repeat x 10

Evidence that WiFi was there:


Plank until everyone finishes

  • Toe Raises x 30
  • Air Squats x 30

Circle up for 1 MOM

  • Out of the grave x 30


  • 2 FNGs – big F3 welcome to Ray (Alphabet) and Jay (Cochrane)
  • Prayer for The Pill’s wife Kim and her diagnosis
  • Golden Strip keeps growing.  Keep headlocking FNGs


Preblast — Spring Mud Run Registration

The Spring 2014 USMC Mud Run will be held on Saturday, April 12th at the Leatherneck Course near Columbia, SC. Details on the race can be found at the event’s website, but I’m not going to give you that link just yet because…

Registration for the Spring USMC Mud Run opens Friday, November 1st on the mud run website, BUT, F3 Nation should NOT register through that site. Instead, there will be a registration form specifically for us posted on F3Nation.com (coming soon). The mud run has reserved a block of starting times just for us with a time buffer before and after our teams begin (just like this Fall).

The F3 Registration and Payment Deadline is WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2013.

USMC Mud Run has increased the registration fee to $200 per team. There will also be a small handling fee for online registration. You should plan on $55 per man. The website form will allow a team captain to register his entire team. A team captain registering his entire team should be prepared with the following information for each team member:

  • Real name (First and Last)
  • F3 Nickname
  • F3 Region
  • Cell Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • T-Shirt size

You may register as a team or as an individual. Individuals will have an opportunity to indicate levels of fitness/goals/competitiveness, etc. so “gazelles” get placed with other “gazelles” and not with “elephants.” And vice versa. Team rosters do not need to be set in stone at this time, just the number of teams from each region.

Each Region will coordinate it’s own teams, including transportation/sundries. Details and payment for transportation will be handled separately from mud run registration and closer to the date of the event. The Columbia organizing team will coordinate any nomad cities not currently served by a Region.

Questions should be directed to your Regional Mud Run Q or to F3MudRun@gmail.com.


If You Q It, They Will Come (Except Hermie)


photo posted on www.post-gazette.com

14 Men (1 FNG) gathered around the Tank and planted the flag for a “Field of Dreams” VQ workout


  • SSH x 20
  • IW x 20
  • Merkins x 12 #theQlostcount

Mosey to the field house, seperate in groups of 3 for some inverted fun

  • Wall 1:  Handstand push-ups x 5 #needsomework
  • Wall 2:  BTTW lenghth of the wall
  • Wall 3:  Inverted shoulder touches x 30

Rinse and repeat

Mosey to the baseball field for…

The Main Thang

At each lightpole do the following:

  • Merkins x 10
  • Air squats x 15
  • LBCs x 20
  • Run to the next lightpole along the fence line (4 lightpoles total)
  • At 1st base dugout, Dips x 20
  • Lunge walk to 3rd base dugout
  • Dips x 20

Plank until everyone finishes

Repeat doing the following at the lightpoles:

  • Werkins x 5
  • Mountain climbers x 20
  • Diamond push ups x 5

Plank until everyone finishes

Mosey to left field foul pole

  • Run to right field foul pole, Burpee x 1
  • Run to left field foul pole, Burpee x 2
  • Repeat until at right field foul pole with Burpee x 5

Mosey to park shelter

  • Dips x 10
  • Derkins x 10 #havewedoneanypushupsyet

Repeat until 8 and 8

Mosey to the Tank and circle up for 6 MOM


  • Prayer requests for TBC’s meetings, praise for Snip-It’s house going under contract #fastestGowersellever
  • Look on the website about Monday morning “advanced” MOAB workouts



AsSUMO the position!

14 faithful posted alongside the SF for a 1D CORE values crushing


  • IW x 30
  • SSH x 30
  • Take a lap around the parking lot


  • One the wall for People’s Chair x 30 seconds
  • Feet on top of the wall (modified Balls to the Wall) for 30 seconds
  • People’s Chair x 35 secs
  • Mod Ball to the Wall x 35 secs
  • People’s Chair x 40 secs
  • Mod Ball to the Wall x 40 secs
  • People’s Chair x 45 secs
  • Mod Balls x 45 secs
  • People’s Chair x 60 secs (only cause Murdock asked for it)


  • Feet on the curb for decline 4C shoulder touches (15 rep pyramid – all the way to 1)
  • Sumo Squat hold for 30 secs in between each set
  • Audible on the 8 count rep – Do matching 4C Mountain climbers in between


  • 17 line, parking space, SUICIDES.  Yes, 17 lines!

6MOM (Murdock Q).  Turned out to be 8MOM.  Geez!!

  • LBCs x 66 (4C)
  • High Flutters x 60 (4C)
  • Pull Through Sit ups x 15
  • Dollys x 10 (Last 5 were scissors)
  • Russian Twist x 15 (picked by Nemo)



  • Very little running today but your CORE will be thanking YHC.
  • A lot of #mumblechatter being that we stayed in one place
  • A lot of prayer requests today.  Many guys and their loved ones are under attack.  The enemy does not discriminate


  • Movember starts Friday, November 1st.  Download the free app.  YHC has already raised $140.  Join the F3SwampRabbit Team.
  • 3rd F Men’s Roundtable continues every Wednesday, 05:30, Grace Church Downtown
  • Next Workout is Thursday.  The Tickler has the Q


There's Stretching Involved?!

27 men planted the shovel flag and got to work.

Warm Up

SSH x25

Merkins x25 #crowdpleaser

Imperial Walkers x25

The Main Thang

Mosey to Brown Street

50’s with some suicide sprints in between

50 Merkins

50 Sumo Squats

50 Burpees #anothercrowdpleaser

Mosey to the Suntrust Building

Dips & Wall Jumps x10 x15 x15

Mosey to the Garbage Truck Hill

Link arms and do backwards runs up the hill x5

Mosey back to the PC


Calves on benches

Hamstrings and groins (Plant one knee on the ground and have the other foot planted so you are in a lunge position. Move your planted leg outward and inward to stretch the hamstring and switch legs)

Downward dog and Planks


In & Outs x15

Russian Twists x10

Flutters x10

Rosalitas x10

LBC’s x25


Naked Moleskin

Awesome work this morning fellas, way to push through it.

Stretching at the end was clutch, legs are feeling good after some running this morning.

Look out for more 2nd F opportunities coming from Hootie in the coming weeks. Looking for more volunteering in the community, and chances for us to help others and make a difference.

See ya in the gloom


Did someone say it was cold?

27 men planted shovel flags in January like temps. YHC made sure they were quickly defrosted……


The Thang:

Burpee x10
SSH x10
Burpee x9
MC’s x10
Burpee x8
IW x10
Burpee x7
Werkins x10

Split into 2 groups and mosey to bottom of the hill

Grp1 – Man makers x5 w/ sandbag, run to cone w/sb x5 squats, then back, while PAX does core work
Repeato, then flapjack to sleds

Grp2 Sleds – push sled (with 30lb sandbag) to cone, x5 overhead presses at halfway pt, push back,
while PAX does core exercises
Repeato, then flapjack to man makers

Plank sprints
series of plank exercises, sprint to first cone, backward run to start, sprint to second cone, backward run to start

Mosey to the backside of the Fern for
People’s chair
alternating with derkins
repeato x3

Mosey to the field for catch me if you can – Duck Duck Goose style
Group circles up, holding 6″, while 2 guys sprint around the circle
1st time clockwise
2nd time counter-clockwise

Mosey back down to the sleds
Sleds and man makers again, x2


Naked Moleskin

– Tclaps to the PAX for posting in near freezing temps #F3spirit
– Shout out to @Hootie, @Spongebob and @Electric City for going #chippendales #needtheirheadchecked
– This was a core beatdown. You’ll thank YHC later

– Keep @Spicoli in your thoughts and prayers as he battles against his health issues.
– Thankful that @Scoop’s adoption was finalized yesterday
– MOAB on Monday – 0530 at Cleveland Park. Remember that this is an advanced workout (no FNG’s)