Who's That Masked Man?


28 Men planted the shovel flag in the frozen tundra of Legacy Park. We thought we had an FNG on the hook, which would have been a strong rookie outing. Turns out that masked man was @Hootie – and we finally did see the smile on his face.

Little baby jog
SSH x30
Slow merkins x10
Slow squats x20

Mosey to the middle of the park for Dirty MacDeuce
1st set
– merkins, squats, LBC’s
– diamonds, lunges, heels to heaven
– werkins, jump squats,
– CDD, smurf jacks, slutters

Hootible – 10 burpees oyo (superman style)

Mosey down to the pond and partner up – size matters
Catch Me If You can – backwards
3 burpee broad jumps when caught, flapjack and repeat around the pond
Plank up when done with one lap, once everyone is back – repeato
Hootible – 10 burpees oyo (superman style)

Keeping with the partner theme….
Brokeback rodeo (around the pond)
flapjack at every other light pole

Mosey up the hill for Mary
LBC (legs at 45*)
Static Plank for 1min, repeato

Mosey to find a flat spot
Plank slalom jump overs x20, flapjack and repeato x2
Hootible – 10 burpees oyo (superman style)

Short mosey for COP
Squats x20, Squat thrusters x20, Jump lunges x20

Mosey down the hill
Jacob’s Ladder up the big hill near the pond

Mosey back to the SF for COT and BOM

Naked Moleskin
– Tclaps to the 28 men who posted in 23* temps. Pat yourself on the back b/c that’s cold as…….
– YHC pushed hard today to keep our body temps up #smokedQ #tasteslikechicken
– Welcome to @Slim who just moved to town from the #Mothership. Great to meet you and good work coming off the foot injury
– Worth mentioning that @Bill Nye and @Twerkin were late arrivals. #betterlatethannever
– I apologize in advance as technical difficulties resulted in the loss of the list with who attended. So I tried to recount from memory but I know I’ve left several guys out.

– Eastside big bang / convergence next Thurs (1/9). **Only workout in Swamp Rabbit region that day**
– Lone Survivor / Murph Workout (1/10 and 1/11). See website for details
– Drifter 6k Trail Run – see website
– Congrats to the Gamecocks and Tigers on bowl victories
– Prayers for Spicoli as he tackles his Chemo
– Prayers for Vuvuzela as he travels to South Africa
– Prayers for One Direction and Tebow as they head to Pasadena #chasingcrystal

See ya in the gloom……


Good Start to the New Year

Twelve folks joined us for the first workout of the year at the Tankyard.

SSH – 21
IW – 20
Burpees – 5

Mosey to Parking Lot/Jogging Path

2 Groups

Group 1:
50 situps
50 pushups
50 squats
Rinse and repeat (modify to sets/reps of 25 as needed) until Group 2 arrives
0.75 mile Indian Run around park
Swap with Group 2

Group 2:
0.75 mile Indian Run around park
Swap with group 1 upon completion of the Indian Run
50 situps
50 pushups
50 squats
Rinse and repeat (modify to sets/reps of 25 as needed) until Group 1 arrives

Each group ran 3 laps and did 3 sets of exercises (with multiple repeats)

Short Mosey to hill

Crabwalk down hill
Army crawl up hill
One burpee

Crabwalk down hill
Bearcrawl up hill
One burpee

Mosey back to the flag

10 burpees for Spicoli

Total distance traveled during workout: 2.75 miles

Naked Moleskin-
I failed to properly save my recording, so this is from memory. Forgive me if I left anything/anyone out or made any errors.

Sick children/family and wornout parents: Flay, Golden Sombrero, Bunyon
Scuba Steve and his father while dealing with his father’s health issues
Clapper’s adoption process

Rabbids Converge on the Peace Center

40 Conejos planted multiple shovel flags at The Main Thang as we closed out 2013 with Site Q’s from each weekday workout taking turns beating on the PAX


The Thang:

Iceman’s Q
SSH x30
IW x27

Mosey to the Bridge over the River Reedy
5 burpees OYO
Mosey to the Main St bridge
5 burpees OYO

Mosey to the entrance to Falls Park for
The Liberty Bridge Escalator
Burpees x10, run across the bridge and back
Burpees x10, squat jumps x20, run
Burpees x10, squat jumps x20, heels to heaven x30, run
Burpees x10, squat jumps x20, heels to heaven x30, squat thrusters x30, run

Plank until all are finished.

One Direction’s Q
Head down the steps to the bottom of Falls Park for ladders and elevens:
Group 1
Bent Ladder
Bear crawl up the steep hill, burpees at the top (audibled to 5 for time)
Flapjack with group 2

Group 2
11’s – derkins and dips
Flapjack with group 1

Because our shoulders weren’t smoked enough, mosey to the top of Falls Park for:
Group 1
Joe Hendricks – up all 3 flights of steps, core work until group 2 arrives
Group 2
core work until group 1 finished with JH, flapjack

Flay’s Q
Mosey across the Bridge Over the River Reedy to the Peace Center Amphitheater
Partner up for Qbert’s revenge
Box jumps and russian twists x100, back scratchers x100, flutters x100
Partner 1 box jumps up the amphitheater seats (5 total)
Parter 2 performs core work, flapjack (rep totals are aggregate between partners)
Work through

Plank when done

Get in line for walking plank – feet on the amphitheater stage and work your way from one end to the other #shouldersmoker
then frog jump back to the other side of the stage


Naked Moleskin
– Great to see so many guys from the other sites posting at The Main Thang #Genesis
– Flay and YHC we’re making plans for One Direction’s Q when he appeared at 0531, #fashionablylate #curbsideparking
– Downtown offers a lot in the way of a workout and scenery but space constraints can make it difficult to manage 40 guys. Thanks for being patient with us.
– Lots of #mumblechatter from Flay about the first 2 Q’s hogging all the time #wahwah
– Good to have Dabo post with us again. He’s a Greenville son living in Charleston.

– Keep our brothers who are hurting and their families in your thoughts and prayers
– Lots of upcoming races and events:
1/10 and 1/11 Lone Survivor / Memorial Murph workout
– 2/1 Swamp Rabbit 1 yr anniversary with double down option – Hero’s 5k (details coming)
2/8 Drifter 6k/Doubledown

See ya in the gloom…..


Monday MOAB

Sore from Saturday’s beatdown, 3 of us decided to roll out of the fartsack this morning and get to work!

Merkins x 10
LBC x 20
SmurfJacks x 15

The Thang:
Modified Beast around the MRC (Mitchell Road Church), completing 6 reps at each corner
Wide Arm Merkins

Grit takes over the “Q”

Pull Ups x 5
Swerkins x 10
Pull Ups x 5
EC’s (feet in the swing, walk on your hands to the far right and complete a merkin, walk on your hands to the left side and complete a merkin) x 10
Rinse and repeat x 2

Dora 1,2,3 up the MRC Hill
Flutters x 100 (intervals of 25)
Squats x 200 (intervals of 50)
LBC’s x 300 (intervals of 100)

Rise from the grave x 15
Protractor x three reps each side
Ab work (name??) x 15 (right and left side)
Spicoli’s x 10 Burpees OYO

Serious mumblechatter on the EC’s and Dora
MRC has a lot to offer and we are excited about the launch on 1/9/13

Pre-Blast: Greenville SC Trail Race known as Foothills Drifter

Editor’s note: Greenville, SC is ~1.5hrs for Charlotte-area and Columbia regions. The SR guys invite visiting PAX! -AP

drifterLook out, brothers. The Man With No Name is back amongst us soon. Probably the most popular winter event in the Upstate is back and better than ever. The Foothills Drifter, presented by Half-Moon Outfitters, is going down on 2.8.14, and F3 is gonna be there in force.

Those of you who have attended in the past can attest that the Drifter not only offers a fun, challenging course in Conestee State Park, but also some of the best swag of any race around. This year, race jerseys will be provided by the North Face, and, with Salomon as a co-sponsor, you can for sure expect some killer giveaways to go along with that. Check out the video up top from last year to get an idea.

What’s better, T.B.C. has secured an F3 discount so we pay $20 instead of the normal $30. Half-Moon has also agreed to let us extend this out to all of F3 Nation, and we figured we’d take the chance to doubledown with a post race workout show some of the NC and Cola PAX some Swamp Rabbit hospitality. Here’s what we’re proposing:

What: Foothills Drifter 6k Convergence with Swamp Rabbit-led bootcamp immediately following

When: 2.8.14 / Race at 0900 doubledown after

Where: Conestee State Park

How: Any way you can. Registration can be found hereEnter F3 in the discount field at the top to get the $10 off

Why: To raise some money for the local trails system. Not enough? Okay, to raise awareness locally about F3. Still not enough? Ok… To gauge that winter fitness and get in some serious 2nd F with your brothers from all around F3 Nation.

That is also Grit’s (aka The Gritch, aka Grittitude) birthday, so we will be planning some post event festivities as well.

Interested? Go ahead and register, and let us know about your HC in the comments below.

Lone Survivor Movie Night / Memorial Murph Workout

lone survivor

Please join your F3 Swamp Rabbit brothers and honor Lt. Michael Murphy and our US men and women in uniform who risk it all for our freedom.

F3 MOVIE NIGHTLone Survivor
WHEN: Friday, January 10, 2014 at 7:40 p.m. sharp
WHERE: Hollywood 20, Woodruff Rd, Greenville
We will watch this with the general public so I would suggest purchasing a ticket during the day or showing up early to ensure viewing (we have no idea how crowded this time slot will be).
Plan on being there between 7:00 – 7:15, so we can get seats together.

This is a Men Only event! Should this first F3 Movie Night become a success, then we may open up an F3 Dinner and Movie Date Night with the Ladies.
However, this is not an F3 only event. EH guys for the movie and the Saturday Memorial Murph workout.

Please note, Lone Survivor is rated R due to profanity and realistic depictions of violence (parent’s guide linked below). We do believe the film is appropriate for mature/teen 2.0s and would welcome all interested 2.0s to attend the event to learn more about those who serve our country and a real world depiction of superheroes.
Memorial Murph:
WHEN: Saturday, January 11, 2014 at 0700
WHERE: Legacy Park, Hollingsworth Subdivision
0700 – 0800
1 Mile Run – 100 Pullups – 200 Merkins – 300 Squats – 1 Mile Run
0815 Coffeeteria – Greenfields Bagels

See you at the theater and in the gloom!


The Gritch who Stole XMAS!




This morning at 0700 23 PAX met at Legacy Park for a Xmas stealing beat down of ginormous proportions, as the Gritch, whose heart was three sizes too small, made us run, push, pull, and run some more in the frozen tundra of Hollingsworth park. Special thanks to Ice for helping to make this happen.

Rodeo Clown (two sets)

Bartman’s Triathalon ( 5 sets) 5 pull ups, 10 merkins, 15, dips

DORA 1000 – 100 Sit and Press, 200 Dead Man Lifts, 300 Flutter Press, 400 Squats all whilst running up and down the hill!


Announcements: Don’t forget to register for the Drifter – Feb 8 and yours truly’s birthday.

Prayer Requests – Spicoli, Flay’s Father-In-Law, and everyone who may be suffering in silence.

MOAB Eastside with the Gritch and Bartman


Snowden Goes Solo

Snowden’s Beach Beatdown: Can’t keep a Swamp Rabbit down even flyng solo on vacation down in Florida

Flay posting for Snowden

The Thang

Performed 6 Rounds of this: 1/2 mile run and 25 reps of 4 exercises. Rinse and Repeat for 6 rounds: Covered 3 miles and 600 total reps. #stolet.b.cturkeydayconvergence

Round 1: 1/2 mile run, 25 Merkins, 25 Knee Tucks, 25 Squats, 25 lunges

Round 2: 1/2 mile run, 25 Derkins, 25 Russian Twists (double cnt), 25 Squats, 25 Lunges

Round 3: 1/2 mile run, 25 Wide Merkins,25 Squats, 25 Flutters (dble cnt), 25 Calf Raises

30 second plank #excusetoslowdown

Round 4: 1/2 mile run, 25 Diamond Merkins, 25 LBC’s, 25 Calf Raises, 25 Box Jumps (did on beach deck)

Round 5: 1/2 mile run, 25 Incline Merkins, 25 Crunches, 25 Squats, 25 Step Ups

30 second plank #snowdensgassedatthispoint

Round 6: 1/2 mile run, 25 Merkins, 25 Bicycles (dble cnt), 25 Squats, 25 Calf Raises

2 minutes of stretching

1 Man COT

Praying for some guidance from the Lord as colby (2.0) didn’t come with us on vacation as he is having some troubles again with the blended family and being back in our new home. Just lift us up if you don’t mind. I’m struggling a little with this right now….

See the Pax in the Gloom Soon!


Snowden OUT!!!!!

Tis The Season…To Fartsack??? NOT

13 men decided to get out of that warm farsack and make their daily downPAINment

SmurfJacks x 20
LBC x 25
Merkins x 16
IW x 25

The Thang:
Mosey down Main street and over to the OOBE steps for 11’s. 1 exercise at the bottom 10 at the top, 2 exercises at the bottom 9 at the top…….
Exercises: Fairy Jacks at the bottom and Sumo Squats at the top

Mosey towards the bridge for PAINstations:
Dips x 15
Derkins x 10
Pull Ups x 5
Hootie-able to rotate derkins, diamond derkins and workins.
Rinse and Repeat x 6
Tale of the Tape:
Dips x 90
Derkins.. x 60
Pull Ups x 30

Grit suggested that we move onto something else…..change of scenery but same PAIN.  Indian run back to the PC.
SmurfJacks x 10
Lunges x 15
Run down main street and back towards the PC steps for Joe Hendrix or 15 Burpees OYO
Rinse and Repeat

Russian Twist x 25
In & Outs x 15
10 Spicoli Burpees

Great having Cato join us
Good work today Walker and look forward to having you back out there!!
PAX seems to love SmurfJacks

Prayers and Praises:
For strenght to fight of the stomach bug that is going around
For those who are hurting


Rudolph's Revenge

6 faithful braved the cold to work off their holiday indulgences. It looks like the fartsack won the battle today. YHC took charge to lead the pax to the gloom.

Warm Up

25 ssh
25 iw
25 clbc

The Thang

10 burpees
10 merkins
10 clbc’s
10 squats…PLANK when done

Prancer – run to top of park to the old Bi-lo
bottom of hill 10 burpees
top of hill 10 merkins
bottom of hill 10 clbc’s
top of hill 10 squats…PLANK when done

Vixen-run to pain cage;
16 hip slappers
10 burpees
10 merkins
10 clbc’s
10 squats…PLANK when done
10 bleacher air presses #yesweliftedbleachersoverourheads

Comet-run to big hill sprinting from bottom to top
top of speed bump 10 burpees
bottom of hill 10 merkins
top of speed bump 10 clbc’s
bottom of hill 10 squats

Cupid-run to swing set
10 burpees
10 merkins with your hand in the swing #smoker
10 clbc’s
10 squats…PLANK when done

Donder-run to lower shelter
5 pull ups
10 burpees
10 merkins
10 clbc’s
10 squats…PLANK when done

Blitzen-run to playground
10 burpee pull up with knees to elbow #audibleatsix
10 merkins
10 clbc’s
10 squats…PLANK when done

Six minutes of Rudolph hosted by Earp #masterflutter
50 flutters
elbow plank 1 min
5036 flutters #audiblefortime #notbecauseiwassmoked

Tale of the tape
running 1.5 miles
70 burpees
70 merkins
95 clbc’s
70 squats
80 flutters

Pray for all who are traveling over the holiday
Pray for Ashley’s knee