You Won’t Melt

The PAXLt Sunshine, Stripes, Kindergarten Cop, Perry Mason, Grrrr, WaxOn, Wally, Bed Bug, Levar, Iceman
Workout Date10/11/2018
A.O. The Station

10 men defied #Cantore to post at #TheStation in blustery conditions.

The Thang
SSH x20
Merkins x10 (slow count)
Squats x13

Cue the #ladyinthephone for #Tabata
30 secs of work followed by 10 secs of rest
12 exercises (mix of upper body, lower body and core)
4 rounds
5MOM between rounds 2 and 3


Naked Moleskin
– Tabata has always been a sneaky tough workout
– Grr was really thirsty this morning #multipletripstothewaterfountain
– KC does everything real fast…..and I mean EV.RY.THING #TMI
– Alfred was #MIA

– Mallwalker Challenge this Sat at Haywood Mall – 0630 launch

– All those impacted by Hurricane Michael
– Greer AD battling cancer

Stealth Location?

Your favorite Swamp Rabbit web hosting team met for a 2man workout in Pickens County.  If we can recruit enough regulars out here this just might be a thing.

QIC: Easy Bake
PAX: Billy Ray
AO: Unnamed


  • SSH x20
  • Hillbilly x20

Thang  1

Build a burpee four sets of 20 followed by a little run

  • 4 sets of 20x Mer’cans
  • 4 sets of 20x 2c Mountain Climbers
  • 4 sets of 20x jump squat

Thang 2

Descending burpee ladder at the bottom of a hill.  Backpedal to the top


Thang 3

  • Lunge walk half the parking lot/bear crawl the rest, 40x flutter kick

Repeat this until you can’t feel your legs (took approximately 3 times)


  • 25x American Hammer
  • 25x Freddie Mercury

Moving Blocks

Q.I.C.Kindergarten Cop
The PAXLavar Burton, Grrr, Training Wheels, Wax On, Bedbug, Perry Mason, Courtesy Flush
Workout Date10/09/2018
A.O. The Station

Warm Up

20 SSH and 20 IW

Some mumble chatter about the speed of the warm up and speculation about what might be ahead.

Mosey to the church and partner up.  One partner grabs a block.  Some PAX had some confusion either about who their partner was and how many blocks were needed.  Mosey from Memorial Methodist to First Baptist stopping several times for 20 SSH and to switch who carries the block.

DORA at First Baptist

100 squats, 200 bench press, and 300 curls

partner 2 gets two trips of Joe Hendrix up the steps followed by as many trips running up and down the steps as necessary until completion.

Mosey back to Memorial and return the blocks.  Several stops for 20 SSH and switching who carries the block.  The last stop was 20 merkins to keep PAX on their toes.

Mosey to the newly renovated wall at the park entrance with a stop for 20 Big Boys on the way.

Balls to the wall as long as you can followed by the People’s Chair.

Mosey back to the circle.

Captain Thor and Erectors followed by a little Plank

Naked Moleskin

Prayers for Juggernauts’ family who lost a house to fire, and several other unspokens.

Come out Thursday for Iceman’s Q.  Perry and Grr donating money for each PAX who shows.



Out for a Mosey

The PAXSpackler, FNG (Bibendum) , Anchor Down, Traffic Jam, Soda, FNG (Cool wHip), Yellowtail, Hacksaw, Double Windsor, JK2, FNG(La Brea), Generic, Inspector Gadget, Sugar Beach, Ashy Larry,
Workout Date10/05/2018
A.O. Dog Pound


All while moseying

  • R. Arm Circles
  • L. Arm Circles
  • Defensive Slide
  • High Knees
  • Karaoke
  • Butt Kicks

Arrive at the TRHS track. Everyone lucked out because the bleachers weren’t accessible from the track for stadium steps.


Staying together…

  • Sprint the straight away 100 m
  • 25 Merkins OYO
  • Mosey around the curve
  • 25 Squats OYO
  • Stretch for a rest
  • Sprint the straight 100 m
  • 50 DC Flutters OYO
  • Mosey to the entrance
  • Joe Hendricks up the steps
  • Mosey back to the TRHS parking lot
  • 25 Merkins OYO
  • Mosey back to the Swamp Rabbit Trail
  • 25 Squats OYO
  • Mosey back to the AO


  • 25 Heels to Heaven IC
  • 25 LBCs IC
  • Stretch


  • 16 guys, great work!
  • Welcome Bibendum, Cool wHip, and La Brea
  • Prayers all around for the repeated requests and those we hold in our hearts.

Church channels his inner Ozzy

Q.I.C.Mint Julep
The PAXCheeseSteak (Respect), Church Lady(Respect), Whisper(Respect), Road Trip, Peakaboo, Pine Tar, Johnny 5, MJ
Workout Date10/09/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

8 PAX decided to show up at PF for a real workout this morning.  RT started whining about how cold it was…it was 69 degrees and his cuddle buddy had not showed up yet so I can see why he’s scared of that number.  Enough chit chat…let’s get to it.

Mission Statement – nailed it

Disclaimer – don’t hurt yourself, that is all


SSH x 20…Church joined in for 2ish

Mountain Climbers x 15

Merkins x 10


Let’s mosey to the bball court and spread out

Every minute on the minute we’ll do…5 merkins/5 squats and 1 burpee to start.

Burpess increase by 1 every round.

Round 1 – 5 merkins/5 squats/1 burpee/rest until minute is up

R2 – 5 merkins/5 squats/2 burpees/rest until minute is up….

R10 – 5 merkins/5 squats/10 burpees

Total – 50 merkins/50 squats/55 burpees in 10 minutes


Mosey to playground for 11’s

Tuck jump on one side…jog to monkey bars and do hanging toe touches to the bar


Mosey back to bball court and partner up

P1 – Bear crawl forwards to end of court and backwards back

P2 – Wall hold (Round 1)…Balls to the wall (Round 2)…Burpees (Round 3)


Still some time so stay with partners and repeat rounds 1 & 2 but P1 lunge walk instead of bear crawl.   Church Lady dropped the #hammer and went full blown Ozzy Osborne circa 1978 and told everyone to “Stand up and clap your f’n hands!”  Classic Church Lady.


Mosey back for Mary

LBC’s x 20

Leg Raises x 20

Back scratches x 20

Plank hold variations last 2 minutes…and done.


Announcements…Drake Rayden run 10/13…Dine Out for Mom’s on 10/25

Prayers…Pine Tar’s sister…Andrew Brunson…Florence Police force…Chris Cogdale and family


Great work everyone!  SYITG

Double Mucho Chesto

The PAXLt. Dangle, Turban, Sammy, Benign, Look Out Below, Take 5, Cockpit, My 2 Dads, Whisper, Hot 4 Teacher, Cocoon, Short Barrel, Road Trip
Workout Date10/08/2018
A.O. Tower of Terror

Saw there was no Q on the schedule so I threw my name in the hat! Step up men! 14 PAX were there but 2 ran away. Decided plain and simple would be the theme for the morning. Here’s what we did

Warm up:

SSH x20

Arm Circles

Hillbillies x20

The Thang:

Mucho Chesto 

Merkins x10

Wide x10

Diamonds x10

Stagger Right x10

Stagger Left x10

Rinse and Repeat (100)

Native American Run to the shelter

Squats x25

Calf Raises x45 Up/Out/In

Mosey back to Flag

Mucho Chesto again (100)

Squats x25

Calf Raises x45 Up/Out/In


In and Outs x20

LBC x20 4 count

Flutters x20 4 count

V-Up roll up x20

Oblique V-up x20 left x20 right

Heels to Heaven x20

Big Boy Sit-up x20

American Hammer x20 4 count

Squats x25

Calf Raises x45 Up/Out/In



Andrew Brunson 

Death Visor

ACA adoption 

Florence PD


Turban son clean cancer screening 

King of the hill!

Q.I.C.Lt. Dangle
The PAXNYOPT (getting close), Hot for Teacher, Sushi (respect), WIFI (respect),MAYO, Ron Swanson, Ms. Potts, Sling Blade (hate), Birney, Elmer, Cyclone, Fred, Sticky Willy, Short Stick, Take 5, Beamer,
Workout Date10/09/2018
A.O. Golden Strip

When I pulled into the gloom of GS this morning I saw what appeared to be  someone pre-running laps around the parking lot. I never caught this elusive runner with my car so I waited until we circled up. It was the one and only Sushi trying to slow the earths rotation down. Then I saw Mayo rolling in ready for some fun in the gloom. Wasn’t sure whether or not I needed a “Slim Jim” to capture these sasquatch like characters or a lottery ticket! Definitely feeling the love with those two in attendance. 14 more PAX rolled into GS this morning to see what Dangle had in store. I’ve had my eye on “them thar hills” for awhile now and decided today was the day! Stand by to get some!



**Sign up to Q (GS, TOT, PF, Graceland and other locations) invest in your brethren, give back and enjoy! HFT Quote of the day “Teamwork makes the dreamwork!” **

DISCLAIMER: Modify as needed or suck it up and complete the task.

Warm Up
Lil and Big arm circles…forward and backward.

Native American run for two laps.

The Thang

DORA-HILLS-You know the deal….

100 4x Flutter Kicks while partner PAX runs up the hill (forward).

200 Merican’s while partner PAX runs up the hill (backwards).

300 SSH while partner PAX bear crawls the hill.

300 Imperial Walkers….. bear crawls the hill.

200 Squats ……runs up the hill (backwards).

100 Carolina Dry Docks …….runs up the hill (forward).


Duck duck goose:

YHC LBC x 20 in cadence

Ms. Potts 6″ for 20 in candence

Cyclone 20 Up Downs in cadence

Fred 10 Burpees OYO

WIFI 25 BBSU in cadence

Sushi SIde crunch knee things. They hurt!

YHC grabbed his phone due to a lack of memory while the PAX completed some American Hammers.


October 13 Drake 5k in Spartanburg

Praise and Prayer Requests

Andrew Brunson-Trial October 12th.  We have been praying for 2 years now for his release.

Sgt. Terrence Carraway and all of those involved in Florence County. RIP brother!

Sticky Willy’s friend battling cancer.

All those prayers spoken and unspoken!

It is a privilege to LEAD this group.


Round the Clock Merkins, DORA, & Her Lazy Sister

The PAXPine Tar, NYOPT, Soccer Mom, Dr. Phil, Benign, Courtesy Flush, Eidison, The Muff, Urban, Toll Booth, Mama Says, Washer, Peek a Boo, Mint Julep
Workout Date09/28/2018
A.O. Pitchfork
It took a team of Russian hackers (aka Easy Bake) to get me access to complete a the BackBlast from September 28th, but with much anticipation here it is!

Warm Up
SSH x20-feels like it is necessary to allow Church Lady an extra few minutes to make it.
Arm Circles, Big ones, medium ones, small ones, backwards ones, etc.
A lap around the front lot
Back to the circle for some Merkins
Line up @ the 12:00 position, I call the down, PAX count the up. 12 @ 12:00, 1 @ 1:00, 2 @ 2:00, etc, to 6:00

The Thang

DORA-Sit-ups x100, Overhead Press x200, Curls x300, Squats x400.

Last 6 hours of Merkins, starting @ 6:00.


LAZY DORA-PAX 1 hold 6 inches, PAX 2 25 LBCs, SWAPx2 PAX 1 Hold 6 inches x25, PAX 2 American Hammers


Announcement-Drake Raydon 5k, October 13th (MJ to post link again on Twitter).

Prayer Requests

Andrew Brunson-Trial October 12th.  We have been praying for 2 years now for his release.

Pine Tar’s Sister-Battling Depression.

It is a privilege to LEAD this group.

ROMANS 12:4-5-For just as we have many members in one body & all the members do not have the same function, so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.

Doing My Part To Minimize Burpees

Q.I.C.Dr Phil
The PAXShort Barrel, Hot For Teacher, Look Out Below, Mint Julip, Mac, Tollbooth, Peak a Boo, Pine Tar, Sammy, Road Trip, Deflated (Respect!), Benign, NYOPT, Soccer Mom
Workout Date10/05/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

The good news (for some) is that running was minimal and there were no burpees. The bad news is, we forget how exhausting a 0.0-ish workout can be when you don’t get those running breaks.  Having sustained some type of toe injury this week, YHC drew up a Q that set up 45 minutes to get intimate with a set of dumbbells.

Warm Up

  • Hillbilly X 20
  • Windmill X 15
  • Arm circles forwards and backwards of increasing size

The Thang


  • Close hand Merkins X 20
  • Tricep Extensions X 30
  • Tricep Kickbacks X 40 (20 each arm)
  • One minute of flutters


  • Hand Release Merkins X 20
  • Chest Flies X 30
  • Close hand Press X 40
  • one minute of Rosalita


  • Overhead Press X 20
  • Front Should Raises X 30
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps X 40 (single count)
  • one minute of Dolly
  • jog one lap


  • Bent Over Rows X 20
  • Upright Rows X 30
  • Renegade Rows X 40
  • one minute Freddy Mercury


  • Monkey Humpers X 20
  • Squats X 30
  • Lunges X 40
  • one minute LBC’s
  • jog one lap

20 curls per arm

Alligator Merkins wiht dumbells X 20


  • BBSU X 20



  • Deflated with the Saturday Q at Pitchfork
  • 5K to benefit Drake is at the Upward Center in Spartanburg later this month

Prayer Requests

  • Andrew Brunson
  • Pine Tar Sister
  • Darth Visor
  • Police officers in Florence
  • Supreme Court Vote

The gloom never disappoints. Unfortunately, we were reminded this week that this thing we do called F3 is much more than a workout. It is a group of men who desire to get better, who hold each other accountable, who want to make positive impact at home and in their communities, who will have your back when the chips are down, and who have fun doing it.

Grateful to be a part and honored to be able to lead.


Dr Phil

Someone Finally Found a Good Reason to Wear Orange

Q.I.C.Perry Mason
The PAXCourtesy Flush, Grrr, No Bars, Emeril, Kindergarten Cop, iTunes, Wally, Play-Doh, SA (Kotters), Almond Joy, Training Wheels, LeVar Burton, FNG James (now Stripes), Perry Mason
Workout Date10/04/2018
A.O. The Station

14 men, including 1 FNG, posted at the Station this morning.  In tribute to Darth Visor (TAP), our Clemson supporting PAX wore orange.  Given that I do not own anything of that shade, I was unable to participate in that.  But I’m glad someone finally found a good reason to wear that color in public.

Warm Up

SSH x 20 IC (since I had to give the mission statement and disclaimer at the start, AJ actually got to join us in the SSH for a change when he rolled in at 5:30:30)

IW x 20 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

The Thang

Short mosey to the amphitheater for 11s.  Makhtar N’Diaye’s at the top, squats at the bottom.

Good to have iTunes back from his injury to give us one of his trademark 10 counts before we mosey to Cannon St., do some LBCs, and hang a left to the corner at the old Mutual Store.

Time for 4 corners escalator – 10 merkins at every corner, 20 Russian twists at corners 2-4, 30 squats at corners 3-4, and 40 donkey kicks back where we started.

Next we mosey towards Greer 1st Baptist for a cup of Joe up the stairs,  and then head back towards the park entrance for 20 dips and 20 derkins OYO.

We Karaoke our way down the walkway back towards the starting point.  Mary was no doubt on everyone’s mind until – surprise – we keep running to the shelter for 20 bench presses.  Then backwards run up the hill to the circle for Mary.


We did a continuous run of heels to heaven, Rosalita, and Dolly.  Next erectors, with single leg variations mixed in.  Then were corkscrews before finishing off with a plank until time ran.

Naked Man Moleskin

We had an FNG named James this morning, who killed his first workout.   I think the men were rather gentle on him with the F3 name Stripes.  I mean, there was plenty to work with.  The guy wrestles alligators, for goodness sake.  My Crocodile Hunter suggestion was not well received, so welcome, Stripes.

Prayers for the family of Darth Visor.

The PAX talked about the importance of getting physicals and making sure we are doing everything outside the workout to look after ourselves.

Prayers for Coach Perry and those dealing with cancer.  Praise for Erector for his birthday and his upcoming cancer-free anniversary.

Prayers for the Florence law enforcement personnel and their families.

Prayers for those on the coast.