Q.I.C.Lt. Dangle
The PAXChurch Lady (R), Goose Egg, Bambi, Sammy, Mint Julep, Pine Tar, Cock Pit, Peek a Boo, Whisper (R), Cyclone, Ron Swanson, Sticky WIlly, Mac, Cheese Steak (RR), Benign, Urban, Road Trip, Hot for Teacher
Workout Date02/05/2019
A.O. Pitchfork

19 PAX this morning for a balmy pre-summer beat down! YHC saw more legs than a Rockette show. The time to lead is now, step up and get out of your comfort zone. If your tire of having pain inflicted upon you on a daily basis then now is a great time to reverse the rolls! PAX love VQ’s and they are often celebrated…just sayin!

Mission Statement:  NAILED IT

Disclaimer:  I am not a modify so professional as needed… or something like that!









To the flag….

15 Oblique V-Ups OYO both sides

Flutter Kicks

Announcements:  Usual…run run P200

Prayers: Whispers brother in law passing funeral tomorrow, HFT’s father in law (kidney), Peekaboos friend quadruple bypass, Church Lady’s mother continued healing, Washers sister, Meeks family and the loss of their son

The Board of Pain returns

The PAXNYOPT, Mrs Potts, Flo, Wifi, YHC
Workout Date02/05/2019
A.O. Golden Strip

Almost as if people knew what was coming, attendance was down from January.  4 HIM took on the board for a second time, and on unsuspecting victim was exposed for the first time:

Warm Up:

SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

The Board:

Burpees – 100
Calf Raises – 150
Ski Abs – 100
Merkins – 100
Deep Squats – 100
LBCs – 200
Carolina Dry Docks – 100
Russian Twists – 100 – Mrs Potts (0), Flo (7), WiFi (10)
Mahktar N’ Diayes – 100 – Beamer (70)
Jump Squats – 100 – NYOPT (100)
Mountain Climbers – 100
Sholder Raises – 200
Mary Catherines – 100
Hello Dollys – 200
Wide arm Merkins – 100
Squat Jacks – 100
Peter Parkers – 100
Burpees – 100


P200 in 6 weeks – get those miles in!

Prayers for NYOPT and his Dad

Goo job to everyone who showed up today, everyone improved over where they were on January 3rd, nice work!!

41 Like Tom Brady!

The PAXHonkers, Soda, Generic, Anchor Down
Workout Date02/04/2019
A.O. Dog Pound

Birthday Q and Disclaimer Given.

Warm Up:
SSH x 20 IC
Cotton Pickers x 10 IC
IW x 20 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
Squats x 10 IC

Mosey around to Sunrift and back down into football field. Since we just finished watching the Super Bowl on my birthday, I thought I would combine the two. Next exercise is a modified Charles Bronson for Spackler’s Birthday. All Pax start on the 19 yard line. After each exercise, we sprint to the 78 yard line drop and bear crawl another 10 yards before moseying back to 19 yard line for next round. The rounds were as follows:
41 SSH
41 Merkins
41 Burpees (crowd pleaser)
41 LBC’s
41 Jump Squats

This went about as expected. We then ran around the bike park and up to the swamp rabbit trail for a Black Snake Run. Start with Indian Run and last Pax has to weave through other pax to get to front. Finished back at the AO, but decided to make a stop at the Rock Pile. Everyone grabbed a rock for some Block Webs.
1 merkin:4 Overhead presses with rock ratio. We made it to 5:20 and back down the ladder.

Heals to Heaven x 41 IC
Flutters x 41 IC
Australian Snow Angels x 10 IC (weird one)

Spackler’s wife needing surgery
Honkers starting Masters and his wife taking some tests.
Prayers for all F3 men that haven’t shown up in a while.
Thanks for allowing me to lead for my Birthday!

Block Party @ Tower of Terror

The PAXLt. Dangle, Turban, Road Trip, Cheese Steak, Cockpit, Hot for Teacher + 2 for Monday Mosey: Whisper & Butterbean
Workout Date02/04/2019
A.O. Tower of Terror





Mosey to Block Pile and then Church parking lot.  Partner up, one partner does block exercises while one runs lap around Church Office.

ROUND 1: (two rounds/group – repeat till runners return)





ROUND 2: (two rounds/group – repeat till runners return)




ROUND 3:(two rounds/group – repeat till runners return)



BICYCLE CRUNCH X 20 Double Count

After each partner has 2 rounds


Windshield Wipers x 20

Scissor kicks with crunch x 20

Mosey back to flag:

12 Temp Merkins IC

10 One Leg Bridge Right leg IC, 10 left leg IC

10 Jumping Lunges IC

25 Flutter Kicks IC


Prayers for Whispers’ M’s family-recent death of her brother in vehicle crash, Payers for Hot for Teacher’s Father-in-law to receive a kidney, prayers for My Two Dads in boot camp

F3 Swamp Rabbit 6-Year Anniversary Convergence at Legacy

Q.I.C.Mint Julep and Benign
The PAX67 strong (welcome FNG Turn and Cough!)
Workout Date02/02/2019
A.O. Golden Strip

F3 Nation started in Charlotte, NC 1/1/2011 when 30+ men answered the call from Dredd and OBT to get better together.  In February 2013, 14 men brought F3 to Greenville, starting what we now call F3 Swamp Rabbit.  There are now ~20 active AOs in the Swamp Rabbit region.  Hundreds of men and the entire community have been impacted for the better.  Today, 67 men converged at Legacy to celebrate 6 years of F3 Swamp Rabbit.


Mission: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer: Professionals not allowed



-SSH x 20 IC

-Imperial walkers x 20 IC

-Don Quixote x 15 IC

-Monkey humpers x 15 IC

-Merkins x 10 IC



Time for some AO versus AO circuit training.  Divide up into 4 groups based on workout location preference (Golden Strip, Downtown, Greer, and everywhere else).  Rotate among 5 stations and make it through as many stations as possible in 40 minutes.  Every man must complete the reps, or faster-working PAX can help the 6, before moving on.

Station 1 (flag circle): Lunge walk around the circle

Station 2 (short wall by the playground):  11s with dips and BBSUs

Station 3 (retention pond): 50 squats and jailbreak around the pond

Station 4 (grassy field): 10 burpees and each tree and bearcrawl to the next tree (30 burpees total)

Station 5 (bottom of road): Jack Webbs (1:4 merkin to air presses) from 1:4 up to 5:20 and back down to 1:4



-LBCs x 25 IC

-Flutters x 25 IC

-Heel raises x 20 IC

-Crab cakes x 30 OYO

-Plank variations


Circle of Trust:


-Caviar encourages everyone to commit to posting 10 times at Gideon’s House

-Ice Man encourages everyone to remember all the Fs and to be intentional about looking outward and finding ways to impact the community


-Family of young Mauldin High School student who lost his life this week



F3 has been life-changing for hundreds of men in the Upstate, including YHC.  Let us all commit to bringing in more men and giving it away!



Benign and Mint Julep

Blocks at The Gate

Q.I.C.THE Hard Hat
The PAXUber, Wookie, Skywalker, Mini Van, Floopy, Grit, THE Hard Hat
Workout Date01/28/2019
A.O. The Gate

So it has been a least a year since I have written a back blast. I am going to commit to doing a better job.

Warm up – Lets start Running

The Thang

– Ran down to school playground for pull ups, man ups and dips. Then run to parking lot. Alternate parking spots 5 merkins and 10 Big Boys to other end. Run back to church for walls sits. Arms in front and above.

Run to blocks and everyone load up. Head to baseball field. Each person calls out block exercise which PAX due while that person runs the entire fence line. Head to bleachers next for dips and more block lifting. Time to take the blocks back but first 10 man makers with the blocks.

Next head to bottom of hill. Bear crawl up the hill with on merkin at top then run back to bottom. Keeping adding merkins to total of 7.

Head back to parking lot for core sprints to end. Everyone is gassed.

Ball of Man – Convergence at Legacy this Sat at 7:00 am. Need more people for our SMR team. Prayers for Patience and Mini Van new job interview. Pray it out.

Nolan Richardson visits The Station

Q.I.C.Kindergarten Cop
The PAXLavar Burton, Gollum, Wax On, Spandex, Grr, Courtesy Flush, Emeril, Chubbs, Play Doh, Wilson, Almond Joy
Workout Date01/29/2019
A.O. The Station

After seeing that there should be minimal rain this morning YHC took the Q with a plan to revisit a cruel friend in Nolan Richardson.  I was even gracious enough to give PAX considering attending a heads up in the form of a tweet with a razorback the night before.  Some PAX got it and chose to come anyways, some were still surprised.

Warm UP

SSH IC x 20

Windmills IC x 10

Plank calf stretch ( this raised red flags for some PAX who had not seen/understood the tweet)

Mosey to the parking area by the picnic shelter

Pair up!  Partner 1 runs backwards up the hill to the circle and completes 1 Bobby Hurley.  Partner 2 is working.  The work:

150 Burpees, 300 Squats, 150 Big Boy Sit Ups, 300 Little Baby Arm Circles, 150 Merkins, 300 Imperial Walkers

Amidst lots of grumbling and complaining lots of work was completed.  Even though the workout is termed “40 minutes in hell”, we still finished with a few minutes for Mary.  Mosey back up the hill to the circle.

20 American Hammers

10 Erectors

1 Minute Plank


Anniversary Convergence at Legacy this Saturday at 7

Congratulations to Chubbs on having a new baby on the way.

Prayers for Wax On as they continue to rehab his house.

Prayers for Lavar’s 2.0 Rose as she fights a kidney infection.

It was a pleasure to lead this morning.  Hard work was put in by all.  Hope to see you all out and bundled up well in the gloom on Thursday.




Return to Tank Street

Q.I.C.Perry Mason
The PAXIceman, Almond Joy, Play-Doh, Kindergarten Cop, Courtesy Flush, Chubbs, Emeril, Grrr, Wilson, Blue Hawaii, Alfred, Perry Mason
Workout Date01/22/2019
A.O. The Station

12 men defied the freezing temperature to post at The Station.  Good to have Blue Hawaii and Alfred there.  If we can get Cockroach back in the gloom, we could achieve a site Q singularity.

Warm Up

SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Windmills x 15 IC

The Thang

Mosey towards downtown on our way to Tank Street, stopping to do 20 dips before leaving the park.  The city rudely closed Trade Street heading south, but the PAX would not let that slow them down.  We did 20 squats (starting when the 6 came in) and 20 LBCs on the way.

At Tank Street, we did 7s with hand release merkins at the top and hip dips at the bottom.  Then on to the wall for people’s chair before heading over to the fountain for 10 (double count) big boy step ups.

Time to mosey back to the park, stopping to do LBCs, squats, and dips again on the way.

Next over to the Mutual Store wall.  Line up and hold people’s chair while everyone does 20 donkey kicks and bear crawls to the end of the line.  I tried to audible to sprinting because it was taking so long, but either no one but Grrr was listening or they just love bear crawls.

Time to head back to the circle.  But we manage to squeeze in 10 Maktars just for Grrr before Mary.


Dealer’s choice around the circle for the last 5ish minutes.


6 year anniversary convergence on 2/2 at Legacy.  7:00 a.m.

Prayers for an acquaintance diagnosed with cancer, a family who just had a premature baby, and Blue that he survives training to pace Wilson in Western States.

Need Q’s everywhere…Step up!

Q.I.C.Mint Julep
The PAXB9, Soccer Mom, Blanks, Cyclone, Whisper, MJ
Workout Date01/22/2019
A.O. Pitchfork

PF, GS & TOT all need some good (un)qualified men to step up and lead.  It seems the same group has been routinely stepping up and we need some fresh meat!  Step outside of your comfort zone and give it shot!  Enough of the rant…Let’s go!

Mission – yup

Disclaimer – I still suck…yup



SSH x 25

IW x 20

Windmills x 15

LBAC’s x whatever



Mosey to track for 3 laps and 3 burpees every minute on the minute until 3 laps are completed.


Mosey to playground for 7’s

Hand release merkins & hanging toes to bar


Mosey to b-ball court and partner up

Group 1 – spirited run to stop sign and back

Group 2 – tire flip & burpee

Group 3 – bear crawl and lunge walk back on b-ball court

Rinse and repeat all (3) areas 4x


Mosey to flags for Mary

Mtn climbers tabata 3x

LBC x 20

Flutters x 20

Leg raises x 15

Plank variations until 6:15


Announcements – Step up and lead!…P200

Prayers – Blanks friend trying to get over a teen suicide…Drake O’Sullivan


Great work by the 6 that showed up to brave the cold.  SYITG!

11s on 11s

The PAXNYOPT, Mrs Potts, Flo, Wifi, Road Trip, Thumper, Mayo
Workout Date01/22/2019
A.O. Golden Strip

8 HIM laughed at old man winter and asked if 25 degrees was the best he could do as they left the fart sack for the Golden Strip Gloom.  I personally regretted signing up to Q on a morning so cold.  I could have sworn it was 11 degrees when I got in the car this morning, which gave me a little inspiration for the ensuing beatdown.  After the P200 boys sauntered in from their pre-run, we got started

Warm Up:

SSH x 20 IC

Windmills x 15 IC

IW x 10

The Thang:

That’s about as warm as we were gonna get today, so lets Indian Run the long way over to the hill

11 #1 – Hand release merkin at the bottom, run to the top for burpees

Mosey over to the playground

11 #2 – Box jumps (or step-ups) and Dips

Mosey back to the flagpole

11 #3 – Diamond Merkins, bear crawl 5 parking spaces for Bobby Hurleys

Only a few minutes left, but just enough time for something called an 11

11 #4 – Big boy sit ups and american hammers

Only had time to work down to 5 or 6, which was more than enough.  That one sounded better on paper


Greenville half marathon and Palmetto 200 are coming up.  Wifi’s P200 team is in need of another runner.  If no one signs up, he is going to kidnap someone from course corrected

As always, it was an honor to be in the gloom with you today