Some gymnastics required

The PAXRoad Trip, Mrs. Potts, YHC
Workout Date10/18/2019
A.O. Tank Yard

3 HIM made their way into the chilly Tankyard for a simple yet effective Hero beatdown where some light gymnastic skills were required:

Warm Up:


Windmills x 15 IC

IW X 15 IC

Mosey towards the Holler and up to the playground for todays Hero workout:

The Thang:

Today we honor U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Forrest Nelson Leamon, 37, who was killed Oct. 26, 2009. Special Agents Forrest Leamon, Chad Michael, and Michael Weston were killed in a helicopter accident in Afghanistan. Seven additional military service members were also killed.

Special Agent Leamon, a member of FAST Team Echo, had served in the U.S. Navy for nine years as a Cryptologic Technician, receiving campaign medals for his service in Southwest Asia and Bosnia, before joining the DEA in 2002. In 2007, Agent Leamon volunteered to serve as a member of a FAST team in Afghanistan, where he served multiple FAST team tours. He is survived by his wife, their unborn child, his parents, and his sister.

Complete 3 Rounds of the following for time: 

    • 20 Big Boy Sit Ups

30 Toes-to-Bars (scale: Knee-Up)

40 Burpees

800 Meter Run

        • Mosey back to the flag (detouring through Hermie’s Holler to show Road Trip the terrain) for the COT


          • Continued Prayers for Mrs. Potts wife after her car accident
          • Prayers for Road Trip and his wife as she starts to look for a new job

        This past weekend, I got my old man swag on and did a little yard work: fixing sprinklers, aerating, overseeding, the works.  I was nervous while areating, becasue it tears up the yard a little more than i thought it would.  I know that in the end it is better for the lawn, but in the moment it looks bad.  This brings to mind Romans 8:26-28:

        26 In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. 
        27 And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God. 
        28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
        even if something seems wrong or painful in the moment, we can take comfort in knowing that God is working for us and has out best interests in mind.  I pray that we would all keep this in mind as we move though life, and trust in the plan he has set out for us.
        It was a pleasure to lead

        Five Man Bell Choir

        The PAXCockpit, Swamp Guinea, Pinetar, Officer Poncherello
        Workout Date10/18/2019
        A.O. Pitchfork

        43 degrees . . . everyone had long pants

        Mission / disclaimer

        Church lady Lap (didn’t work)


        WARM UP


        Hillbilly two-step

        Through the tunnel

        Arm circles

        Popeye Punches


        MAIN THANG

        Shoulder shrug  x15

        Kneeling Captured curl DC x10; x10; x5

        Bent over flyes DC x10

        BBSU DC x10

        Plank w/ individual Merkins, sequential x5 (repeat)

        Mountain Climbers DC x15

        Overhead press DC x10; x10; x5

        Goblet Squat DC x10

        Triceps press DC x10; x10; x5

        Bent over row-Right arm – DC x20

        Bent over row-Left – DC x20




        Standing hammer curl DC x10; x5

        Altng front deltoid press DC x10

        Rev LBCs DC x30

        Prone bench press DC x10; x10; x5

        Prone triceps press DC x10; x10; x5

        Plank Jacks DC x30

        Side prone flyes DC x10

        Merkin row-alt R&L DC x 15 each side

        Rev Lunge SC OYO x10

        Standing side raise DC x10



        American hammers (1 BB) DC x20

        Heavy Metal Monkey Humpers (w/2 bells on flank) DC x10

        Flutters DC x30




        F3 Vulcan (Q-Source) tomorrow at coffee shop after 0600 Pitchfork WO

        Prayer Requests:

        Peekaboo traveling . . . health for F-I-L

        Pinetar for work situation

        You had to be there

        The PAXLumberg, Grass Fairy, Elmer, Ms. Potts, Flo (R), Sticky Willy, Ron Swanson, WiFi (R), Beamer, RoadTrip
        Workout Date10/15/2019
        A.O. Golden Strip

        a clear, cool, calm and collective 57 degrees.

        To get better, lead your city, ride a horse and save a cowboy

        You know the drill.  Modify or take a break if you have to…but at least you are here, unlike some other nameless PAX.


        • SSH
        • Windmill
        • Imperial Walkers

        The Situation
        Mosey to the wall for 11’s starting with 10 Muscle ups and 1 squat across the street.

        Mosey to the coupon pile, but take the Beamer route, which is up the dragon tail, along Holland road and back down the bus loop.  Partner up and grab 1 block per duo for a Modified Dora.  PAX 1 sprints around the short loop while PAX 2 exercises.  No combination reps, each AX responsible for their own reps.  Sprints quickly became a slow mosey.

        • 100 Curls
        • 100 Overhead Presses
        • 100 Block swings

        Put your blocks up and mosey to the speed hump at the bottom of the hill.

        Back pedal up the hill and perform 5 squats at the top, mosey down and wait on the 6.  Repeat 4 more times.  Return to the flags and call it a day.


        • 0515 Fridays – The Tankyard is packing heat and you are probably too soft to attend.  Save yourself from the embarrassment and don’t even think about going.

        Prayers & Praises

        • Mac – FIL who passed

        Always a pleasure, RT Out


        Shakespearean Kamikaze

        The PAXUncle Remus, Ditka, Pacer, Data, RoadTrip
        Workout Date10/14/2019
        A.O. Matinee Monday
        To warm up: SSH, Windmill and a few other warm up thingys
        Now Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears
        This is the Kamikaze, which is a patented, registered and trademarked workout by F3Mac.  However, it was modified to fit the rolling terrain of Falls Park and suck even more.  Your shoulders and quads are going to love this.  It goes like this…


        • 10 Squats – backpedal up the grassy Falls Park knoll
        • 10 Merkins (facing downhill) – mosey down the knoll
        • 10 Squats – to the top of the Shakespearean garden stairs
        • 10 Merkins – to the Bowater Amphitheater
        • 10 Burpees – back to the top of the stairs
        • 10 Big Boy Situps – down the stairs to the stone wall
        • 10 Dips – to the troll bridge behind the stage   *** don’t wake the trolls, so lunge walk across ***  Continue to the hidden prison cell nestled in the steep banks of the Reedy
        • 10 Muscle Ups on the tall wall, 10 dips on the short wall – return to the base of the garden stairs, lunge walking back across the troll bridge.
        • 10 step ups (each leg).

        Repeat-O and increase reps by 10 each round.  Made it through 3 rounds (30 reps)

        This one proved to be a real smoker on the shoulder (muscle ups), quads (backpedal), but still strong enough to draw a curious crowd of onlookers.  Some PAX ended up careening onto immovable objects such as lamp posts or stone walls while 1 PAX left early on a solo mission and was never heard from again.

        Always a pleasure RT Out.

        Super 21’s. Kind of. Almost.

        The PAXNoBars, Spandex, Zipline, 2-Ply, Napa, Schwinn, Zebco, The Muff, Trainin Wheels, IceMan, Homer, Courtesy Flush, Almond Joy, Wilson, Bubba Gump, Lyman, Smoltzy
        Workout Date10/15/2019
        A.O. The Station

        The Scene – Beautiful fall morning in the upstate. Low 50’s – Low humidity.

        Mission – not today

        Disclaimer – check

        Warmup – American Hammer x20 IC. Plank Jack x5 IC then into 5 diamond merkins. Then 10 Plank Jack then 5 diamond merkins. Squats x10 IC. Mtn Climber x 10 IC.

        Thang 1 – Mosey to gazebo. Partner up for full extension pull-ups. 10 or 20 depending on your skill level. Partner supports so you can complete 10 or 20 full extension pull-ups. Switch. Three rounds total.

        Then up the hill  to Cannon St. Two lines for Indian Run. Confirmed that this is in fact a Double Applesauce. No clue why.

        So Double Applesauce all the way up Cannon St to Greer City Park entrance. Grab some wall. 25 dips OYO then 25 squats OYO. Then 30 dips OYO then 30 squats OYO.

        Mosey to fountain.

        Thang 2 – Super 21’s.

        Start with 21 merkins on top of the fountain stage. Then down the fountain steps and up the amphitheater steps to the top for 21 Big Boy Sit-ups. Then back to the fountain 20 merkins. Then up to the amphitheater for 20 BBSU’s. 19, 18, 17…

        The grumbling reaction was swift. “We’ll never finish”.

        They were mostly right. Figured that 25 minutes would be enough time to finish, but most of us were wrapping up around Round 10 when time ran out. Shout out to Courtesy Flush for actually finishing as the clock ran out.

        Shout out to Zipline and Spandex for starting up again after COT to finish.

        Mary – No time

        COT – Great time of year to EH new guys. Prayers for good parenting and safe travels.

        NMM – We’ve done a Designated Q Experiment this month where the Q selects the Q for the next workout. Has been pretty successful in getting some old-timers back up/out.  Up next…Blue Hawaii.

        Have a great day.


        A Little Ladder ‘ll Do Ya

        The PAXCheeseSteak (2R), Whisper (R), Cock Pit, Peekaboo, Swamp Guinea, Punch List, Officer Poncharello, YHC
        Workout Date10/11/2019
        A.O. Pitchfork

        8 PAX gathered in the gloom at Pitchfork to get better, and succeeded at YHC took them up and down a ladder of fun.  Up tempo work out, you vs you, with the sounds of classic rock pumpin’ at the speedway.

        MISSION – Nailed it

        DISCLAIMER – far from professional

        WARM UP

        SSH x 25 IC (trying to see if Church would show)

        Don Quixote x 15 IC

        Monkey Humpers x 15 IC

        Hillbillies x 20 IC

        Mosey to speedway


        Ladder of exercises below, with goal of accomplishing AMRAP within 30 seconds.  So, round 1 was burpees for 30s, then rest for 30s.  Then burpees and mountain climbers for 30s each, rest 30s.  Keep climbing.


        Mountain Climbers

        Single handed dumbell swings


        Goblet Squats

        BBSU with a press at the top

        Double handed swings


        After plank we started to come back down and made it about half way before bailing back to the flags for Mary.


        American Hammers x 20 IC, with weights

        Flutter kicks x 25 IC


        ANNC – Palmetto 200 is in like 5 months.  Need Q’s to sign up, F3 Vulcan saturday at 7am at Java Bistro

        Prayers – CheeseSteak – house for sale, for Peekaboo’s FIL , YHC for dealing with major changes at work.


        Always a pleasure guys, thank you for the opportunity.

        Chest and Abs….Again

        The PAXCBD, Franzia, Paper Boy, Whisper, Ponch, Lt. Dangle, UP, Rasheed Wallace, Turban, Cockpit
        Workout Date10/14/2019
        A.O. Tower of Terror


        Chest and Abs….Again

        Conditions: Cool and Clear

        Mission Statement


        Warm up:

        SAH X25

        Hillbillies x25

        Arm Circles

        Mosey around the block

        Led Zeppelin on and …..


        Merkins x20

        Calf Raises x20

        Wide Merkins x20

        Squats x20

        Military Merkins x20

        Calf Raises x20 (toes out)

        Staggered Merkins x20

        Squats x20

        Staggered Merkins x20

        Calf Raises x20 (toes in)

        Merkins x15

        Calf Raises x15

        Wide Merkins x15

        Squats x15

        Military Merkins x15

        Calf Raises x15(toes out)

        Staggered Merkins x15

        Squats x15

        Staggered Merkins x15

        Calf Raises x15 (toes in)

        Merkins x10

        Calf Raises x10

        Wide Merkins x10

        Squats x10

        Military Merkins x10

        Calf Raises x10(toes out)

        Staggered Merkins x10

        Squats x10

        Staggered Merkins x10

        Calf Raises x10 (toes in)

        Merkins x5

        Wide Merkins x5

        Military Merkins x5

        Staggered Merkins x5

        Staggered Merkins x5



        In and Outs x25

        Bicycle x25

        Reverse Bicycle x25

        Crunchy Frog x25

        Wide leg Sit up x25

        V up/Roll up x25

        Flutter x25 IC

        LBC x25

        Dying Cockroaches x25

        Oblique V up x25 each side

        American Hammers x25

        Superman ….Banana x10

        Plank jack push ups x10


        Announcements: Ponch wrote a book! I highly recommend it.

        Whisper starts 1/2 marathon training after Thanksgiving


        CBD wife upcoming surgery

        Franzia wife awaiting test results

        Whisper friend Gia blood disease

        Always a pleasure men!


        Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That…

        The PAXHot for Teacher, Priscilla, de la Rocha, Sprinkles, Cyclone,
        Workout Date10/09/2019
        A.O. Tower of Terror

        With a bit of Fall finally in the air, 6 real men showed up for a little bit of this, a little bit of that and side of getting better. Where were the rest of the TOT regulars? Fartsacking? How that work for ya?

        Mission: Nailed it like a professional

        Disclaimer: But NOT a professional

        Warm Up:

        SSH x25 IC

        Windmills x25 IC

        Imperial Walkers x25 IC

        Choopping Wood x25 IC

        Main Thang:

        Run to Brickyard

        25 merkins, 25 squats

        Run to War Memorial

        25 merkins, 25 squats, 25 lunges, 25 dips

        Run to Church Parking Lot on the Corner

        25 merkins, 25 squats,  25 lunges, 25 dips, 25 dry docks, 25 derkins

        Run to Church Pavillion

        25 merkins, 25 squats, 25 lunges, 25 dips, 25 dry docks, 25 derkins, 25 step ups, 25 LBCs

        Run to FBS parking lot

        2 minutes AMRAP flutter kicks… 2 minutes sounded good on paper? 1 minute in… wait is that single man coverage deep? the safety is out of position! Omaha! Omaha! audible’d minute #2 to big boys. Scored!

        1 minute squat jumps

        Mosey back to the flag for some stretches, arms and legs are tired… time to land this thing, we are out of fuel.



        Prayer Requests:

        Praise for Priscilla’s wife and the Grace team back from Papau New Guinea.

        Prayers for de la Rocha’s family member health issues

        HFT’s family member travels

        I know you a choice this morning, thank you for flying with the Cockpit. It’s been a honor. SYITG next time!




        3-Way 300’s

        The PAXCourtesy Flush, ITunes, Wax On, 2-Ply, Spandex, Play-Doh, Wilson, Iceman, Stroke Seat, Napa, Bubba Gump, Lyman, Homer, Kindergarten Cop, Training Wheels, The Muff
        Workout Date10/08/2019
        A.O. The Station
        1. 17 men braved the promise of a challenging workout in this cool(ish) morning. We had two early morning scooter riders to contend with, but we managed to claim our spots as needed.

        Warmup –

        15 SSH and 15 Imperial Walkers

        the Thang-

        Mosey down to claim the picnic shelter and partner up for 300 bench presses while one partner runs the circle. These guys crushed it.

        Double applesauce Indian Run to the church where one partner grabs the block for our second 300. This time it’s block curls while partner runs the parking lot and back.

        With that completed, we did an Indian Run/Mosey/Cluster Run back to the amphitheater for, you guessed it, our final 300!

        So 300 dips while the partner runs up and down the amphitheater steps.

        With just a few minutes left we powered through 50 LBC’s. It was pointed out we lacked 50 reps to hit 1000 so we knocked out 50 squats and met back up at the circle.


        YHC had to get his phone so I wouldn’t leave any PAX out of this BB so when I ran back to the circle the PAX were working on Big Boys. We did a plank for30 seconds and that finished it out.

        It was a pleasure to lead these men this morning at the Country Club AO.

        Until next time…


        Jump Over That Rock

        The PAXAnchor Down, Soda, Honkers, Generic, Spanish Turkey, Amoeba, Percy
        Workout Date10/07/2019
        A.O. Dog Pound

        Disclaimer Check

        Warm Up
        SSH x 30 IC
        IW x 20 IC
        Cotton Pickers x 20 IC
        Little Baby Arm Circles OYO

        The Thang. Grab a Rock
        15 Jump Over the Rock Burpees
        50 Merkins
        Run to end of lot and back
        Plank while waiting on six
        14 Jump over Rock Burpees. The chatter now starts!
        50 Goblet Squats
        Run to end of lot and back
        13 JOTRB
        50 LBC with Rock
        Run to end of lot and back
        12 JOTRB
        50 Curls
        Run to end of lot and back
        11 JOTRB
        50 Lunges with Rock
        Run again
        10 JOTRB
        50 Flutter Kicks
        9 JOTRB
        50 Overhead Press
        8 JOTRB
        50 Side Squats
        7 JOTRB
        50 Heals to Heaven with Rock. Crowd Pleaser

        Ran out of time before finishing

        American Hammer x 20 IC
        Flutter x 20 IC
        Hello Dolly x 10 Ic

        Thursday nights at Trailblazer Park free harvest market and bluegrass.