Find Your Happy Place

Q.I.C.Mint Julep
The PAXSammy, Live PD, Dr. Phil, CheeseSteak (Respect), Road Trip, Pine Tar, Tollbooth, Peakaboo, Washer, Johnny 5 (Who???), MJ
Workout Date09/18/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

Yo-eleven PAX looking for a beatdown showed up at PF this morning…they were not disappointed.

Mission Statement – Nailed it

Disclaimer – Not a professional…CheeseSteak 2nd that


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 15 IC

Merkins x 10 IC


Mosey to back of the school

4 rounds of the following:

50 squats

40 double count flutters

30 merkins

20 lunges

10 pull-ups

50 jump ropes or mountain climbers


Mosey back to the front of the school and line up on the side walk

Everyone does 5 burpees then bear crawls across the drive lane…have 1:30 to complete, use whatever time is left to recover.

PAX got 6 rounds in.



20 Leg raises OYO

20 LBC’s IC

30 Back Scratchers IC….and Done.



Prayers…Andrew Brunson…Pine Tar’s sister…Everyone affected by Hurricane Florence.


Great job by all.  SYITG

The Challenge

The PAXMint Julep, Road Trip, Peek a Boo, Whisper, Sammy, Washer, Church Lady, Pine Tar, Look Out Below, Hot For Teacher
Workout Date09/15/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

Right out of the P90X playbook. “The Challenge”. A simple push/pull routine……

Warm up:

SSH x20

Arm Circles

The Thang:

10 pull-ups/20 push-ups/10 sets

Cue the Music

That went faster than expected

Back to flag for 10 curls/10 overhead press/3 sets

Now for Ab Ripper

All of the following x20

In and Outs, Bicycle, Reverse Bicycle, Crunchy Frog, Wide Leg Sit-ups, Hip Rock and Raise, Heels to Heaven, Oblique V-up Right, Oblique V-up Left, V-up Roll up, LBC, Flutters, American Hammer

10 curls/10 Overhead Press/2sets

Elbow Plank 1 minute


We had a variety of music today!

Alt-J, Ozzy Ozbourne, Post Malone, Foster the People, Ginuine, Tom Petty, Beastie Boys, And more


Prayers for Andrew Brunson, Pine Tar sister, Student at PC in coma, people in path of Florence

Hurricane Florence storm preparation at Pitchfork

The PAXRoo (respect), Reborn (welcome from Rock Hill!), Pythagoras (respect), Deflated (respect), Cheesesteak (double respect), Whisper (runner/respect), Road Trip (runner)
Workout Date09/15/2018
A.O. Golden Strip

A PAX of 6 (plus 2 runners) got their pre-hurricane preparation in at Pitchfork.  It was a bit blustery, but Jim Cantore was nowhere to be found, signaling that all are safe (for now).

Mission: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer: Certainly not a professional.


Imperial walkers x 20 IC

SSH x 20 IC

Monkey humpers x 20 IC

Overhead claps x 20 IC

Arm circles

BurpMerk 1 up to 8


Mosey to the back playground.

11s (pullups and Bobby Hurleys)

Mosey to the speedway for DORA

-100 BBSUs (partner runs laps)

-150 overhead presses with coupon (sets of 25 / partner holds plank)

-200 merkins (partner runs laps)

-200 curls with coupon (sets of 25 / partner holds Al Gore)

-200 squats (partner runs laps)

Mosey back to the flag that was not there


Mary was a group effort.  Each man took turns in the middle leading his “favorite” Mary exercise.

-Cheesesteak: fast flutters x 20 IC

-Roo: SSH x 20 IC

-Pythagoras:  one leg hip thrusts and one arm planks (10 each)

-Deflated: mountain climbers x 20 IC

-Reborn: V-Ups x  10 IC

Circle of Trust:


-Whisper’s mom with health concerns

-Deflated’s brother recovering from heart surgery

-Pythagoras’ daughter battling systemic lupus

-Benign’s grandmother recovering from hip fracture surgery

-Carolinians in the path of Hurricane Florence


-Spinx Run Fest (various distances 5K up to marathon) coming up in late October

Following the workout, there was 100% participation at coffeeteria.  In a veteran move, 1 Direction came to coffeeteria in his flashy new bad-ass Camaro without going to the workout.  Smart man.

As always, it is great to work hard with brothers in the gloom.



Let’s Party

The PAXCorn, FNG Robert - BagPipes, Inspector Gadget (WD), Slow Pitch, PETA, Squints, Sherpa, Bartman, Libor, Satisfry, Stewie, Rainbow Warrier, Clapper, Hootie, Houdini, Pizza Pizza, Erector, Iceman, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Junk Bond, Skyline
Workout Date09/13/2018
A.O. Main Thang

23 Men (including 1 FNG) posted at #MainThang for a birthday celebration.

The Thang
SSH x20 just because Dini likes them so much
Tempo Merkins x10, down and hold for 10 sec
Temp0 Squats x15

Mosey to corner of McBee and Spring St and find some wall – funny because almost everyone assumed the “dip” position #pavlovsbell
Jack Webb
Derkins and air presses – 1:4 ratio up to 5:20

Mosey across the street to parking deck and partner up
Catch Me If You Can
Partner 1 – 10 plank shoulder touches, sprint to catch partner
Parnter 2 – backwards run
Flapjack and repeat

At the top – Jack the Ripper
Big Boy Sit Ups and Freddy Mercuries – 1:4 ratio up to 5:20

Carioca down the ramps and mosey to the parking deck behind the Poinsett Hotel
Burpee Builder
10 Hand release merkins, run to the next level
10 donkey kicks, run to the next level
10 jump squats, stay put
early finishers worked on core

Burpee Builder part deaux
10 HR merkins, run to the next level
10 HR merkins, 10 donkey kicks, run to the next level
10 HR merkins, 10 donkey kicks, 10 jump squats

Mosey down the steps and back to the Peace Center

Single Leg Flutters x10 (ea leg)
Plank for 60 secs


Naked Moleskin
– Dini had both #cankle sleeves on and was 0 for 2 on suggestions as we ignored Dini’s call for #Dora and #11’s

And then ignored his FNG name suggestion….

– @Slow Pitch is anything but slow. Dude can crank out some reps
– @PETA showed up post warmup, looking and smelling like he never went to bed Wed night
– @Rainbow Warrior looked lost without his Rainbow Twin – Dash
– @HotNReady dodge my Q again!! Seems personal to me…. Seriously, hope you’re shoulder is on the mend…..

– @InspectorGadget’s Mother and Brother in Law
– @Squints as he travels back to Colorado
– All the people in the path of Hurricane Florence

See ya in the gloom…..


String of Pearls

Q.I.C.Double Windsor
The PAXSpackler, Traffic Jam, Hacksaw, Soda, Generic, Anchor Down, Clipon, Ashy Larry, Slow Pitch
Workout Date09/10/2018
A.O. Dog Pound

Warm Up

20 x SSH
10 x Windmill
20 x Imperial Walker
10 x Merkins

The Workout

Run to Sunrift parking lot, 15x dips

Run to Light across from TR high, 20x flutter kicks

Run to grass hill in front of high school, bear crawl down the hill.

Ran to the Track, but it was locked.  :0  We were going to do sprints and mosey intervals there.  Change of plans! 

Run up the hill toward the parking lot.  15 ferry Jacks

Run down the hill toward W rd.   20 LBC

Run to Little Creek rd.   15 Squat Jumps

Run down to the bottom of what I call “Hacksaw’s Hill” because I never noticed it until til he brought us there one cold morning.  The hill gradually gets steeper as you near the top where Little Creek intersects McElhaney Rd.  Time for a Jacobs ladder!  Run to the top of the hill, one burpee.  Run back down to the big oak and then run back to the top of the hill, two burpees.  Continue up to 7, which doesn’t sound that hard but with the extreme humidity I think we were all sucking wind pretty quickly.  Running out of time toward the end I moved the bottom of the hill to the telephone pole about 3/4 to the bottom.

Run back toward the parking lot on McElhaney Rd, stop for flutter kicks, and one other exercise that I can’t remember.  Some of the guys sprinted the last bit to the flag.


20x Flutter Kicks
20x Dolly
15x Heels to Heaven


Prayers for Ashy Larry’s Family, Generic’s Job interview, Traffic Jam’s sale of his house.

Never Forget – PF honors 9/11

The PAXLt Dangle, Church Lady (r), Soccer Mom, Short Barrel, Mint Julio, Bambi, Whisper (r), Ron Swanson, Sticky Willy, Peekaboo, Washer, Cyclone, Cheese Steak (dr - war daddy), Iceman, Road Trip, Pine Tar, Hot for Teacher, My 2 Dads, Lookout Below, ATM (YHC)
Workout Date09/11/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

20 pax circled up for a tribute to the innocent lives lost 17 years ago from the cowardly attacks on our country.   We did our best to honor them with a great effort.

Set up – YHC told some pax who HC’d to bring headlamps and vests for safety as the plan was off-campus.  Yep, you heard it right…a string of pearls from YHC.  We grabbed one of the shovel flags to take ole Glory with us through the neighborhood.

Mission and Disclaimer – nailed it.

Warm up – nope.  Simple instructions for the Q.  We will make 7 stops and perform 7 exercises for 7 reps each.  Our total run distance was to be 2977 meters (about 1.84 miles) for the lives lost that day.  Our total reps were (7x7x7) 343 – the number of firefighters lost that day.  Even the exercises spelled AMERICA.

A – Alternating shoulder taps
M – Merkins
E – E2K
R – Reverse lunges
I – Imperial Squat Walkers
C – Carolina Dry Docks
A – American Hammers

Stopped at several cul-de-sacs in Spaulding – all pax put forth great effort.  Finished a couple of minutes late – #cobains

NMM – YHC reminded the pax of the significance of the numbers and that 777 is the number of perfect completion in God’s Word.  Even through the evil acts and evil days, God is in charge!  We did our best to honor the lives of those lost with our best attitude and effort today.  Running still sucks.

Annc – t-shirt orders from Powder Keg and Main Thang

P/P – 9/11, Iceman’s friend Peter died at 28 on 9/11, Hurricane Florence, Pinetar’s sister, softball player at PC in coma from heat.

Always a pleasure.  SYITG next time,


Ye Olde Deck of Death Returns to Pitchfork

The PAXCheesesteak (dbl respect), Roo (respect), Live PD, PetStain. Runners - Mint Julep, Whisper (respect), RoadTrip
Workout Date09/08/2018
A.O. Pitchfork

YHC was hoping someone would grab the Q so he didn’t have to inflict the DoD on the unsuspecting PAX…..but as you can tell by now, it was on like Donkey Kong. 4 PAx were set, and 3 out for a light jog, when Roo came in on two wheels to join the fray as we kicked off.

Mission – nailed it

Disclaimer – not a professional. Don’t even play one on TV

Warm Up

SSH X 20

Hillbillies X 20

Monkey Humpers X 15


Mosey to the speedway and set up the tunes and cards and get excited for the Deck of Death.

Spades = Burpees

Clubs = BBSU

Diamonds = Lunges

Hearts = Squats

4 cards then take a lap   Rinse and repeat thru the Deck

With only 12 cards left and the Ace of burpees and lunges remaining, YHC laid the cards out, told the PAX we only had time for 2 more rounds and let the PAX pick the cards.  Live PD picked the Ace of burpees on card 2. #nonplussed.  We finished up and headed to the flags as the runners came strolling in.



Only time for 25 Flutter kicks IC


Annc – spynx run fest October, ATM Q’ing at Pitchfork on 9/11 to honor Americans who died on that day 17 yrs ago.


Soccer Mom’s M, YHC’s Sister, Andrew Brunson

Was an honor to lead.  Thanks for coming out.

5 for coffeeteria #2ndF

Rarer than Sasquatch on a unicorn – an actual Station Saturday bblast

The PAXMr. Head, Wally, Perry Mason
Workout Date09/08/2018
A.O. The Station

in an unusual moment of candor and self awareness, YHC realized that I had been incredibly lax as of late in my Saturday AO attendance, and upon further reflection realized that it seemed as if our overall Saturday numbers had been dipping as well.     So, YHC sent out an “all call”, advertising Saturdays workout as being a little less intense than a typical weekday posting, and geared to those who had been away from action, hurt, or just dealing with life’s demands.    3 fellow Pax heard the call, and converged on the “country club of AOs” for a little work.     It went something like this.


Warm up:     20 SSH IC, 15 imperial Walkers IC (flawlessly executed), 15 windmills IC, 20 Peter Parkers OYO

The Thang

Mosey down to the picnic shelter for a little intro of 25 bench presses, followed by 15 DC step-ups.   After completion, move out front of the shelter to the track, where today’s work was explained.    The work consisted of a group of excercises, followed by a mosey around the track upon completion.    Once all Pax were back, the next group of excercises would be given.    This kept the Pax all together, and allowed all to finish at roughly the same time.    YHC also explained that since this was designed to be a recovery/re-entry workout, the exercise count would be for regular attenders.   All newly returning Pax should shoot for 1/2 the called count number, or a number somewhere in between, depending on comfort.     The work portion consisted of 10 hand release burpees, 20 merkins, 30 superman merkins, 40 lunges, 50 Freddy Mercurys, 60 plank jacks, 70 SSH, 80 mountain climbers, 90 plank shoulder touches and 100 flutters.     Of course, this meant that we ran the track a total of 9 times, each time doing our best to ignore looking at or thinking about the incredibly gross thing in the middle of the sidewalk (seriously, whatever gross thing that you’re thinking of, double it),

Mosey to Memorial Methodists with a couple of regroup/core work stops along the way and team up for a dora with blocks.    The dora was executed as 100 curls, 200 chest presses, 300 overhead flutters.     Again, to keep the teams together, each successive group of work wasn’t called until both teams had finished the one they were on.

Dora complete, blocks up, mosey down Arlington with a stop at Cannon and Arlington for 10 double count hand slap merkins.    Mosey down Cannon and stop at the park entrance for 20 OYO dips.    Finally, running out of time, we head back to the picnic shelter for 20 of Perry’s favorite, Makhtar N’Diaye (I don’t know what they work either Blue), 20 heels to heaven in honor of iTunes, and 10 corkscrews each side for Cockroach.     Times up.    Finish with COT and prayers out.

Hope to see more of our brothers next Saturday and looking for a good turn-out this next week.     As always, I hope my Q was up to the abilities of my brothers.    Always a pleasure to lead!



F3 / FiA Labor Day Convergence at Legacy

Q.I.C.Benign, Regroup (FiA), Excel 0.0 (FiA)
The PAX41 strong (see below)
Workout Date09/03/2018
A.O. Golden Strip

41 F3 men, FiA women, and 2.0s started Labor Day with some serious work at Legacy (not Golden Strip).  Special thanks to Regroup (FiA) and Pine Tar (F3) for making the convergence happen.

PAX: NYOPT, Whisper (respect), Lonestar (respect), Regroup, Tea Cup, Playdoh, Triple Delight, Mary Lou, Seabiscuit, Jambo, Squints, Lt. Dangle, One More, Sandbox, 5K, Recess, Look Out Below, Mint Julep, Haagen Dazs, Excel 0.0, Nature Boy, Reborn, Dansby, Cockpit, Slowpitch, Ashy Larry, Inspector Gadget (respect), No Bars, The Butcher, Hasselhoff (respect), Patagonia, Erector, BB-8, Rainbow Dash, Brony, Pixel, Bite Size, YHC, + 2 more on the playground




The mission of FiA is to make each other stronger in all areas of our lives.

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.


Disclaimer: I am very unprofessional.


Warm-up (Benign Q):

Imperial walkers x 25 IC

Overhead claps x 20 IC

Side straddle hops x 20 IC

Merkins x 10 IC

Tempo merkins x 10 IC


Thang #1 (Benign Q):

Line up in 2 lines for a half-mile Indian run then mosey to the bottom of the big hill.  Hold plank waiting on the 6.

Line up at the bottom of the big hill and jail break to the top.  At the first tree do 6 burpees.  At the second tree do 4 burpees.  At the sidewalk do 2 burpees.   Hold plank waiting on the 6.

Go to the grassy area by the playground for 7s (merkins and BBSUs).

Mosey back to the flag for more Thang.


Thang #2 (Regroup Q):

Glute bridge thrusts to the tune of Footloose (cadence thrusting during the verses, faster thrusting during the chorus).

Quick feet in place, then, going around the circle, each PAX yells “Down” and the next number, indicating how many ground touches.  Do this all the way up to 20.

Mosey to the pavilion and find a bench or wall for Bring Sally Up dips.  On “Bring Sally Up”, go up.  On “Bring Sally Down”, do a dip and hold it.

Mosey back to the flags for Mary.


Mary (Excel 0.0 Q):

30 seconds each of leg scissors, windshield wipers, Muhammad Ali, then repeat-o.


Circle of Trust:


-Whisper and others training for the Spinx half-marathon.  Basically just run 2-3 “short” runs during the week and a really long run on weekends.

-Both F3 and FiA need more Q’s.


-IG’s brother-in-law battling cancer.

-Ashy Larry’s family in need of prayer

-Young lady going through the adoption process.

-Benign’s grandmother fractured her hip and is having surgery today.


It is always fun for the F3 men to get together with the FiA ladies for convergences.  FiA is a great organization; please encourage your M’s or older female 2.0s to get involved.  Have a happy Labor Day!




Ashy Larry brings a Burpee Escalator Q to the Dog Pound

Q.I.C.Ashy Larry
The PAXAshy Larry, Slow Pitch, Lobsta Roll, Double Windsor, Honkers, Hacksaw, Generic, Big Ass Fan, JK2, Spackler, Soda, Inspector Gadget, Anchor Down
Workout Date08/31/2018
A.O. Dog Pound

The mark of a good Q is lots of complaining and moaning from the PAX. By that measure Ashy Larry laid it down really well.  Escalators are a challenge but especially  when the first level is BURPEES.

Just as the work escalated, so did the mubblechatter ‘love’ for the Q.

71 degrees with a not-too bad level of humidity greeted the PAX. A lucky 13 was the best attendance is a few weeks too.

Mission Statement: nailed it. Disclaimer: NOT a professional

Warm Up: 


Merkins IC 10

Squats IC 10

The Thang:  

Mosey to Sunrift 

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to TR United Methodist

10 Burpees OYO

20 Big Boy Situps

(Mubblechatter about Burpees already)

Mosey to Driving Range

10 Burpees

20 Big Boy Situps

30  Squats

(Mubblechatter ‘love’ getting more intense for our Q)

Mosey to TR Oriental

10 Burpees

20 Big Boy Situps

30 Squats

40 Merkins

Mosey down the SRT a bit

10 Burpees

20 Big Boy Situps

30 Squats

40 Merkins

50 Air Presses

10 count

Mosey back deescalating back down at every stop

1 last set of 10 Burpees at the Shovel Flag



Labor Day Convergence with FiA at Legacy for 7:00.  Dog Pound WILL meet at normal time on Monday as well.


Ashy’s Mother and Brother, IG’s mom and Brother-in-law (Heart bypass), New guys at Gideon House, Hacksaw’s mom. JK2 for BRR and upcoming trip with son.

It is a prividge to lead and sweat with these gentlemen.