Birthday Q

3/8/21 Powderkeg
Shiner, Quaker, Keystone, Stem Cell(Kotters), Frostbite/Shrinkage, Bobblehead, TBag, Brown Shorts

Today marks 48 revolutions on the third rock from the Sun. 1973 was a great year for music too. Dark Side of the Moon, Tres Hombres, Houses of the Holy, Brothers and Sisters, Pronounced ‘Lĕh-‘nérd ‘Skin-‘nérd) and many more…

Windmill, Imperial Walker, mountain climber, SSH 12 each in cadence

Blocks 12 curls, 12 overhead press, 12 triceps, 12 bentover rows. Repeat for 4 rounds

Dolly, flutter(double count) 12 each x 4 rounds

Carl’s jr corner
Squats, lunges(single) 12 each x 4 rounds

Dark corner
12 merican 12 werkins 12 stagger left and 12 right

Bottom of steps
Pretzel crunch left and right 12 each x4 rounds
Joe Hendricks one level. Lunge walk.
Monkey humpers, gorilla humpers 12 each x4 rounds
Joe Hendricks next level. Lunge walk.
Lbc, reverse lbc 12 each x4 rounds
Joe Hendricks third level. Lunge walk.
Freddy Mercury(SC), big boy situps 12 each x4 rounds

Plank shoulder touch, hip slapper 12 each x4 rounds

Rosalita, protractor 12 each til time ran out.

Word of the day: Fear. Don’t let fear keep you from being generous. Don’t let fear keep you from doing the hard things. God will always provide what you need.

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