Belated Independence Day celebration at Golden Strip

The PAX1 Direction, Tebow (hate), Bernie, Slingblade (hate), NYOPT, WiFi (respect), Cyclone, Flo (respect), Obama, YHC
Workout Date07/10/2018
A.O. Golden Strip

YHC missed the July 4 convergence workout last week while running the Red White and Blue Shoes 5K at Furman, so it was fitting to honor the 242nd birthday of our great nation one week late.


Mission: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.


Disclaimer: Modify as necessary.



-Overhead claps x 25 IC

-Monkey humpers x 25 IC

-SSH x 25 IC

-Imperial walkers x 25 IC



Time for some running with short periods of exercises:

-Run 1 lap around parking lot then do 10 BBSUs

-Run 1 lap then do 20 LBCs

-Run 1 lap then do 30 BBSUs

-Run 1 lap then do 40 LBCs

-Run 1/2 lap then do 10 Bobby Hurleys

-Run 1/2 lap then do 8 Bobby Hurleys

-Run 1/2 lap then do 6 Bobby Hurleys

-Run 1/2 lap then do 4 Bobby Hurleys

-Run 1/2 lap then do 2 Bobby Hurleys

-Run 1/2 lap back to the start line

Mosey to cleavage (the are between the hills) and partner up for DORA honoring 7/4/1776 and the 242nd birthday of our great country.  Reps are your own (i.e. not cumulative).  While PAX 1 runs, PAX 2 does the work:

-74 merkins

-17 burpees

-76 squats

-242 double count flutters

Mosey back to the flag for Mary.



-Captain Thor (1:4 BBSUs to American hammers) up to 6:24


Circle of Trust:


-Site Q changes coming up (Lt. Dangle at TOT 7/16, NYOPT at GS 7/17, Pine Tar at PF 7/24); all workouts are convergences

-Palmetto 200 (March 2019) teams are forming


-All 12 soccer players + coach in Thailand rescued from flooded cave!

-Family of Jack (son of F3 Columbia PAX Gump) who died in a swimming accident in Charleston over the weekend

-Andrew Brunson imprisoned in Turkey

-Flo’s wife having hip replacement next week


As always, it is a pleasure to lead!





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