You're It!

  • Workout Date - 11/29/2014
  • Q In Charge - Zoila
  • The PAX - Nature Boy, Shaft, Earthmover, Mr. Winslow, Dabo (F3 Charleston), SatisFRY, Zoila (YHC)
  • AO -

It’s Gameday

The Conditions: 0 Degrees Centigrade.  Mostly clear.

The Thang: Warm-up: SSH x25, IW x25, LBC x30, something else while I grabbed my watch from the car.

Mosey to the bottom of the hill on Legacy Park Rd. (Flay’s Hill?  TBC’s Hill?  Surely someone has worked this hill enough for it to be named).

Dora 1-2-3-3-2-1

Partner up and relay your way through the following while your partner runs to the top of the hill and back.

Merkins x100

Squats x200

LBC x300

Flutter (single-count) x300

Lunges (single-count) x200

Carolina Dry Dock x100

Keep your partners, run to the top of the hill stopping at every streetlight for Partner Derkin x10.  Total of 6 stops.

Bottom of the hill and back for 10 burpees.  Repeato twice.

Mosey to the big field.  Hey yall, F3 is supposed to be adult recess, how about a game of freeze tag.  If you’re tagged, you stay frozen in a squat position.  Myself and one other were “it”.  Lasted about 5 minutes.  Fun abounded.  Maybe next time we should have more people that were “it” because I basically gave up on trying to tag some of the faster pax.

6MOM courtesy of Nature Boy.  We did some flutters, some Freddy Mercury, Heels to Heaven, etc.


Ye Olde Moleskine:

Welcome to Dabo from F3 Charleston.  Not his first time posting in the Upstate, but first time I’ve posted with him.  Congrats on the 2.0 that is on the way.

That was a really cold, but fun, workout.  The Dawn Patrol crew continues to get after it week after week. No reason to take Saturdays off, might as well #getbetter.

During COT, we went around and said what we were thankful for over the past year.  Common link: “Thankul for F3”.  Mr. Winslow is growing into his role at work and looking to take on more leadership.  Lots of thanksgiving for family and children as well.

Prayers for Nature Boy’s personal trials.  Also, Nature Boy is looking for a position in sales, he has lots of experience.

Announcements: Williamston AO still in the works.  Be sure to check on some of the newer AO’s and ensure their winter survival: Dog Pound in TR, 0.0 downtown, Powder Keg.

If you only post once a week, try posting twice.  If twice, try three times.  If three times, try posting four times.  Keep pushing yourselves.

3 thoughts on “You're It!”

  1. I’ve always called it 1Direction’s hill. He always seemed to take the most sinister pleasure working our tails off on that hill!

    Great Q (partner derkins were gassers) and congrats on your boys finally ending the streak.

  2. 1D’s Hill! I knew it belonged to someone. Thanks EM, it was finally a happy last weekend in November. My 5 year old(!) has now for the first time witnessed Clemson beating South Carolina.

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