Young Guys are Fast

  • Workout Date - 10/05/2022
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

Five guys fought the urge to fartsack, planted the VSF and got after it in Green Vegas…..

The Thang:

SSH x 30
IW x 25

Mosey to steps leading to the parking deck (adjacent to the Bi-Lo center)
South Cackalacky RR, then dbl toe touch up the steps, plank until everyone
on same level
Squats x10 at first landing
Rev Lunges x10 at second

Mosey into deck
Fast ascension up the steps to the top level
Suicides x10
Run back down – alternating between backwards run, karaoke (L and R)
At the bottom of each level we did:
Top level – 1/2 Turkish get up x10
Next level – people’s chair x30sec
Next level – merkinsx10

Run to the Hyatt courtyard
Stop for people’s chair 45sec

At the courtyard
Derkins (w/mtn climber), dips, jump ups x10ea
Werkins, dips, jump ups x10ea
Irkins, dips, jump ups x10ea
Chair press with around the world x20

Run to grass area (across from Hyatt) for Plank U very much
CCV x10 each side
Plank shoulder touch x10 IC
Swipers x5 each side

Stay put for Mary (Ladka as Q)
Dolly x20
Rosalita x20
Flutter x20
LBC x 20
Bicycle x20

Run back to the Bi-Lo Center for COT (last 100yds all out sprint)

Naked Moleskin
– Great to have 2 FNG’s out to a mid-week workout. Look forward to seeing both of you again in the gloom real soon.
– Banjo is really fast – he flew through the suicides (so much so he was accused of skipping parts of the ladder). He can probably run faster backwards than I can forwards.
– Derkins with mtn climbers = #crowdpleaser
– Looking forward to @nibbler and @sirtophamhat visiting #Legacy this weekend. #nervousanticipation
– Hump Day Happy Hour (HDHH) resumes next Wed 5/15. Be on the lookout for more details (i.e. – time/place).


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