You want a warm-up? Get up earlier.

  • Workout Date - 04/23/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sanchez
  • The PAX - Rusty, Squeal, Montross, Cataract, Clapper, Flay, Snip-it, Sanchez (YHC)
  • AO -

3 men, wait…make it 4…one more got us to 5…2 cars on 2 wheels brought numbers 6 and 7 to the #Tankyard.  YHC started to rework the plan for an odd number until Montross (#creeper) appeared from the depths of darkness (i.e. not from the direction of the parking lot like the rest of mankind).  Back on even numbers, the clock struck 5:30 (ish) and we were ready to roll.  Flay got worried, and rightly so, when he saw my cell phone lit up with an interval timer and knew something bad was about to happen.  First exercise is…10×10 burpees!!  An important side note: it’s a little concerning that a group of men, leaders among men in fact, are so uncomfortable with a change in their routine.  Wake up at 5 to exercise in the rain, snow, cold and heat? No problem!  CSAUP events so daunting that most people would rather choose to have a colonoscopy?  Bring it on!  Start an F3 workout without Side-Straddle Hops? AHHHHGGGGG!!!  7 men reacted to YHC’s decision to skip the SSH as if the under-pinning of their own existence would crumble…Fortunately, they didn’t have too long to lament since the alarm sounded and we had some work to do!

The Thang – Part 1:
– 10×10 – 10 burpees per min for 10 minutes.  You want rest?  Bust out your 10 oyo and sit back enjoy (catch your breath) until the alarms goes off again.  2 rounds in YHC was thinking audible but these men expected more, so they go it!

– Loosen up the arms with 10 LBAC (not really enough to count as an exercise)
– SSH x 20 #MumbleChatterReward

The Thang – Part Deux
Mosey to the play ground for a Dora 1-2-3
Pull-ups x 100
Step-ups x 200
Calf raises x 300
Partner runs from playground to the far side of bball court and back.  Came close to spilling Q merlot but held on strong.  YHC thinks there was more mumble-chatter but it was over-shadowed by the alarm ringing YHC was still hearing

The Thang – Part 3
Time check showed we had less time than I thought but so we had to scale back the numbers for the team Dora.  Should been a Dora 4-5-6 but we dropped to 3-4-5.  Side note: This part was stolen from another BB but since YHC firmly believes that originality is the art of concealing your sources, you’ll have to do the work. Okay, #humility #PropsToUber. Grab bricks from YHCs car and circle up.
-Carolina Dry-Docks x 300 Amrap style.  Each man does his max and we go around in a circle until we’re done.  Hold C-D-D plank (#SquealFamilyReunion) while waiting.  The CDD plank didn’t hurt until after the 40 reps, after which it got bad. Quickly.
-Over-head presses x 400.  Hold bricks above your head while waiting.  Okay, just keep them above your shoulders
-Curls x 500.  Hold bricks at 90 degrees while waiting.  Uber noted in his BB that this one should have been 600-750 reps and he was right but we didn’t have the time

Flutters IC x 60
Out of time. That’s a wrap.

Naked Moleskin
-Sign up for Jackalope.  May 16.  Meet at Legacy at 5:30 and carpool to MainThing  AO.  7mi with lots of #painstations.  No man left behind.  Not a race.  F2 at finish back at Legacy
-Flay told us about a group Zoila introduced him to that meets Tuesday evenings at 6:30 at Coffee Underground (exception: meeting tonight).  It’s an inter-faith/no-faith group that discuss big life issues from all perspectives.  Good, honest, transparent conversations that challenge your world view and your perspective.  Ping Flay or Zoila for more info.
-It was an honor to lead this morning.  YHC felt like the pax pushed him more than he pushed the pax but it was needed.  #IronSharpensIron

Prayer Requests
-Flays family – FIL in bad shape physically and emotionally.  Downward spiral of giving up has led to this point and it’s not a good situation.  Prayers for his body and soul
-WaWa and M were at the hospital this morning waiting on 2.3.  Just got word Oliver James arrived and mom and son are doing great!


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  1. Yes you do, Alfred.

    Great one this morning, Sanchez. Absolutely flew by, but still hurting.

    Like I said, I’m glad I installed that ceiling fan last Saturday and not this Saturday.

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