You Say Ciabatta….I say Tabata

  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
  • Q In Charge -
  • The PAX -
  • AO -

17 planted 2 shovel flags and debated important things like college football and workout names……


The Thang:

SSH x27
IW x27
27= pts scored by Carolina Thursday night. Lucky for the PAX that SOS took his foot off the gas cause warmup could have gotten ugly.

Mosey to the parking lot behind the #Fern

Split into 2 teams and partner up within each team (size matters)
Team 1
Bent Jacob’s Ladder
Suicides – starting at 1 and ascending to 7
Burpees – starting at 7 and descending to 1
7 = best player in CFB – CLOWNEY

Team 2
brokeback mtn – partner squats and partner calf raises, x17 ea, flapjack, repeato
teams flapjack
17 = Dylan Thompson – Carolina QB who had 1 TD on 1 pass Thursday night

Mosey to the lawn for
Kettlebell Tabata (30 sec exercise / 15 sec rest)

2 handed swing
Wide merkins
One Legged Dead Lift
Halos (left and right)
Mountain Climbers
Squat and Press
Russian Twists
Merkin Jacks
Bob and Weave
Elbow plank
28 sec rest then repeato
28 = Mike Davis, RB for Carolina who had 115 yds rushing and a 75 yd TD run Thursday night.

Mosey to the track around the pond

Partner 1 does light pole fartleks
Partner 2 does:
Derkins x14
Dips x14
Jump ups x14
flapjack and repeato
14 = Connor Shaw, starting QB for Carolina and undefeated at home as a starter (11-0)

Mosey back to top of the park for

One legged flutters x25 (13 R, 12 L)
One legged dolly x25 (13 R, 12 L)
LBC x25
Burpees x10 OYO
85 = number of reps in Mary and also Kane Whitehurst’s number. Walk-on receiver for Carolina who has 1 career reception that just happened to be a TD Thursday night.


Naked Moleskin
– Great testimony by @Murdock this morning #inspiring
– YHC smoked himself with that KB tabata and had to audible during Mary #NoPainNoGain
– Lot’s of discussion on whether it’s ciabata or tabata. Either way, #ItHurts
– Tclaps to @Retread who’s lost 22lbs in the month of August. Great work, keep it up. #fuelchallenge #settheexample

– Final prep for BRR underway
– Teams are forming for the USMC mud run and Spartan Beast
– I love the fall and thus the start of College football #nothingbetter

See ya in the #gloom……


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