You had to be there

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  • Workout Date - 10/15/2019
  • Q In Charge - RoadTrip
  • The PAX - Lumberg, Grass Fairy, Elmer, Ms. Potts, Flo (R), Sticky Willy, Ron Swanson, WiFi (R), Beamer, RoadTrip
  • AO - Golden Strip

a clear, cool, calm and collective 57 degrees.

To get better, lead your city, ride a horse and save a cowboy

You know the drill.  Modify or take a break if you have to…but at least you are here, unlike some other nameless PAX.


  • SSH
  • Windmill
  • Imperial Walkers

The Situation
Mosey to the wall for 11’s starting with 10 Muscle ups and 1 squat across the street.

Mosey to the coupon pile, but take the Beamer route, which is up the dragon tail, along Holland road and back down the bus loop.  Partner up and grab 1 block per duo for a Modified Dora.  PAX 1 sprints around the short loop while PAX 2 exercises.  No combination reps, each AX responsible for their own reps.  Sprints quickly became a slow mosey.

  • 100 Curls
  • 100 Overhead Presses
  • 100 Block swings

Put your blocks up and mosey to the speed hump at the bottom of the hill.

Back pedal up the hill and perform 5 squats at the top, mosey down and wait on the 6.  Repeat 4 more times.  Return to the flags and call it a day.


  • 0515 Fridays – The Tankyard is packing heat and you are probably too soft to attend.  Save yourself from the embarrassment and don’t even think about going.

Prayers & Praises

  • Mac – FIL who passed

Always a pleasure, RT Out


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