you dont know jack…

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  • Workout Date - 02/05/2020
  • Q In Charge - Cockpit
  • The PAX - Turban, Priscilla, No Show, de la Rocha, Punchlist, Padre, Guano,
  • AO - Tower of Terror

8 PAX ignored the temptation of a few more minutes in the fartsack. All got better together.

Conditions: warm enough to forget it was February and whatever that wet stuff was falling from the skies, it didn’t count as real rain…

Mission: check (like a pro…)

Disclaimer: check (not a pro…)


Jacks a plenty IC… (thanks to Padre for the test drive Tuesday at PF)

20 SSH (jumping jacks)

20 seal jacks

20 plank jacks

20 smurf jacks

20 crab jacks

engine plenty warm…


BLIMPS run –

5 Burpees at the starting line, run…

10 Lunges each leg at the station, run…

20 Imperial walkers at the corner, run…

30 Merkins at the next corner, run…

40 Plank jacks at the church parking lot, run…

50 Squats back at the start/finish line…

time for some Jack Webs – starting w/ 1 Merkin and 4 air presses, then increase 2:8, then 3:12, 4:16, 5:20, 6:24, 7:28, 8:32, 9:36, 10:40; who knew pressing air was so heavy?

moved to Sheilas for some window shopping and pondering how does one become certified as a “fitting specialist”? is there a test? CEUs available?

time for some 90’s hits… 90 seconds AMRAP exercise and recover, rinse and repeat w/ various exercises, LBCs, lunges, big boys, mtn climbers, etc.

time to visit Mary…



flutter kicks IC w/ tempo

Good morning Dolly

Freddy Mercurys

time to land this thang…


Announcements: Attention all coffee junkies see Priscilla for beans w/ a great purpose (seriously Priscilla good luck w/ the venture, neat idea); QSource Saturdays at 0700 at Java Bistro 5 Forks, check it out. Come to PF at 0600-0645 then follow w/ QSource, Starskys welcome too.

Prayer Requests: Citadel cadets and families w/ recent suicide and suicide attempt; Giana, Ian and other child cancer patients and their families; Barnhill’s family w/ loss, No Show family and sickness; other prayers spoken and unspoken

This flight is cleared to land. Always an honor and thanks for flying the friendly skies. SYITG… Cockpit

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