"You did that on purpose!"

  • Workout Date - 12/29/2014
  • Q In Charge - Seal
  • The PAX - Brown Shorts, Keystone, Swift(WarBaby), Crunchy, Steamer, Jared Flemming(FNG) - Slug, Gluten(WarDaddy), Seal
  • AO -

Buford t Justice


Aye! A total of 8 PAX crawled out of the fartsack and made it out on a rainy Monday morning for another edition of BUD/S school from YHC. Lots of #mumblechatter as I entered into the AO. “Are you Q’ng this today Seal?”. #Chuckle. Alas, I was not going to let a little rain keep me from running the routine I had been planning. I promised to keep it from being completely miserable as no one had actually enlisted or been sworn in up to this point.

Here is what went down:

The Thang

SSH x30 IC

Imperial Walker x15 IC

Merkin x15 IC

Air Squats x15 IC

Mountain Climbers x15 IC

And Monkey Humpers x15 IC  (it got quiet on this one)

Mosey around the church to the driveway.

Jacobs Ladder: Merkins bottom, Burpees top, 60 yards between, x10 (#smoker)! . It is noted by PAX that there were NO Larry Birds here today! However,  I used my green and red hunting headlamps to mark the endzones in the driveway. Despite my warnings, at the end of the workout, one of the PAX decides to run over my green light. This inspired the workout title. I promise to double the next ladder for this gross display of vengeance toward my equipment!

Polish off this round with some Hip dips (plank dips) x10 IC

Mosey to B-Ball court. Jacks Webb: Merkin/Air press with 1:4 ratio, Count up to 7:28 and then (#evilchuckle) back down to 1:4. (Brown Shorts professes his love for me here and Steamer is fully STEAMED!)

This round gets a finale of Werkins x10 IC #armsweigh50lbs

Out of time: Going to 6 MOM! It’s PAX choice for this one. 15 of whatever, single count. Reverse LBC, LBC, 6″ (hold for 30sec), Flutterkicks, Plank dips, Freddie Mercury, Mountain climbers, and forgetting one other (sorry).

Naked Moleskin:COT/BOM:

Drifter 6k. Sign up now. F3 discount won’t be available for much longer.

Thursday’s workout will be a convergence at Peace Center since it’s a holiday. Time is unknown to YHC, nothing on website about it yet, but rumor is 0700 hrs. Meet at Marathon at 0630 hrs and catch a ride with Gluten or myself. If anything changes, I will be happy to lead another session at Powderkeg at our usual time of 0530 hrs. I will send out a GroupMe text or a Tweet (can’t believe I just said that. Sigh…) if we decide to run our regular program Thursday. Twitter name:@F3_Seal

Prayers for Sherpa and others that have put themselves in harms way in the process of witnessing to others of our faith in countries that don’t take kindly to followers of Christ.

Prayers for Toolman. We need you back posting brother.

And prayers for good results on Gluten’s doc visit today.

Welcome to our newest member, Slug. See you in the gloom my brothers. Seal out. ORT! ORT! ORT!


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