You are the light of the world

  • Workout Date - 03/14/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sherpa
  • The PAX - Rambo, Joseph, Sketch, Beatbox, Barcy, Timmay, Fisherman, Snooker, Novel, Jimbay, Dablam, FNG Ramesh is CS, FNG Abhishek is Madrid, FNG Rajesh is Leo, FNG Dinesh is 8Ball, FNG Prakash is Lumjung
  • AO -

We worked up a good appetite this morning. Our goal has been 15, and we hit it. Way to go guys. The word is getting out. People are noticing that this is different. This isn’t only about exercise. It’s not about entertainment. It’s about brotherhood. Fellowship. Mental strength training. Discipline for life. Going from boys to men.

Today was a bit of an experiment gone wrong. That’s my fault. I thought it would be fun to intermingle soccer into our routine. That was a bad idea. Oh well, now we know.

Started with

Warm up
SSH x 25
Merkins x 10 IC
M Climbers x 20
Burpees x 5

– A round of Jack Webbs – 1 pushup/4 overhead presses, 4 pushups/8 overhead presses – all the way to 16 pushups. Smoked arms.

Indian run down to the soccer fields. Or futbal as they say here. Broke into 2 groups. One group played F3 soccer, where if you miss a goal you do 5 burpees, and if the other team makes a goal your entire team does 5 burpees. The other half broke off and did Dora:

Dora with The Rock:
100x squat curls with The Rock
200x over head press with The Rock
300x Bench press The Rock

– FNG Leo is a super fast guy. Also, Joseph and Sketch are like 300% stronger now than 2 weeks ago. Fisherman, you need to start running in races.

It was messy trying to coordinate the soccer game while simultaneously doing another routine. Plus, there were other teams playing on the soccer field, which made it extra confusing. Sorry about that. My fault for poor planning.

Gathered the PAX (group) and did a giant Indian run back up the road and to the starting point. Did a round of core:

– Another round of Jack Webbs to 16 pushups.

25x LBC 3C
20x rosalita
20x flutters
20x Erectors

Countdown. Name-o-rama:

– 5 FNG’s. FNG Ramesh is CS for CounterStriker, FNG Abhishek is Madrid for Real Madrid, FNG Rajesh is Leo for Leopard/Cheetah because he is lightning fast, FNG Dinesh is 8Ball because he likes “snooker” or “pool”, FNG Prakash is Lumjung because he is from there in the far West of Nepal.

– I’m going to be gone for the first half of next week. Timmay agreed to do his first lead Q on Tuesday, and Jimbay will Q on Thursday.

Circle of Trust:

– Prayer for next week while I’m away, that guys will step up and lead. It’s a great opportunity fellas, and we are with you to support you in this effort.

– Prayer for Novel’s brother’s wife who is suffering. Fisherman for his orphan friends to come back and be freed from drug addiction, Timmay as he ministers to his friend. Also Sherpa is getting married in May, and leaving in April so pray for everything to come together.

– We are talking about doing a hike up Champa Devi on March 31st.

Every Saturday, after the work out we spend 15-20 minutes cleaning up trash around the campus. The security guards really appreciate this. Several people, as they were walking by, shouted “Thank you! What you are doing is really great.” Now that we’re growing in numbers, the security guards asked us to get a pass for the group. We need to continue to have good relations with them, because if we are a nuisance they will not let us continue to come.



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