You Aint Nothin But A Hound Dawg Tour DeUpstate Stop #5

  • Workout Date - 06/12/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sushi and His Dog Playlist
  • The PAX - Zorro, Long Bottom, Rhythm, Inspector Gadget, Steely (FNG)...Zorro's 2.0
  • AO -

Six Dawgs including 1 Puppy (FNG Steely) made it to the Dawg Pound and made sure their masters had to clean them before they were allowed back in the house.  This was YHC’s next stop on the Tour DeUpstate which took him the furthest away from home.  Who says you can’t teach an old dog some new tricks???  Well apparently counting is a new trick for the Dawg Pound PAX as they consistently tried to skip numbers during the warm-up.  Somewhere around the fifth exercise they got it under control and were rewarded with Milk Bones later.  YHC did a smart playlist on iTunes and realized there were way too many songs with Dog in the title so some careful selection went into this playlist.

Warm-Up: Songs Baha Men Who Let the Dawgs Out, Janes Addiction Been Caught Stealing  SSH X 25, Run the Football Field, IW X 25 Run the Football Field

The Thang: Song Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting,

Horse Riding Stance Punches X 100,

Simple Minds Alive and Kicking By now the PAX should know the drill.

Front Rising Kicks-  Right leg X 12, Left Leg X 12,

Closing Kicks – Right Leg X 12, Left Leg X 12

Karate Kid Kicks – Right Leg X 12, Left Leg X 12

Crescent Kicks – Right Leg X 12, Left Leg X 12

Songs Parliament Funkadelic Atomic Dog, Led Zepplin Black Dog.  Mosey back to the football field for some shuttle runs.  The PAX were given 6 Milk Bones each and had to run 20 yards fast and drop off their Milk Bones one at a time at the cones.  10 second count, then go back and get them one at a time.  All were happy they just had to drop off at the cones and not actually wear them!  Repeat 3 X with the last one bringing back 2 at a time.  YES….THE DAWGS WERE SMOKED at this point so YHC decided to reward them with a game of FETCH DORA.

Break into teams of two and start at your fire Hydrant (3 cones).  Each team was given a Yellow Squeaky Toy Bone to play with.

Song AC/DC Given the Dog A Bone  Partner 1 throws the toy as far as he can. Partner 2 runs to get the toy and return.  While Partner 2 fetches, partner 1 does Diamond Merkins,  Partner 2 returns and throws the toy so partner 1 can fetch, then does the Diamond Merkins.  AMRAP until the song is over

Song Peter Tosh Maga Dog Same as above but with Squats.  PAX were doing fine and YHC did not see any of they trying to scratch their buts on the grass.  Get lower on the squats!

Song Jimmy Hendrix Hound Dog Same as above but with leg lifts on the fire hydrant.  YHC wished he had videos of this.  Picture grown men on all fours, then lifting their hind leg as a dog would do on a fire hydrant.  10X left Leg, 10X right leg repeat until partner returns with the toy.  Long Bottom mumble chatter, ” I’ve never worked those muscles before!”

Time to get the total mileage to at least 2 miles.  Native America Run around the park to Lobo’s Me and You and a Dog Named Blue, and Kid Rock’s I’m A Dog. Back to COT for quick Mary of 12 X Shamrocks.

At the end of the workout the PAX voted on Top Dawg of the Day.  Long Bottom was given the newly coveted Bone Trophy as it’s first winner.  This will be awarded each workout to the PAX who represented F3 the best with effort, and encouragement.  Similar to the Stanley Cup, each winner will get his name sharpie’d on the trophy with the date they won the award.  Let’s see if this sticks:)

Prayer Requests and Announcements: Prayers for Zorro’s father-in-law who is recovering from a stroke, and for Rhythm on his job interview today.

Moleskin: The boys at the Dawg Pound could use our support with visits from other AO’s.  I highly recommend visiting this AO if you have not been there.  It might be a little drive, but visiting other AO’s keeps it fresh both for you and them.

Wag More….Bark Less!  Sushi…Out!

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