Yo DJ Rewind that track!

  • Workout Date - 11/30/2015
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawii
  • The PAX - Slurpee, Wilson, Slap Chop, Wilson, ZIp it, Ice man, Earthmover
  • AO -

8 Pax decided they would risk melting and work on getting better this AM! YHC was unsure of what to do this morning after just having a Q on Saturday…so why not just get back to old times, back to my roots, the good ole days…Ok I digress this is how it went down!


25x Swamp Rabbit Houdini’s aka SSH IC
20x MC IC
20x IW IC

The Thang

The Pax lined up for an Indian run on Mitchell Rd heading to the elementary school. This morning took me back to the early days when doubt would quickly creep into my mind. YHC would wonder “where are we going” and “How can I do 100 of anything”? Oh how things have changed for the better! When the Pax arrived at the school we lined up for an old school DORA! Partner up kids. One partner would knock out the Dora exercises while the other ran the triangle parking lot.

100 x Merkins
200 x Squats
300 x LBC’s

Finished up with some plank exercises and under the fence while the rest of the Pax completed the DORA! Under the fence has become a way of working in Yoga to the workouts and apparently YHC is not alone. #Hootiefav as well per ICE.

Indian Run back to where it all started #TheBurbs! The Pax lined up at the bottom of the church to rewind that track to this past Saturday for some 11s! #Mummblechatter from Earth Mover pretty sure he threatened to leave hehe. Turkish Getups at the bottom and hand release merkins at the top of the curb. Oh this was awful. TClaps to Ice Man #Beastmode. The Pax finished up with of course by visiting my misunderstood buddy JOE HENDRICKS! Jail Break to the circle for Mary! #Mummblechatter from Iceman due to YHC smoking him to the circle. With gimp legs Ha!

Chill Cuts 1 minute
Freddie Mercury IC
Big Boys IC
Hills to heavens IC
Plank shoulder touches IC

Pray for all Pax spoken and unspoken
Pray for Walker Nail Pop’s son. Pray for Peace and Strength!

Q school coming up on Dec 15 Main Thang and Dec 17 The Station
YHC is looking forward to learning how to properly count IC :O Ice Man!

It was and is always fun to take a trip down memory lane and lead such great men!

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