Wrecking Ball

  • Workout Date - 09/28/2022
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Washer, Flay, Agony, Zoila, Hootie, The Muff, Iceman, The Count, Shark Bait, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Earthmover, Stewie, Chimichanga, Crash (WD), Stem Cell, Popcorn, Squints, FNG Fleming - Odd Job, Capn'Crunch
  • AO -

19 men, including 1 FNG and 4 from out of town planted the shovel flag at #MainThang. @Agony and @Chimchanga were in our great city for a Church conference. They held a #Qschool yesterday and then posted with us today.

The Thang:
The morning got off to a flying start when the FNG Odd Job called @Agony “Acne”. You can imagine that the PAX didn’t let @Acne…..er @Agony live that one down. Odd Job came in like a ……

SSH x20
Squats x15
Merkins x10 ……. hold it @Acne, I didn’t say recover

Mosey down E. Broad St, stop under the bridge and Al Gore until the 6 arrives. Let’s head to the parking deck. @Acne correctly noted that I failed to say “Recover” #wellplayed #veteranmove

After some trouble accessing the parking deck #whoputsafenceinaparkingdeck we made it to the ramps so I could explain the deal:
5 Spicolis (superman burpee) – run to the next level
5 Spicolis, 10 lunges (ea leg) – run
5 Spicolis, 10 lunges (ea leg), 15 merkins – run
5 Spicolis, 10 lunges (ea leg), 15 merkins, 20 heels to heaven – run
5 Spicolis, 10 lunges (ea leg), 15 merkins, 20 heels to heaven, 25 plank shoulder touches

Once everyone was finished we headed down the stairs and over to Liberty Bridge in Falls Park. That’s where things got interesting…

@Acne’s thoughts on the Liberty Bridge…

Once we got to the other side of the bridge, we saw another group working out. Once again, @Acne was on point…..

Back to the workout. Partner up for Dora 1,2,3
oblique lbc x100
Squats x200 Jump squats x200 #stopcomplainingFlay
Mtn Climbers x300
Guys that finished early started over with oblique lbc’s

At some point during the Dora, @TheCount, @SharkBait and @Popcorn joined us. @Acne had thoughts on that too……

Let’s mosey back to the Peace Center. We’ll take the long way to show our visitors more of our fine city. So down the steps at Starbucks and over the Bridge Over the River Reedy.

Once to the bottom of the amphitheater, form 2 lines. Appollo Ono up the steps. Guys waiting in line assumed Al Gore until it was their time to scale the steps.

#Tclaps to @Acne for leading Mary while I grabbed my phone to record attendance.


Naked Moleskin
– Great having visitors join us. We love showing off our cool city.
– @Cap’nCrunch is always in #beastmode. Dude takes no plays off, ever…..
– From the “thought I’d never see that” category:
– @Crash posted without @Caviar
– @Hootie posted without @Houdini
– Both #MainThang site Q’s (@Caviar & @PETA) were absent on the same day. Do we subtract #MainThang points for that?
– #Tclaps to FNG Odd Job. 60year old that hung tough. @Acne’s thoughts on FNG Odd Job….

Prayer Requests
– @Chimichanga’s 2.0
– @Squints asked for prayers for Danny

– Dangler – 2/4, also the 4 yr Anny of F3 SwampRabbit
– @Zoila is planning Jackalope3.0

See ya in the gloom….


2 thoughts on “Wrecking Ball”

  1. Aye…best AO I’ve seen to date.
    Awesome pax…strong 2ndF glue in that group.

    Plus Greenville has some absolutely stunning scenery….waterfalls I mean waterfalls!

    (Somehow I got pigeoned holed into a puberty ridden boy this morning…probably being around too many pastors all week).

    Thanks for the SoHo brothers.

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