Would Uffizi Drive Me to Firenze

  • Workout Date - 10/02/2014
  • Q In Charge - Zoila
  • The PAX - Sponge Bob, Latka, Samsonite, Low Carb, FNG Zima, Oedipus, Filet Mignon, Zoila (YHC), and I'm leaving one off...really sorry about that, sound off in the comments.
  • AO -

The Shovel Flag was planted and 9 men of steel took to the mean streets of Greenville for some early morning pain.

The Conditions: Electric.  63 degrees Fahrenheit, slightly foggy, 100% humidity.

The Thang: Name-o-rama to start out just to get to know each other.  There were some men new to me, but it obviously didn’t matter because I forgot somebody…

Warmup: SSH x20, IW x20, Merkins x15

Mosey down Broad Street to the intersection with David Francis Street.  Look up the hill, explain a Jacob’s Ladder.

Jacob’s Ladder: run to the top do 1 burpee, run down, run to the top do 2 burpees, and so on until we did 7 burpees at the top.

Freddy Mercury x 20, Rosalita x20, Superman

Mosey to the Suntrust Building plaza, high knees, buttkickers, hop on alternating feet along the way

Dips x20 OYO, Carolina Dry Dock x10, Dips x20 OYO, Carolina Dry Dock x5

Mosey back to SF


Hello Dolly x20, H2H x20, other ab work

5 Megaburpees to close


Ye Olde Moleskine:

The hill for the Jacob’s Ladder is no joke.  It is 0.16 miles OR 845 feet OR 282 yards.  That’s a long way to go straight uphill.  According to map my run its +40 feet, but I think it’s more.  That hurt.  Including all of the moseying, the pax ran 3.33 miles this morning, way to attack that hill.

Latka, Sponge Bob, Filet Mignon and Oedipus did a great job setting the pace today.  Low Carb and Samonsite did a great job keeping up.  The workouts don’t get easier, but I can promise that you WILL get stronger.  Strong work from FNG Zima.  He’s from California, grew up near Sierra Nevada Brewing Co and then lived in San Diego near Stone Brewing Co.  He loves good beer.  YHC made him promise to come back a second time before we ran the Jacob’s Ladder.

My quads are still burning…we’ll have to never do that one again.

YHC was reminded this morning that while F3 is good for ourselves, it is GREAT for the men next to us.  It’s not just about me getting faster stronger and being a better man, it’s about all of us getting faster stronger and being better men.  The more times you post, the more times you push yourself, the more times you Q, you are spurring other men in your community towards a more full life.  Don’t underestimate the impact that each of us have every day in 1st 2nd and 3rd F’s.


Anderson Launch is coming- 10/18.  We (Swamp Rabbit pax) need to support them for the first 6-8 weeks.  They are live on the Q calendar.  YHC and Sponge Bob have signed up.  As the date approaches, carpools will be arranged from GVL so that all ranges of Swamp Rabbit pax can encourage our brothers in Anderson.

Mud Run is Saturday- pray for a  lack of injuries for all those participating.

FALL PARTY – 11/1 at the Arcadia clubhouse. Food is $5/adult, free for kids, BYOB.  M’s and 2.0’s are encouraged to come.

Spinx Runfest – Saturday 10/25 downtown.  Full marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k, fun run.  YHC’s 2.0’s are running the fun run and YHC is searching for a good place for F3 to plant our shovel flags for some 2ndF for runners, M’s, 2.0’s and friends.

Trail Run in February- Drifter 6K – Sign up now.  Because Latka said so.  It’s at Conestee Nature Trail near Mauldin.

0.0 Launched last Monday.  Great for FNG’s, running recovery, injury recovery, or just those that want to focus on form and not being gassed.  0 miles of running, 0 bad reps.  Mondays at 0530 at Peace Center.


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