Worst Block Party Evah

  • Workout Date - 01/12/2016
  • Q In Charge - Perry Mason
  • The PAX - Blue Hawaii, Iceman, Biofreeze, Mr. Head, Bambino, Grr, Slick Willy, No Bars, iTunes, Ricky Bobby, Perry Mason
  • AO -

11 PAX rolled into the Station for a block party to mourn (Tigers) or celebrate (Gamecocks) the outcome of the game last night.  The PAX skewed heavy on the Gamecocks on this cold morning, but tclaps to Tiger fans iTunes and Bambino (Kotters) for avoiding the fartsack after a late night and a disappointing finish.


This was my first Q of the year, so most of the exercises we did in reps of 16. I thought I would use the first exercise to give a short tribute to Bama for winning the NC last night, so we start of with:

Hillbillies x 16

I thought Iceman would be more chipper after the game last night, but he starts off with complaints about having to do hillbillies 3 workouts in a row.  I think he was secretly just upset that Grr had out dressed him this morning #nudetightsaresohotrightnow.

SSH x 16

High knee jumps OYO x 20 (tentatively calling these Tiggers)

The Thang

Mosey down Cannon St., stopping at Jason St. for 10 burpees.  Now we head to the church to pick up our coupons.  More chatter from Ice about having 3 consecutive workouts with blocks.  We may have to all chip in to get him a set of tights to cheer him up (and a pair of shorts for No Bars to wear over his tights).

We then Cusacked over to the McKleskey-Todd parking lot for some NSA style 11s with manmakers and LBCs, stopping in the middle to do 5 squats (total of 16).  The blocks started getting really heavy really quickly. I have nevah evah in all my years had a worse workout idea.  I offered an audible to leave the blocks on one side for the manmakers and running without them, and most of the PAX did so around the halfway point.  But tclaps to Blue, Bambino, and Slick Willy for beasting through the entire workout with their coupons.  Even more amazing was that Bambino did the whole thing with no gloves.  My fingers started going numb even with gloves on.

Ice took the PAX through a flutter workout while we waited on everyone to finish, and we did the last 5 manmakers with the six.  Time to return our blocks and head back towards the Station.  YHC felt pretty fast after shedding those 30 pounds.  Sadly, the feeling did not last.  We stopped at Jason St. again to plank for the six and then do 10 merkins OYO before heading back to the circle for Mary.


Erectors x 16

Russian Twists x 20 OYO

Rosalita x 16 to start, then I realized we were about 1 minute from the end and just let Rosie take us to the finish line.  We were somewhere in the high 30s when time ran out.


Prayers for Erector and the family of his godfather.  Prayers for Iceman’s coworker who is fighting an uphill battle against lung and bone cancer.  Prayers for Snowden, both for healing and for the patience to follow the recovery plan set out for him.  Could have used the mumblechatter king this morning.

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