Workout Buddies

  • Workout Date - 10/05/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Dollywood, Grit, ScubaSteve, Rest stop, Chastity belt, Zipit, Denied, Wingnut, Domer Simpson Punch Out, Iceman
  • AO -

11 Men planted the shovel flag at sandy Cleveland Park for their daily downPAINment. We picked partners and and got to work……

The Thang:
SSH x25
IW x20

Mosey to big playground by zoo
Stop halfway – 5 burpees

Once at the playground
Partner up
Catch Me If You Can
P1 slow mosey
P2 10 merkins, runs to tag P1
Alternate 10 merkins and 10 little baby jump squats
Flapjack and repeato for 5 mins

Move to the swings
P1 Swerkins x10
P2 split squats until P1 finishes
F/j, repeato for 5 mins
5 burpees

Mosey to amphitheater steps
P1 Bunny hop to top
P2 side squats until P1 is back down
F/j, repeato for 5 mins

Mosey to grass field
Modified Dora
Erectors (air humpers) x100
Dolly x 200 (double count)

Partner plank / rocky sit-ups x20, again x10
Superman Burpees


Naked Moleskin:
– Good to see @Grit again. Been a while brother
– Lack of sleep can lead to an out of sorts Q. #guiltyascharged
– Not sure if we hit the targeted goal of 2miles or not – anyone have gps going?

Announcements / Prayer Requests
– Prayers for Scuba as he has begun his new job in Ft Inn. He also needs an assistant so if you know anyone (male or female) hit him up.
– Prayers for James Foley and his family
– Prayers for Erector, Spicoli and Walker

See ya in the gloom….


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