working for a beach body

  • Workout Date - 05/26/2015
  • Q In Charge - Cabin Fever
  • The PAX - Slug, t-bag, Duplo, Youkilis, Cabin fever
  • AO -

Today I wanted us to warm up a little different so we mossied to the basketball court where we did high knees butt kicks and karaoke. For the first exercise we stayed on the basketball court. We did 20 murkins run to the other end of the court 19 murkins until we got down to 1 murkin. From here we mossied to the brick pile. Everyone got their coupons and we did 21 guns, tricep press, bent over row, upright row, front should raise, squats, and deadlifts. Now that are arms and chest are smoked I figured it was only right to finish off with the legs.  We did 40 squats run about 40 yards 30 squats run 40 yards 20 squats run 10 squats. We then mossied back to the flags for 10 mins of mary.

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