• Workout Date - 02/23/2024
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I have to say there is NOTHING more satisfying than putting on a GOOD Q!  I think the 24 other PAX that showed up would agree!  EC–I did not disappoint brother!


Warm UP:
Merkin Jacks x 20–My Count
Russian Mercury’s x 15 in cadence #thanks for the name Twerkin
Spicoli’s x 30 OYO—for those training for SPARTAN
High Knee Jumps x 75 #gassed

Trivia Question: What’s 345ft long, 12ft wide, and 8in thick?
That’s right—The Liberty Bridge!

Mosey to Liberty Bride for Liberty 500
Partner up–5 exercises-100 reps each, first partner runs down bridge and back, keep switching until you do 100 individual reps!  Definitely see this one being a part of a regular Q.

Mountain Climbers
Imperial Walkers
Thibodaux bombed us with 10 Spicoli’s OYO–#ouch

Mosey back up to Main St.
Indian run, two lines up to Washington St.
Spicoli’s while the back of the pack showed up
Jail Break back to PC.

In and outs x 10 in cadence
Sitting Rosalita’s x 10 in cadence
SKI and out x 10 in cadence–some of us have never seen real powder–Bartman!

Naked Moleskin
Good work this morning men!
-How does it feel to graduate from Liberty College?

What: Kent Satterfield and Bobby Chandler will be having their Annual Christmas Eve Morning Run and Canned Food Drive
Who: All PAX, M’s and 2.0s
When: 12.24 at 0600
Where: Tommy’s Country Ham House located at 214 Rutherford Street, Greenville. Park in the Triune Mercy Center parking lot which is on the corner of Stone and Rutherford, right beside Tommy’s. or across the street at the Salvation Army

How: Any way you can, but funky Christmas costumes (up to and including LIGHTS) are encouraged. If you got one of the F3 Swamp Rabbit shirts, wear it as well!

Why? Support the community, have some fun and spread some cheer. PLEASE BRING CANNED FOOD ITEMS FOR THE TRIUNE MERCY CENTER
Afterwards, breakfast will be at 0700 at Tommy’s. It will be a buffet breakfast at a cost is $8/person which includes tax and tip and it’s all you can eat. CASH ONLY

There’s been lots of talk of having a big F3 presence at the Foothills Drifter on 2/8, and T.B.C, has managed to secure us a discount from the standard $30 charge:
Go here to sign up:
Enter the promo code F3 (case sensitive) to get $10 off entry.
Let me tell you that this is a great race, with great swag (North Face Tech t’s and smart wool socks come with your registration, which is a $50ish value in and of itself. All the money goes back to Lake Conestee, so let’s have a big presence!!!

Domer Simpson and Boo Bo Zala will double host at the Croc Center tomorrow 0530.

Over and Out






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