With bricks we run…

  • Workout Date - 01/09/2016
  • Q In Charge - Footloose
  • The PAX - Blue Hawaii, Spring Break, Clippers, Mr Head, Wall-E, THE Hard Hat, Iceman, Bib, Earthmover, Cockroach, Sushi, Alfred, Grr, Perry Mason, Footloose (YHC)
  • AO -

Fifteen rabbits made a conscious decision to escape the warmth of the fartsack and #getbetter at #TheStation with what was billed as THE #mumblechatterworkout of the year.  YHC and Snowden were to co-Q as he eases his way off IR.  However, news broke late Friday that he was sidelined again due to setbacks in recovery.

So…YHC rolled up and what do wandering eyes should appear…13 rabbits ready to take the #DRP (#14 two-wheeled it in at 6:59:52AM – Alfred).  It was on from there, as Sushi continued his AO visitation efforts.  While he was disappointed Snowden couldn’t make it…he quickly found that Snowden taught YHC and Blue Hawaii quite well the ways of the #mumblechatter

Circle up and let’s get started…YHC spent about 9 mos. on IR in 2015 and knows the frustration it can bring.  As I let the PAX know that Snowden was down again, we started with a prayer for him. It is difficult for an #overachiever to follow the doctors rules and take care of himself…#swallowpride. We asked The Heavenly Physician for healing, grace and peace for Snowden’s body and heart. Get better soon brother!

Now down to business…
SSH x 17 IC, merkins x 10 OYO (Sushi wanted Yoleven) so down for one more…finish with Hillbilly’s x 17 IC

Partner up and mosey to YHC’s truck for bricks.  Head out to #sneakyhill for a go to Q from YHC #DoubleDora.  The PAX has endured this same workout several times…however, this time with bricks – #gamechanger!  This one was a #smokefest.

100 – merkins
200 – thrusters
300 – squats
300 – LBC’s
200 – Air Presses
100 – Russian Twists
T-Claps to THE Hard Hat, Grrr, Sushi and Iceman for finishing well before the PAX.  These guys were killing it!

Next up, mosey to parking lot next to the pond.  Park your bricks on the sidewalk and head to the wall for #peoplechair while YHC explained what was next.  There are 10 lanes in this parking lot, Werkins – start at 2 and increase by 2 at each line…2, 4, 6, 8…up to 20.  Then lap around the pond and back to finish line…start with 20 and work your way back down to 2 – Diamond merkins.  #mumblechatter increased dramatically as YHC explained the workout…#Icancount.

The PAX quickly felt the #brickwork from #DoubleDora about halfway through the werkins.  #audible the comeback Diamond Merkins to Squats after the mosey around the pond.  Once the PAX regrouped back at the start line…let’s take one more lap around the pond so Sushi can get his miles in.  T-Claps to Cockroach for the hard EH on the random guy that parked where the fun was going down.  We’ll see if he shows up.

Once back at the parking lot, grab your bricks and get in line for Indian Run Lunge…PAX lunge walk on the sidewalk while the #six runs on the outside.  Another #crowdpleaser.

Time for Mary…though, the PAX didn’t realize we had 15 minutes left!  #mumblechatter increases.  YHC had the idea this year to have some sort of reward for the PAX during my Q’s.  Lots of PAX work hard every time they post.  YHC will pick the guy that is really pushing it that day and reward him by turning MOM over to him.  Today’s winner…Sushi.  This guy was KILLING it today.  T-Claps!

MOM – #mumblechatter was awesome.  It’s been awhile since the PAC enjoyed, err…LAUGHED that much during MOM.  Note to self…laughing is awesome.  Laughing while working ab/core…not awesome.  But a fun time was had by all!  Great work Sushi!

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#Convergence at StarCommand 01/23 – see Pre-blast for actual start time (0630 or 0700)
Last day to purchase #F3Kathmandu shirts TOMORROW (01/10)
March 17 – St. Patty’s day Q by Sushi…you don’t want to miss this one!
Next Thursday – MT Earthmover Birthday Q!

Iceman’s former co-Worker diagnosed with aggressive cancer
Quickie’s 2.0 – Bacterial meningitis
Continued prayers for Walker
Spartanburg shooting victim, Stephanie, shot twice in driveway.  Prayers for complete healing
Wall-E’s friend Tara – blood transfusion for Cancer and full recovery
Blue Hawaii’s uncle successful surgery, as well as BH Mom as she deals with it emotionally
Erector attending his Godfather’s funeral today
THE Hard Hat’s family, Banjo, safe arrival in Ethiopia.  prayers for continued safety and blessings
Check out the movie #WarRoom – truly speaks to the power of prayer in the home.

Always a pleasure leading the PAX.  YHC is still pushing for full recovery from injuries in 2015.  #F3twofiddy has been a motivation but not as much as the PAX.  Each of you push me to #getbetter in all areas of my life.  T-Claps and appreciation to each of you!

Enjoy your families today!  They deserve it! #beintentional

~ Footloose…out

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