Will The Real Charlie Please Stand Up

  • Workout Date - 10/05/2022
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - Boss Hogg, Bartman, Charlie W (SlapShot), HardHat, SlapChop, Spring Break, Earthmover, Mint Julip, Erector, Iceman
  • AO -

10 men, including 1 FNG, 1 #pitchforkweirdo and 2 #Stationers posted at #TheBurbs for a good old fashioned #beatdown.

I saw the #batsignal from @Earthmover asking for a Q. Always happy to step into the center of the circle, here’s what went down…….

The Thang
SSH x20
Squats x15
LBC’s x15
Line up single file – Indian Run to the school (with a slight modification). The guy at the front of the line drops for 5 hand release merkins then sprints to catch the back of the line. We did this to the school and back.

On the way back, we swing by to grab a block and head to the parking lot.

Rd 1 – 5 Man makers, run to the other side of the parking lot, 25 SSH (single count), then 5 burpee broad jumps (run the rest of the way back)
Rd 2 – same excercises, just changed the reps to 10 / 25 / 10
Rd 3 – same excercises, just changed the reps to 5 / 25 / 5
This was @HardHat’s wheelhouse. I promised I had something for him, if he showed.

Mosey down to the bottom of the parking lot. Circle up for corkscrews x10 (ea side). #sneakyhard

Next we had a visit from Jack Webb (with a slight modification). We did derkins in place of merkins. Up to 5/20 and back down.
Then a visit from Lt. Dan (with a slight modification). We did single leg squats in place of lunges. Up to 4/16

Mosey back to the blocks and carry them to the pull up bars.

Groups of 3 did 10 pull ups while everyone else did curls. 2 rounds of this then we returned our blocks (our cinder block supply is getting low – wish we had a couple contractors to donate them). Cough…..@HardHat…..cough…..@MintJulip

Once done with the blocks mosey down to the steps. Gotta show our visitor from #Pitchfork those weird steps we do Joe Hendrix on. Peoples chair while waiting to scale the steps and after, until all were done

Fast mosey back to our starting point for 1MOM
Russian Mercuries x10


Naked Moleskin.
– Our FNG was none other than @Bartman’s 8yo son – Charlie. He killed it today, leading the pack wherever we went. He was named @Slapshot.
– So yes, anytime someone said Charlie, big Charlie (@Hardhat) responded. Eventhough most of the comments/questions were directed towards little Charlie (@Slapshot).
– Tried some new exercise combos. As usual, found some keepers, some maybe not…..

– @Erector – Ford Sweeney and @Penguin (F3Spartanburg)
– @MintJulip – @Commodore’s Dad
– All those fighting off the Flu or other respiratory bugs

– #Gideon’s house #SMR training on Saturdays – launch from the house @ 0600 (watch twitter for details)
– FoxTrot 5k trail race in Acadia subdivision. 4/15 with 0800 launch. 5k race with 5 exercise stations (can be 1 or 2 person teams). Proceeds go to support Cancer research at GHS
– F3 Mudrun is 5/20. @Flay is the SwampRabbit Q

See ya in the gloom…


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