Wide Right!

  • Workout Date - 10/04/2023
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GameDay…..Seminoles vs. Hurricanes…..I can still hear ‘ol Keith Jackson’s Ol Nellies and the way he would draw out the city’s name “We are here in Tallllllahassee for the Noles and the Canes…”

If that is not enough, two hours down I-10 the Gators from the swamps of Gainesville and the Bulldogs from hills of Athens meet up for some cocktails and memories.

All-in-all what a day that God has given us and we would not be doing him or it justice if we did not sink the shovel in the ground with Old Glory flying high and earn our tomahawk helmet stickers before partaking in some brown water fun.   In addition to 7.1 PAX of TLH f3 (.1 being Kineval today), we had 2 guests from f3 SwampFox (Greenville, SC) post this morning at 0600 in the Leon Bowl.

After cordials and stretches+SSH’sX25, we bring in to the two F3 flags for LP and jump into a 1000M  “Shake and Bake” sprint; next the Spartan Pyramid with 1-2-4-6-8-10-10-8-6-4-2-1 standing long jumps + burpee combos that covered 120-150 yards of jumps and 62 burpees, plank rest 120 second

Off the prison yard for 10 straightline pull-ups (aka GI’s) , we grab CB’s and take off to parking lot for 60 yard CB overhead lunges to CB overhead cleans to 60 yard CB overhead farmer’s walk

COT for discussion on the returning theme for being more child-like with God and how we came out head first into this world and need to act this way in our spiritual life instead of dipping our toe in when convenient.   Be humbled in our difficult times and know that character is not fortified with easy victories but more in tough defeats.    God will bring you down to your knees in many ways……back to prison squats with overhead cb X 25, toes to bar on pull up bar X 10

The 4th Qtr finishes with your Swampfox guest, One Direction introducing a new wrinkle with 100-200-300 team drills (did not get name of exercise).   100 merkins while partner runs 100 continuous yard sprints – 200 mtn climber with continuous 100 yard partner sprints – 300 squats…..etc

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For those of you who hit the snooze alarm, you let a 15 year from Greenville, SC with the name “Tebow” post and guess what……he will be at the game just like you, tailgating just like you and cheering wildly into past midnight for the Noles just like you.

Remember one thing: If you are going to be a Bear, Be a Grizzly!  Be Safe.



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  1. Aye, thanks for watching after our co-founder up here at F3 Swamp Rabbit. That circuit is called Dora 1-2-3. It’s a staple here in the foothills of SC. Send some PAX up to visit sometime, and we’ll return the hospitality…

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