Why Walk When You Can Take the Shuttle?

  • Workout Date - 07/15/2014
  • Q In Charge - Sushi
  • The PAX - Detox, Inspector Gadget, Snap-On, Big V, Gymboree, Tanneyhill, Nature Boy, Jenner, Heisenberg, Loveseat, Chum, Snooka, WiFi, Mary, The Tickler, Bid D, Nippler, Nemo, One Direction, Tebow, Tadpole (FNG)…soon to be Bullfrog, Macho Man, Saddique, Tesh
  • AO -

1D posting for Sushi

25 men, 1 FNG made it out to Golden Strip and set an attendance record for Sushi’s virgin Q!

SSH X 21
Parking lot lap
Chorus Line Kicks – Right leg X 21, Chorus Line Kicks – Left Leg X 21
Parking Lot Lap
Horse Riding Stance punches X 21
Parking Lot Lap
LBC X 21
The Thang:
Mosey over to the hill trying to decide if we are bears or crabs.
Bear Crawl up the hill, Merkins X 10, Crab Walk down, plank, Repeat
Bear Crawl up the hill. Squats X 20, Crab Walk down, plank, RepeatFigure 8 lap X 2 wondering what the cones and tennis balls are for.
It is time to take the Shuttle!
Shuttle Runs X 2 (don’t forget your balls)
Figure 8 lap x 2 back to the hill
Partner up and piggy back up the hill – each take a turn
Lock arms, backwards up the hill X 3
Figure 8 lap back to your balls
Modified Shuttle Runs – extend the cones and Marys in between
1st shuttle – Tony Horton’s right side X 10
2nd shuttle – Tony Horton’s Left Side X 10
3rd & 4th Shuttle – Superman’s X 10
5th & 6Th Shuttle – LBC’s X 10
Figure 8 lap
Sprint to top of Road, the mosey back
Touch toes stretch – finish

Naked Man Moleskin:
Sushi loved seeing the Renegades pushing the pace and was fired up at the record attendance. It was great having 1D back in the mix running with boys. I see burpees in your future! Detox was true to his name and “Detoxed” sometime after the 6th Modified Shuttle. I hope I was not too “inspired” for my first Q, and can’t wait to get creative next time around. Thanks for pushing it hard this am.

Prayers for Mary’s family on the loss of their dog. Saturday Community Project at Mauldin Elementary for site improvements. Come at 7:00 am for a workout and then help improve our Golden Strip Headquarters. F3 Support for Wonder Boy – Nature Boy will try and get him out to the Golden Strip. Lunch for Josiah is today at Outback on Orchard Park Rd. $30 per ticket and all proceeds go to help Josiah’s family battle leukemia.

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