Why does Snoop Dogg need an umbrella?

  • Workout Date - 01/23/2015
  • Q In Charge - Alfred
  • The PAX - Perry Mason, Cockroach, Wally (WD), Erector, Oui Oui, Alfred
  • AO -

Fo’ Drizzle yo!

The Thang
6 PAX stormed (no pun intended) the hills of Greer this drizzly Friday Morning. YHC showed up at 0515 in case there were any PAX wanting to get an extra mile or so in before the main PAX showed at 0530.

No one made it to 0515, so YHC headed from the lot to the base of “Pain” street. Run “pain” from Wade Hampton to Poinsett and then head back to pick up the rest of the PAX. After a wrong turn and ending up at a cemetery, YHC came strolling up to grab the 0530 pax a minute or so late. The PAX met YHC on the way and we headed back to the base of “Pain”. Mosey over to “Sorrow” and run it to the end at Poinsett and back down. Mosey back to “Pain” run to the end at Poinsett and back. 13 minutes left. Sprint up the first hill of “Pain” and back down. Mosey back to the cars via the long way on Wade Hampton. Stretch and we’re done

Prayers / Announcements
– Swamp Rabbit 2 year anniversary on 1/31/15 at Legacy
– Sign up for the Drifter. 5 of 6 PAX this morning are signed up. 1 will be out of town.
– Swamp Rabbit Half Marathon on 2/28/15

-Pray for all those expecting children (Johnny 5, Lizard Lick)
-Pray for Holla and his new twins
-Pray for 00 and his path to foster parenting
-Pray for Erector’s Godfather and Mother with cancer.

Thanks for joining YHC this morning. It’s always a pleasure. The conversation is just as good as the pain.

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