Why Are They Chasing Me????

  • Workout Date - 06/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sushi
  • The PAX - Bambi, Sadiq, Big V, Soup, Iceman, Pledge, Obama, Fred, WiFi. Soccer Mom, Johnny 5, Grasshopper (FNG) Sushi (YHC)
  • AO -

13 PAX including 1 FNG (Grasshopper – His wife is Cricket) decided that running was the best way to start this Wednesday as the numbers at Java Bolt continue to grow.  Since the Golden Strippers had somewhat of a track workout yesterday courtesy of Sponge Bob, YHC decided to take it to the streets for a Pursuit Fartlek run.  The PAX paired up in 2’s according to their speed.  This was kind of like the start of a NASCAR race except the slowest got to start up front.  After about a half mile warm up, the first pair was released to run as fast as they can.  Their objective was not to let the second pair catch them.  The second pair was released 10 seconds later.  Their objective was to catch the first group, but not let the third group catch them.  Each pair was released 10 seconds after the group in front of them with the same objective.  The last group had to catch all groups and then the PAX regrouped to get ready for the next speed burst.  This was done 7 to 8 times during the 5.25 mile run (but not during the cemetery detour to see Big V’s concrete work).  It was great to see Iceman and Pledge make it out and join in on the fun.  This was designed to push all…from the slowest to the fastest and keep the group together.  It sort of worked:)

Great effort by the PAX from all.  The group is getting stronger and soon may be ready to challenge the Ring Of Fire Guys and Beastside to a race…. Handicapped of course with extra time for the age difference!

Keep you cadence high and your vertical oscillation low!!!

Sushi Out.

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