Who's That Masked Man?

  • Workout Date - 12/03/2023
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  • The PAX -
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28 Men planted the shovel flag in the frozen tundra of Legacy Park. We thought we had an FNG on the hook, which would have been a strong rookie outing. Turns out that masked man was @Hootie – and we finally did see the smile on his face.

Little baby jog
SSH x30
Slow merkins x10
Slow squats x20

Mosey to the middle of the park for Dirty MacDeuce
1st set
– merkins, squats, LBC’s
– diamonds, lunges, heels to heaven
– werkins, jump squats,
– CDD, smurf jacks, slutters

Hootible – 10 burpees oyo (superman style)

Mosey down to the pond and partner up – size matters
Catch Me If You can – backwards
3 burpee broad jumps when caught, flapjack and repeat around the pond
Plank up when done with one lap, once everyone is back – repeato
Hootible – 10 burpees oyo (superman style)

Keeping with the partner theme….
Brokeback rodeo (around the pond)
flapjack at every other light pole

Mosey up the hill for Mary
LBC (legs at 45*)
Static Plank for 1min, repeato

Mosey to find a flat spot
Plank slalom jump overs x20, flapjack and repeato x2
Hootible – 10 burpees oyo (superman style)

Short mosey for COP
Squats x20, Squat thrusters x20, Jump lunges x20

Mosey down the hill
Jacob’s Ladder up the big hill near the pond

Mosey back to the SF for COT and BOM

Naked Moleskin
– Tclaps to the 28 men who posted in 23* temps. Pat yourself on the back b/c that’s cold as…….
– YHC pushed hard today to keep our body temps up #smokedQ #tasteslikechicken
– Welcome to @Slim who just moved to town from the #Mothership. Great to meet you and good work coming off the foot injury
– Worth mentioning that @Bill Nye and @Twerkin were late arrivals. #betterlatethannever
– I apologize in advance as technical difficulties resulted in the loss of the list with who attended. So I tried to recount from memory but I know I’ve left several guys out.

– Eastside big bang / convergence next Thurs (1/9). **Only workout in Swamp Rabbit region that day**
– Lone Survivor / Murph Workout (1/10 and 1/11). See website for details
– Drifter 6k Trail Run – see website
– Congrats to the Gamecocks and Tigers on bowl victories
– Prayers for Spicoli as he tackles his Chemo
– Prayers for Vuvuzela as he travels to South Africa
– Prayers for One Direction and Tebow as they head to Pasadena #chasingcrystal

See ya in the gloom……


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